Bethenny Would Attend LuAnn’s Wedding For An Appearance Fee


Bethenny Frankel is sick and tired of talking about LuAnn de Lesseps and her husband to be Tom D’Agostino. Frankel recently revealed that she hasn’t spoken to LuAnn since the dramatic RHONY reunion.

“No, I haven’t strangled her and I haven’t spoken to her, so she’s still alive and I hope she is happily engaged. And no I haven’t spoken to her,” she told PEOPLE.

However, Frankel revealed she doesn’t have any hard feelings towards LuAnn. “I’m not really upset with her because I wasn’t really that surprised by her bad behavior,” she explained. “The truth is not Luann’s very good friend. So, I’m not really that surprised. I’m not angry. There have been people that I’ve been on the show with before that I was very angry at and was just like, ‘I can never speak to them again’ and I don’t feel like that with Luann because I just don’t expect that much from her.”

Even though Bethenny is not invited to the wedding, Bethenny did reveal what would make her attend the couple’s nuptials. “I would go to Luann’s for a very steep appearance fee,” Bethenny said. “I would gladly sponsor the wedding with alcohol. And I will gladly take – now because I’m sponsoring the wedding – a discounted appearance fee.”

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  1. Expect nothing less from this horrible person. Says it all about what a crappy friend Bethenny is. Luann, run. This girl is evil.

    1. did you not understand she was joking? lol She’d go to the wedding if she were paid to go, as if she’d be invited anyway… she knows she won’t be invited, that’s called a joke, at some point when prople ask you the same question over and over angain about someone’s wedding you don’t really care about, you’d make jokes and make fun of it. Luann is actually the horrible person in this cast.

      1. How about she just says, “I have not been invited” if she is asked if she will attend. Maybe not very funny, but then neither is her almost stalker like obsession with Lu.

        1. Bethanny is the smartest, wittiest and funniest of them all. I think her comments are brilliant (and yes, of course they were said in jest)

  2. Run Bethenny. We know you say the truth, even if others don’t like it. Luann spreads lies, and then covers it up by more lies. Yeah, in Heather Thompson’s first appearance with Bethenny she said “Aren’t you going to at least buy her a car for helping you start SG!! Showing the truth about the lies Luann was telling everyone who would listen. You go Bethenny, and get that appearance fee. You said you were donating it to one of your charities, so it’s all good.

    1. This truly was funny. Yep, it is gonna be televised and Tom & Luann should send us all a nice little check to encourage us to watch it. LOL

    1. Well, Bethenny did say at the reunion that she was no longer going to try to be tactful and kind where it concerns Luann. She agonized over that decision, and was bashed for it, just like she knew she would be! It seems to me that the fact that this is reality TV is forgotten. They get paid to show their lives. They either keep it completely private, or decide to share it. They don’t get to share but only show the parts they think make them look good, it’s one or the other. I see the answer somewhere as to what Apple would do in this case. But what she is forgetting is that we would hear the story either way, no matter what Bethenny did. And, the one part that I totally see as important, is to show the PUBLIC who Tom is. It’s possible that if Bethenny hadn’t spoken in her interview about the photos she received, that there would have been some unsuccessful type of cover up, created by Luann and Tom, because truthfully Luann doesn’t give a shit what Tom does, or who he does, as long as it’s in private. Bethenny knows that and decided not to allow him to lie and make it something it wasn’t, which was him cheating on his fiancee’ of 10 days, drunk or not drunk. If ANYONE has the ability, even if there had been an argument ( one part of the cover up she attempted ) to get so shit-faced as to do things they actually, truthfully DO NOT REMEMBER, there is a bigger problem than the act itself.
      When Tom called her in the room in Miami, if there had been a ( fight ) as she later said, she would have said “We get in an argument and I can’t trust you to stay home, you go out and do this” instead of what she DID say, which was “I can’t turn my back….” In my opinion that proves there was no fight, and she did her best to make excuses for him. In Miami she asked Bethenny to find out when it was for sure, then at the finale, asked her why she did that. She said at the room in Miami “if you are my friend, you will show me the pictures” then at the finale tells her to keep away from her life. OK, then. She wants to show her sham of a monogamous relationship. Which is going to be a long life of something that isn’t monogamy.
      I see exactly what and why Bethenny said what she did about the entire affair, oops, I mean Wedding. Why even try. Luann is such a total liar, about EVERYTHING. About herself, about Sonja, her so-called friends, her “engagement” her “marriage” and on & on & on……..

      1. Bethenny …”tactful and kind”…okay.
        While you (and Bethenny) want to rewrite the past and make this a “kill the messenger” thing, most of the viewers have not forgotten all the other intentionally cruel and nasty things Beth said and did this season…
        Answer me this…what was Bethenny’s story line this season?

        1. Since she doesn’t have to “create” one, it was simply her life, her business, and the little she let us see about the joy of her little girl. I do believe that is what the housewives franchise was created for, to show their actual lives. I thought it was a great season myself. NY, NJ and BH are the only ones I watch now.

          1. We see only what she wants us to see. Her “story” is selling her products and her very strong “opinions” about everyone else’s life…Jules is special ed , Dorinda is the Village Idiot, John is a fat, sweaty, baby, Sonja is a drunk, Lu is a whore. To Bethenny and her fans, it is “funny” to degrade and humiliate others. To me, and many others, it isn’t.

            1. I agree apple, sorry 3D but I liked B last season, just not sure what has happened to her or maybe she has always been like this and kept it hidden! Xoxo

              1. I don’t know either, Suze…I used to like her, too…but now when re-watching some of the older shows, I see a lot of things that I missed. She has a HUGE ego, and no matter what the occasion, she is always the only person in the room she cares about…everyone else plays a supporting role…. or they find themselves at the receiving end of her savage sense of “humor.”
                Imagine living with that everyday.

                1. I couldn’t have someone like her in my life at all! I’m not keen on any of the NY housewives these days, didn’t gives Jules much of a chance as because of B I gave up watching. So it’s just the clips here and elsewhere, that’s more than enough for me. You could well be right about her previously, I will take your word as I couldn’t be bothered to watch old seasons. I watched them when they were on and that was enough! She seems to get away with it because of her relationship with Andy.

              2. Not to worry, Suze, our opinion’s of a bunch of strangers have nothing to do with our opinion of each other. I adore you no matter who you like or don’t like on housewives, this is simply a good place to me because we met here, you and me and B and others who likely don’t wish to be named.
                Besides, if everyone agreed, this would be a boring place to visit. I learn a lot from others here, sometimes I can’t see what they see and sometimes it is the way it is said that makes it impossible to even try to see or understand. But, all in all, I will always be happy I found this blog.

            2. See that’s why I have obvious trouble with B as well like many others; her d e l i v e r y. Don’t you find it curious that there are only certain people in life like Bethenny who seem to get away with serious ridicule but…..if it came from someone pedestrian say like me ? I’d probably find myself totally friendless and ostracized. Why is that? I honestly don’t have the answer only guesses. I have a sister who up until 2 yrs ago when I distanced myself from her, that got away with it her whole life. She’s the odd one in the family who can wound deeply with her careless and quick wit like B, but no one else is like that in our family. It’s so hard to take a stand against it, but I finally said to myself enough. I don’t deserve to be talked down to like that even though she probably doesn’t realize the impact because she’s done it all her life, it’s who she is, a state of being for her. I don’t know. All I know 3D is that I have tried to explain away B’s and my sisters inner workings due to their upbringing perhaps, their own wounded inner child (thx John Bradshaw) and their way of expressing their anxious or nervous energy. Cause they both share that; high anxiety (oh my gawd, Mel Brooks, Chloris Leechman, ‘have some MORE strudel!’) and nervousness. Oh I frickin don’t know! It’s frustrating these women because there’s so much to admire about them, my own sister is highly artistic and dazzling in her own right and truly very likeable and sweet and charming for the most part but that m o u t h. And B is very funny and down to earth and smart and yadayada. And I do (did, do) like her but that MOUTH. It IS an issue, it DOES matter, it HURTS people. We all have a responsibility to each other as people to help each other, raise each other up dang it. Life is tough enough isn’t it ? It’s not that hard to change for the better, little by little. Self awareness, get some. We all have to work on ourselves, I don’t buy the ‘this is who I am like it or not’. Bull. That’s a cop out. No one gets a pass in life to obliterate those in their way that irritate them. You’re gonna answer for it one way or the other. I just exhausted myself.

          2. See that’s why I have obvious trouble with B as well like many others; her d e l i v e r y. Don’t you find it curious that there are only certain people in life like Bethenny who seem to get away with serious ridicule but…..if it came from someone pedestrian say like me ? I’d probably find myself totally friendless and ostracized. Why is that? I honestly don’t have the answer only guesses. I have a sister who up until 2 yrs ago when I distanced myself from her, that got away with it her whole life. She’s the odd one in the family who can wound deeply with her careless and quick wit like B, but no one else is like that in our family. It’s so hard to take a stand against it, but I finally said to myself enough. I don’t deserve to be talked down to like that even though she probably doesn’t realize the impact because she’s done it all her life, it’s who she is, a state of being for her. I don’t know. All I know 3D is that I have tried to explain away B’s and my sisters inner workings due to their upbringing perhaps, their own wounded inner child (thx John Bradshaw) and their way of expressing their anxious or nervous energy. Cause they both share that; high anxiety (oh my gawd, Mel Brooks, Chloris Leechman, ‘have some MORE strudel!’) and nervousness. Oh I frickin don’t know! It’s frustrating these women because there’s so much to admire about them, my own sister is highly artistic and dazzling in her own right and truly very likeable and sweet and charming for the most part but that m o u t h. And B is very funny and down to earth and smart and yadayada. And I do (did, do) like her but that MOUTH. It IS an issue, it DOES matter, it HURTS people. We all have a responsibility to each other as people to help each other, raise each other up dang it. Life is tough enough isn’t it ? It’s not that hard to change for the better, little by little. Self awareness, get some. We all have to work on ourselves, I don’t buy the ‘this is who I am like it or not’. Bull. That’s a cop out. No one gets a pass in life to obliterate those in their way that irritate them. You’re gonna answer for it one way or the other. I just exhausted myself.

            1. You are the least pedestrian person I have seen in a long time. Everyone would adore you. 🙂 I see Bethenny and others on this show saying they are going to find a softer way, and I see it too. She came from a deeper place of trauma than most, so has farther to rise. I believe she is dong her best, another thing that I see as a soul brightening experience to watch. I am so glad you said all that, tired tho it makes one, because it was your truth.
              MY Brother died the other day, he was one of the unfortunate men ( boys ) who went to Viet Nam in the late 60’s. It puts a lot of things in perspective. ❤️

              1. (((((Oh 3D)))) I’m so so sorry sweetheart about your brother♥️ I’m so so very sorry. He served our country, bless him and my thanks to him for doing so. What hell to go through for us all and I pray for his passing and peace. And mostly for you and all his loved ones left behind missing him. I understand. It gets better day by day as you know only too well. All of this stuff we chatter about on here does put it into perspective. And I cut a lot of people a lot of slack in life everyday because we’re just all trying to find our way like infant babies honestly. I especially pray hard for those who test my patience like my own sister and the B’s of life. And only G-D knows the heart, the true heart of a person. We don’t know how hard someone really someone struggles internally to improve. I applaud the little steps everyday I promise you I do.

                Blessings to you my dear friend, rest, heal. Love♥️ Miss M xoxoxoxo

                1. Thanks so much, MIss Moneypenny! Your condolences here proves how real we all are, how we share real life & how we truly care for one another. Having differing opinions about HW is blog fodder, and fun usually, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes maddening, but mostly just discussion on our viewpoints, which I enjoy, even, believe it or not, when I totally disagree. The way in which someone speaks their opinion tells me more about who they are than the actual opinion, and likely visa-versa with the way I express myself. I have learned so much here, about what it means to offend a person I don’t know, and probably will never know, ironically learning to care a lot anyway. I had never spoken on a blog before this one, and this was a chance encounter. One of those that becomes a blessing.
                  Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, and care. ❌⭕️❤️

                  1. Of course of course ! we are friends and we understand differing opinions! Opinions are just exchanges of thought for mercy sakes, evolved peoples and friends get that;) I think …( oh here we go with my fibro muddled philosophical brain lol…..’agAIN’…., and I’m sincere when I say that I can’t seem to write my thoughts down clearly as I used to, fact. It’s super frustrating.) Anywho, I’ll try and be short and clear ;). I grew up in a home where politics and religion were argued constantly and at a very young age. Through watching I learned to see passionate arguments by loving people get it on at the dinner table, in the car, everywhere. I think I learned to trust the process, as much as I hated hearing the raised voices, but it was over and everyone returned to normal and that was that. So when I see peoples bantering spiritedly I don’t get too involved. I just watch like a ping pong ball match and kinda nod smile and say ooh good one or uhhh watch out or you get the picture. I’m not a fence sitter believe me. I am all about peace though and everyone having unfettered opinions without jumping in. It’s a learned response more than anything. 3’s I’m hoping you’re doing okay today? Be good and kind to yourself right now, love yourself up, we have to be our own best friend at hard times like this when losing someone you love. ((((((my hugs)))))) & love ♥️❌⭕️

                    P.s. I got such a late start on the day, now I have to go out and try to clean up the mess in my garden it’s awful. My cosmos are half broken from the winds yesterday and the lettuces have bolted to the sky! Ouch

                    1. I can’t grow Cosmo’s here, they mold and fall over, and I refuse to stake ANYTHING. If it can’t thrive, it’s outa her. I do trim the top of other plants that tend to flop, like Succulents, a few times during Spring, and that makes their stems strong, and extends bloom. I love your description of opinions….yay. Very nice way to look at it. Texussgal has a neat way of expressing herself too. I will have to tell her. We had the Memorial for my Daughter today, even tho it’s really tomorrow, and included talk of my brother. I got bit by a bee, and I swear to God, of it had kept hurting like that I would have gone to the ER. No weird breathing or anything like that, just serious, and I mean, crying serious pain for several hours. My Daughter made a nice picnic for us all, really lovely, champagne grapes, 3 different breads with cheese spreads on 2 of them, crackers and cheeses, just lots of lovely drinks, all on the top of the College Cooperative Extension Garden where you can see the whole city!
                      I will do as you suggest and love myself. I believe in that, if we can’t love ourselves, I believe it would be harder to love others. 🙂 ❤️

                1. Good afternoonie dear Suze! I hope you’re having a good day today! Guess what I discovered!? KFC’s…. (that’s the Colonel’s Kentucky Fried Chicken here in the states, you know that right?) special spice and herb recipe! Eeeeeyawwwwww Just mixed em up a while ago and they SMELL JUST LIKE IT. I can’t wait to fry up the chicken for dinner and test it out. I’ll let ya know 😉 ♥️❌⭕️

                  1. Ooh yum! My sons favourite from years ago, we took them to Barcelona and ended up in KFC as it was his turn to choose! I fancy your apple pie! I made 20 red velvet cup cakes with cream cheese frosting last week to take to the hospital, they were very excited! Any suggestions for pears we have so many on the tree this year?

                    1. Oh Susie if my dad was still on earth I’d ask him for his ‘recipe’ for pear cordial it would knock the stockings right off you. It was soooooo good. *hic* I’ll have to ask him in my dreams I’m sure he’ll come through 😉 xoxoxoxox meanwhile I’d make an upside down pear cake as you would with pineapple yah?

                    2. I hadn’t thought of that! What a good idea, my brother is coming in two weeks for a few days I will make one then. Pear upside down cake hmmmmmm! Pear cordial sounds good too!

                2. Thank you Suze. Sorry it took days to say. I had been off the blog a few days, and as you know I only read a few pages and though I comment regularly and at length, it is only on a few pages. So, anyone who doesn’t want to read me has a lot of choices where my name doesn’t appear. My Brother was a great guy. He met my kids each the day they were born. Introduced himself. Those are the memories that comfort me. The kids couldn’t say “Uncle Michael” very well at first, so they would run out “Unco MIco, Unco Mico!!” Love love love.

            2. Lol…but you feel better, don’t you? It helps just to get it out sometimes. Good post.
              “It IS an issue, it DOES matter, it HURTS people”. My friend says “we don’t have to share every single thought that pops into our heads”….and I try to live by that. I don’t think it is inadvertent with Beth, though…I think she is aware, she just doesn’t care …in fact, I think she intentionally hurts others…because they don’t matter to her.

              1. Hello apple! And speaking of, I’m making an apple pie today woot! Yes I feel better and yes I think ah shoot I don’t wanna say it but damn it yeah I think B at times doesn’t give a shit. I don’t give a shit sometimes either though, and I’ve been known to call my husband a pretty unprintable name or two. Or three. Or…..

                1. Yum. Apple pie…and the perfect time of year. I have Celiac…so baking is a challenge…I have been trying to perfect a good pie crust for a few years, and not happy with anything yet. But I will keep at it. I do love to cook…and clean. I know….a throwback. I tell my friends I am actually a Hobbit, happiest at home with my books, and my quilting, and my art…and in my own little Shire.

                  1. Listen apple, I’m outside now doing chores so I’m not near my recipe box but if you seriously want to try a new great pie dough I can help you out ! I’ll check in later this eve. 🙂

                    1. Lol…Thanks, M…That does look like a good one. I have “Bookmarked” it and I will try it for the holidays. Celiacs have a sensitivity to wheat, so I am trying to figure out a good mix of different flours that will turn out flaky…so far, pretty tough…but I keep on trying…because I do love me some pie. I like to vacuum, too…it is like meditation for me. Good thing…because I have German Shepherds… and it is required.

  3. Tonight I was watching my other guilty pleasure – the Food Network, lol – and Bethenny was on “beat Bobby Flay” as a guest judge. She is also a producer on the new “Food Porn” show on the FYI network I believe. Sounds like she is getting into other tv opportunities regardless of whether she returns to RHONY or not.

  4. Of course she would, the same way when she dipped out of hanging with the rest of the girls on the Miami trip out of sorrow for being the bearer of bad news to Luann… when in truth she was actually holed up at the Mandarin Oriental on Brickell Key, furiously negotiating a sweet a$$ back end deal with Shed Media in exchange for dropping that bomb on camera. Allegedly. Luann is less than smart or wise for going through with this farce of a wedding, but it doesn’t change the point that Bethenny Frankel is Niccolo Machiavelli’s demon spawn.

    1. I agree, Bon. This one takes the “farce” of reality tv to whole new level of destruction. I am curious to see what Bravo is going to do with all this. Many many viewers found this season “disgusting” and her intentionally cruel treatment of other cast members uncomfortable to watch…and definitely not “funny”. There is something wrong with her.

        1. I can’t watch it again if Bravo rewards her, Suze…Bethenny’s behavior was the absolute last straw for me. If they bring her back, I think they should have to pay anyone who films with her 2 million dollars, instead of paying her.

        2. I like the Melbourne girls, tho! And I’ve just found out about RH of Auckland. They have their own version of LVP but she’s more of a kitty kat collector than little pups. She’s hilarious! Hugs, Suze! xo

      1. I have always believed these shows are puppeteered and they’re meant to be derisive and to get the audience engaged in a dog fight. It’s disgusting really. It’s a badly cloaked spinoff of Survivor. Only these are real women with blood and guts spilling. And it plays like a fun pillow game upon the start at a sorority house gone feral. It’s time for Bravo to stop wagging the dog at this point. It’s gone way past fun sport anymore.

            1. It doesn’t matter what you change your name to you will always be sexy Miss Moneypenny. Miss M will be easier for you! Xoxox

    2. I’d very much like to see proof of that, Bon V. I guess that means the surgery, fibroids, hemorrhaging and the entire illness was a sham too? That was the reason she decided not to go to Palm Beach in the first place, & it was made before the texts. Unless you can prove that isn’t the case either? I do like that you seem to have inside information on certain parts of the modeling & fashion industry. Do you also have friends, or people in the industry at Bravo and Evolution that tell you the inside scoop? Wow. I thought that was kept pretty much secret. I have never once seen even a true HW tell what or when before the season airs, but somehow you know what happened. Do tell!!

      1. Hey there! Sorry I didn’t answer sooner. First free weekend after a bit.. But 3 D, I gotta bone to pick with you, Sis: where did you see me imply that Beth’s illnesses were a sham, lol? Never said it, and never implied it, because I don’t believe that at all. I think historically we’ve all seen on this site that I am generally one to empathize when a Housewife falls ill. If anything I was weirded out by Bethenny’s itty bitty bikinis this trip considering her poor lady parts were in the midst of a ravaging Crimson Tide (shudder!)

        As for the rest, RHoNY is not produced by Evolution, it’s produced by Shed Media in conjunction with Riccochet. I obviously cannot provide you proof insofar as a text or a press statement ( like really, 3???, cut me some wiggle room here. I know a lot of people. I have known some in front of cameras on the Bravo network, and a whole lot more behind as the latter are generally freelancers and the circles are very small – babe, c’mon, you know damned well I can’t name names, lol) but I will say THIS: the leak came from a company Admin underling with no vested interest in the production, who has already moved onto their next gig. The fact that the leak even occurred I can only attribute to the generation gap. I started my life’s work with Admin Production in my senior year of college in the dawn of the 90s, and while I was not subject to a Confidentiality Agreement at that company (the offices were based in Mimai Beach, NYC, and “central” Europe) , my company CEO was Satan, I was terrified of her, and this sort of thing never would’ve happened back then. These 24/7 say anything kids have looser lips than my generation would have dared, and the fact that they have phones & mails that can point out when talent on a production has received production bullet points on how to instigate conflict from a totally unexpected Smoking Gun does not help… not to mention certain details like the moment production interns showed up to the Regency to niggle quotes, names and shifts from bartenders who work there are easily corroborated. This type of information is given to supervising producers related to the project, not talent. Fact.

        Bethenny received that text Weds. night- Thurs morn. during the 2 am. hour. Fact. Tom actually filmed early that evening with Luann at the Regency, a place they are generally known to hang out. Filming wrapped. She left. Tom left with her but returned and got sloshed. Fact. Tom ran into the old friend, commenced to being a scum bucket until 12:39 am, little less than 40 minutes after closing time. Fact. An off duty crew member who stayed behind for drinks with non-production related friends (not unusual after wrapping filming; I do it too) sees what happens, thanks the reality TV gawds, and commences to spying with their phone and capturing images to send to those moving on to the Florida trip. But for the sake of the Luann-Tom Regency scene likely never seeing the light of day (which places this person at the scene in question) : we’ll say again, allegedly.

        Images are then forwarded to Production decision makers. Allegedly. Producers and Production Coordinators are literally on call 24/7 for the entire length of a production on location, btw, and while other folks sleep, they’re either putting out work related fires, or igniting them. Fact. Decisions are then made how to drop this bomb which brings the Motherload of climaxes to an otherwise even season where all other conflicts have petered out. Allegedly. Bethenny has a fruitful relationship with the over 20 producers that work on this show each week; while many viewers may not always like her, she has been exceptional in the role she’s taken in instigating complications this season, and instrumental in (subliminally) producing conflict that pushes story arcs amongst the cast, which are needed to boost the ratings . It’s not organic reality filming, but it delivers results, and this is a woman about peak performance. She’s wicked smart and not afraid to do the heavy lifting in this group: who else’s lap could The Wizards possibly drop this s*** bomb into to carry to Lu? Allegedly. She doesn’t even like Luann, as she makes pretty clear in some of her podcasts. Fact. But like any alpha shark who is the Master of Her own Universe, Frankel would also know that to do this on camera could cross a boundary that she might not easily bounce back from publicly. In order for her to fall on her own sword like this, there’s going to be a power play involved with a back-end benefit for her sake, for sure, ALLEGEDLY.

        She kept saying to her blond friend at the Mandarin on Brickell, “I don’t want to be involved, but I have to do this”. Ummm. NO you don’t. Listen, if another friend sent you these pics, why not trash the images? She actually didn’t even say it was a friend or anyone whom she was close to or trusted dearly who sent her the text. She only said they didn’t have a dog in the fight, meaning, no incentive to cook this up for one person over another. She also later confirmed it was a male. Odd action for a male that just happens to be hanging out at the Regency to be so interested in Lu and D’Agostino, and especially considering the relationship wasn’t yet public knowledge to be of earth shattering interest as they were smack dab in the middle of filming in early winter. Whoever this person is and regardless of their relationship to you, why not say, “You now what? I’m not even into Lu like that, I don’t want to be part of it”, and just simply NOT BE. Or why not punt to someone with whom Lu is closer to in the group so she can be let down easy? Or if you’re really concerned, and want to keep the situation as contained as possible, why not tell her OFF camera? So Beth gets the pics Weds-Thurs, and she waits until SUNDAY to tell Lu. But why wait? If you feel you have to wait, then why tell her at all? Okay, Thursday the girls are a 2.5 hour drive away for the engagement party, you don’t want to be there anyway, fine. Saturday the group splits: you & yours go to eat at 21st street in Miami Beach while the other girls go to the Sandbar at Haulover (that’s in the 90’s off of Collins Ave. close to Bal Harbour Shops, a super ritzy area, some of the clearest azure waters on the East Coast). But what’s up with Friday? The day when the alleged negotiations took place over delivering the news?

        Beyond that, let’s review when Bethenny eventually broke the news pre-Lu. When she first told Carole and Ramona, she couldn’t say the exact number of photos she had. Is it 2 or 3, Bethenny? She stammers. Carole suggested she just text the information to Luann. Carole is ignored.

        They go through their activities, Beth confronts Lu on Sunday before departure. Then there’s stuttering and stammering about who she spoke to. She couldn’t get it straight if it were a manager, general manager, bartender or waiters. Getting it straight is easy enough to do when you’re telling the truth& you’ve actually done the confirmation yourself. She jumps back and forth between all types of staff, i.e., The Wait-mana-tenda-bars! You can get your time stamps correct down to the MINUTE Tom leaves the scene, but not which personnel acted as your second confirmation sources? Both times that you recount the story? Someone as thorough and Type A as Bethenny Frankel who in her own words,
        “started from the bottom and this is where we are”? When caught in a lie (even one of omission), one stammers. New York is not Miami Beach. You got your text at 2:32 am after the Regency bar is closed then and everyone is gone. What manager or waiter are you calling then to confirm Tom was there and why do you not know which exact staff personnel you spoke to? The late night staff on Weds, btw, is not going to be “on” Thursday morning. How did you know the girl he made out with was connected to Playboy? You said to Luann that you called the “general manager/wait staff” pretending to be her to bluff them into revealing they saw Tom there, but, if you’re posing to be the ex-girlfriend, they just suddenly told you that btw, you’re a Playboy Bunny/Playmate? You don’t know who you spoke to Frankel, because you never made those calls, allegedly. The pertinent information you needed was fed to you, and with the severity of the situation you struck a deal to be the messenger, then you waited until Sunday to tell Lu because you were following the revised production timeline, allegedly- framing it with the comments “I’ve delivered my message, now I’d like to go on my merry way” and “it’s alll happening the way it’s supposed to be..and my hair looks really good tonight”.

        Maybe that helps explain why I’ve arrived to my conclusions? Sorry for the length, but I’m happy to be home chilling, LOL. Have to go pick up hub, tho so maybe I won’t see you guys until Sunday ( might still be Saturday where some of you are with the time difference)!

          1. The difference being that I’m not remarking on anything more than two degrees of separation from myself, though generally I prefer to keep it to one. Top of the morning to everyone out there!

        1. Very interesting…so Bethenny was handed the incriminating info about Tom by the producers, because they knew she would be willing to “toy” with Lu for the extra 3 episodes…and she used the opportunity to negotiate a little something for herself. Yup. That’s our girl. But what do you think she got in return?

          1. Allegedly.

            But we have to wait a bit to see if 1. She’s accepted her contract for next year, and 2. for any tv venture she does next year associated with Left Field Entertainment where she stands on the production hierarchy.

            She’s a stone-cold killer alright…and I’m generally a rah-rah cheerleader for strong business women, but Bethenny is dropping the ball with knowing the difference between being feared in a leadership position, and being hated. One cannot continue to be effective with the latter.

            1. I am very interested in how this “reality” business all works, and I appreciate you pulling back the curtain just a little bit.

              So…one more time…”allegedly”, someone on staff handed Beth the hot potato of Tom kissing another woman, and she basically said “I could to it…but what’s in it for me?”…. and because the producers wanted to get the most mileage possible out of the gift Tom gave them, they negotiated a deal which gave Bethenny even more power in the future…and then, once she got what she wanted, she was fed the gory details, and she went in for the kill.

              This bothers me for several reasons: 1. It demonstrates that production has a different relationship with Beth than the other cast members, which makes her more like their boss, and skews the relationships. If they want to keep their position, they better get along with her…and 2. Bethenny has proven she will destroy someone to get ahead and so, they have very good reason to fear her.

              And I agree. I think she has made a mistake and underestimated the viewers. I don’t think she can just “spin” her way out of this and tell the audience what they think about what they saw. I have never seen this much “hatred” on SM for a housewife…not even for Teresa or Vicki…and I know most of us will not just shrug and move on.

              1. Hey, Apple. Thanks for prefacing with “allegedly”, ha. VERY important. So I will respond to paragraph one, “ALLEGEDLY. YES.” But let’s hold off to see in what capacity she is awarded in terms of an official title…on any production, not just RHoNY or not related to her deal at Left Field.

                Re: paragraph 2 & 3, after a certain number of seasons and jockeying for the position, a particular Housewife on any given franchise will emerge as a front-running favorite and as such, they always wield more influence because they do the heavy lifting that brings in the viewership and ad $$$. Bethenny also literally has “promotional consideration” with the show for Skinny Girl, i.e. paid product placement for her product line in several episodes per season, so she is not only an employee of the show, but simultaneously an ad client of theirs: it adds to her leverage and makes the waters a little murky. Unfortunately, that’s not uncommon in glamor professions, but in the end it’s in all how you use the power you’re given…and the Queen B has run amok in the Rhony Palace.

                Re: paragraph 4, the reality gawds were looking down on Bethenny & she lucked out that the phone text leaks happened after the reunion. It’s not worth a full news cycle, as it’s literally, old news. That’s left her free to embark on the ” Strong but Traumatized Single Mother Divorceè Rebuilding Her Life” Press Tour to soften her image, and make her more relatable to the public. For all the teasing she’s done about possibly not coming back to the show, she’s also doing press where she’s asking audiences (after she gives the ‘strong woman bouncing back from adversity and a betrayed heart’ sound bites) whether they think she should come back or not. She’s watching and checking the temperatures.

                Let’s see what happens. I like funny business persona Bethenny and would love to see that girl back. Predatory Bethenny who would metaphorically slaughter a sacrificial lamb on an altar to please reality gawds I can do without.

  5. Everyone is all mad because Bethenny is so much smarter than the other HWs and shows them for being as small as they really are. Did she lie? Nope.

        1. She is already getting back some of what she sends out, Amy…on her SiriusXM Radio Show on RadioAndy she spent 2 hours every week saying whatever the hell she wanted about the other cast members… none of whom were there to defend themselves…like Dorinda and John and Lu all do coke….Jules’ is broke…and their Hampton’s house is ugly and in foreclosure…Sonja is out passing out in bars every night.
          On the very last show, she was so obnoxious you couldn’t even understand her. She was reading from Lu’s Book “Class with the Countess” , snorting and laughing hysterically… all while she claimed Lu gets fingerf*cked on the dance floor and gives hummers in the bathrooms. It was disgusting. It was also her last show. She was suddenly was on “hiatus and then the show completely disappeared without explanation. She lasted less than 4 months.

    1. Christopher you are saying she is so much smarter than the others ?? Hmmmm.. I’m not critizing you for that comment, however, I do disagree with it

    2. Yeah, she is despised by some, but has a LOT of fans and is respected in the business world. I’ve done some reading, and she runs circles around a lot of those who thought they were the best. Rumors are just that, rumors. It is what’s called Monopoly Money in the business world. Who can come up with the MOST damaging rumor, and see if it runs. Since Bethenny has some ugly rumors, that are many times PROVEN to be lies started about her, it seems to be prompted by good old fashioned fear and the ugly glass ceiling.

  6. I wish she’d make up her she a “good” friend and THAT’S why she had to tell Luann, or is she not really a good friend, so she doesn’t worry about Luann? I’m not going to sweat it because it’s all made for TV anyway. I can’t be mad at her for offering to cash in on this made for tv wedding, since that is what Luann is going to do as well.

    1. There can’t be one person on this site who doesn’t believe that Luann is cashing in on her wedding. Bethenny doesn’t need to be there in person, she can watch it on TV like the rest of us may or may not do. I’m curious to see the dresses Lu will wear. Supposedly she has 3 in all white (which is a big laugh to me). She is doing this because Tom has never been married before……what a joke. For the lady who wrote an etiquette book, she should revisit the proper etiquette for someone who has been married and has children with someone else. Of course, it goes without saying that this is her wedding and she can wear whatever she jolly well wants to. It just seems a little silly to me. On the other hand, when she and Alex got married (eloped, her words), she wore blue jeans, a white shirt and a blazer. Maybe she is using this wedding as a reason to wear a “wedding” dress & veil. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Wonder what Alex and Jacques will think of this spectacle. If it was me, I know I wouldn’t want my “ex” and my “ex-boyfriend” there. But, I am not Countess Luann either. She sure has a huge opinion of herself, not to mention a big set of cajones to put on this spectacle of a wedding. Oh brother……maybe I will just tune in to see how great a job she does. Should be interesting, to say the least. Oh and Bon, LOVE your post and all the information you impart. Hope you enjoy your weekend, you deserve it.

  7. To cut it down to realism the photo’s were real. I’ll name names. Bethenny is the one who actually works a job, or no, really, she works at the company she built. Ramona too. They do deals all the time, this is a show with many deals. I couldn’t care any less how or when the manager was called, unless one of us here was there, no one knows what happened minus the players, and the FACT is that Tom was all over a woman at a popular bar, and “does” different women all the time, Luann just fits into his plan now. Bethenny’s decision not to go to the boat party was before the texts. It was made because she was ill, too ill for both parts of the trip. Another name, Luann, is a liar, has always been a liar. She is awful to those she calls friends, way more than Bethenny ever was. Bethenny had a real problem with Sonja, they worked it out. Luann the ****e spoke during every clip of Sonja’s with the cruelest, most insulting remarks. Jules is paranoid. Like every tv show, no matter what little “leaks” that trickled and were seen or heard by such important in the know people, TV it is done for money. Many family’s livelihoods depend on the success of the show. More power to Bethenny and all of Shed Media, Riccochet, Bravo, or who the hell it is.

    1. I don’t know where we got lost 3, but it sounds like you misunderstand me in some aspects, lol. It sounds like you think that I feel somehow Luanne is not a liar and hypocrite and her man is not a jerk. Never said that. We’re actually in total agreement there. I think that last season Luann was a demon terror to Carole Radiziwill and used her to claw her way back into full time status on the show. Deplorable woman. But I can separate issues and compartmentalize. While it’s probably her karma that she looks look a plum fool… that doesn’t, in my mind, absolve the person who brought about her mass, utter public humiliation to national television if one considers intention.

      You and I agree about the boat party on Thursday, sure. But while Bethenny is 99.8% an honest girl, she lied and omitted in part about how she came by this information and subsequent confirmations . That is an issue because it speaks to manipulation, puppeteering, and it leads to valid questions about intention, and back door benefits placing her in a more powerful position over co-stars. She hates that Lu-lie-ann (as I believe she has valid reason to after the way Luann treated her in the past -again, deplorable she is, that one), so the motive to have a major comeuppance over her is understandable. But how far do you go, what are the boundaries ? While I love the NY franchise and want to see it succeed, moneymaker or not I do not support the idea that reality shows should glorify Take No Prisoners behaviors and glorify the theme that the ends ALWAYS justify the means. There is a reason why Machiavellian philosophies appeal to some of the most brutal and megalomaniacal dictators of our time, and frankly, no I don’t want to see it in “reality” tv. Society is ph**ed up enough as it is, getting to a point where life is imitating “art” that really isn’t art rather than exploitive, copious voyeurism and maybe it’s time to ask ourselves, is it worth it? When is enough enough and are these values we want to assimilate into our daily lives? I don’t agree with Bethenny’s moves this year any more than the broads on Basketball Wives throwing wine bottles and stoping across conference tables to strangle each other. My stance is stand on principles, and not “stan” for “stars”, no matter how much I like them…or the “idea” of them.

      Oh, and if this show were cancelled tomorrow, outside of those in the immediate cast depending on the paycheck- everyone would be FINE. Actually I think the Sonjas and Jules of the world would be fine too, they’d just find another avenue to get their paper$. In New York everyone knows that hungry mouths don’t get fed without a hustle. Don’t worry about behind the scenes people either, as those on the top of the production hierarchy are already rich 3 times over or more, and those who are no,t simply move onto the next gig making good money for it- that’s the reality of independent contractor life. No gig lasts forever.

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