Bella Hadid Speaks Out About Lyme Disease Battle


A year after Yolanda Hadid announced that her two children Bella and Anwar also are battling Lyme disease, Bella is starting to share her journey just like her mother. Bella recently took to SnapChat, to share a photo of her arm with an IV in it and captioned the photo, “everyday.”


Bella perviously discussed how having Lyme has affected her life. “It affected my memory, so I suddenly wouldn’t remember how to drive to Santa Monica from Malibu, where I lived,” she told ES Magazine. “I couldn’t ride [horses]. I was just too sick. And I had to sell my horse because I couldn’t take care of it. If I’d had the chance to succeed in riding, I might not have modelled. I didn’t know that I was going to get sick.”

Yolanda also revealed that Bella had to give up her dream of competing in any equestrian events during the 2016 Olympics. “Bella had to give up her lifelong dream of having a professional riding career and a shot at the Olympics due to her severe symptoms and inability to ride,” she wrote in a blog in 2016. “This was the biggest heartbreak of her life and an extremely sensitive subject for her. She is resilient and focused on a new direction—she’s made a name for herself in the modeling industry while she struggles with symptoms of chronic Lyme every day.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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  • Aunt Bee

    Bella please see a real doctor and get yourself good medical advice. Please don’t follow you mother’s impossible journey.. Hopefully Bella doesn’t have breast implants.

    • Karen Wiltshire

      What wonderful advice Aunt Bee. I think her mother has gone off the “deep end” with all the stuff she has done. No wonder David Foster divorced her. And, if she is soooo ill, how can she still be on RHOBC???? Bella, get yourself a good doctor and get well, you are too young to be like this!

  • Karen Wiltshire

    I know Yolanda’s “Lyme Disease” has been a hot topic of conversation for a while now. I think she has gone overboard with all the things she has done. My brother had “Lyme Disease” about 20 yrs. ago. Either he didn’t have a very bad case of it or a different strain of it, because he is fine now and has been for many, many years. I know for a fact that he sure didn’t do all the things that Yolanda has done. The bottom line is….thank goodness he is all right now!!!!!

    • Bon Vivant

      It sounds like he got his antibiotics in time. Where I live in Germany, Lyme Disease is a legitimate health concern as huge part of the cultural life is about being physically active in natural surroundings… and I do have one friend (also a former model) who suffers from the disease (she got bitten on vacation). It’s been a battle as she was full-blown by the time she was diagnosed, so I’m glad to hear your brother’s fine. Cases vary from person to person, and I’m often surprised how unfamiliar Americans are with the disease, varying stages, etc. You can tell by the commentary re: Lyme that there is little actual experience with the disease and even less education in terms of treatment; and from personal experiences I would choose German treatment of Lyme Disease against that in the US any day- here the medical community is HEAVILY trained in holistic and Eastern medicine as a supplement to Western treatments.

  • I love Yolanda she’s real and a true friend. I would hang out with her and Kim before any of the other women. We all know she has plenty of money and her husband is a piece of shit. Go Yolanda you are beautiful inside and out. Kyle has turned into a joke!!!

  • One Rotten Egg

    “BAIL-out” to help drama queen momma, Yo? No doubt Yo had/has Lyme. However, the sympathy train ride became too long and cumbersome. Hope Bella doesn’t do the same thing for publicity–is a DUI court date due soon or something?

    • Aunt Bee

      I think you hit the nail on the head One Rotten Egg. Yo is probably pushing the journey angle because she will also get more publicity. Knowing all the nasty feedback Yo got you would think she would want to spare her daughter that heartache. STAGE MOTHER personified.

      • Real Sandy⛱

        I wonder what Yo is putting in Bella’s IV…. She (Yo) has signs of Munchausen by proxy. She loves the attention she gets via her sick kids a bit too much. Why is Yo in that picture. Why is it always about Yolanda. If I was Bella, I would run far away from Mom, see an Infectious Disease specialist (doctor) on my own, and not pump random IVs in my arm at mom’s place or anywhere that is not affiliated with the real doctor. This internist is someone who actually has completed a fellowship in Infectious Disease (after a residency in Internal Medicine) and is not some guy who claims to be a specialist of absolutely everything and has nothing to prove it.

        Brlla is being swayed by mom, and mom has serious problems. It is sad, but true. For all we know, Bella never even had a legitimate Lyme’s test. She may be sick, but what is causing it….

        • ITA with you !!!!
          why is YoYo in a pic with her daughter ? because for YoYo it is all about the attention
          YoYo would of no longer been a HW down grade to FoHW and she is using Lyme and her kids to get attention
          Everyday is the caption on pic I call BS on that
          YoYo herself could not find a doctor USA that would DX her with Lyme 101 doctors is extreme

        • Bon Vivant

          I think the Munchausen by Proxy accusation is taking it a little far. Most audiences had never even heard of the term before Lisa Rinna read it off of Wikipedia, and now people are doling this catchphrase out the way we would Halloween candy. I only knew of the term because I live in German,y and know the real history that the fictional Baron Von Munchausen was based on. I get that people hate Yolanda, but why now start taking it out on her kid by saying she’s faking?

          Yolanda offered to show Lisa Bella’s medical records on RHoBH, and she refused to read them. I think a lot of what’s happening really could have been cleared up then and there, but people aren’t interested in the truth when the lie is more entertaining. The Lyme disease was confirmed on national television via Dr. Mehmet Oz and an his entire medical team after reviewing the medical records. I just feel bad for the awful things people are now saying about Bella and her mother, as if we have any right or any real insight as to what they are experiencing be it their disease or their personal relationship. I know people who have gone through this, and accusations sound ridiculous and based simply off a dislike for a person. How is that fair, or right, or just?

          Sad to say, but I also feel that in the US, the country is not as up to speed on Lyme diagnosis and treatment as they are in Europe, and it’s reflected in the media. In fact (please don’t take it harshly, because it’s not intended), but I feel the country is a** backwards in that regard, and I wouldn’t rest with only seeing one US doctor either…just knowing how much profiteers in Big Pharma have vested interest in not opening up holistic and Eastern treatments to Americans…it’s no small wonder this is the narrative we get.

          Hope my post doesn’t come off too cranky, but chronic illnesses are a sore spot with me because I deal with loved ones who have them…But have to hit the door now & hope you guys have fun dissecting the new headlines today…!

          • Real Sandy⛱

            If you saw what has been written about her doctor here in the states, you might think differently. It has nothing to do with where he obtained his medical degree, so there is no need for you to get so defensive. He claims to be a psychiatrist and a specialist in everything but has just a medical degree and no other specialties. I know the term I use and also there are other updated names, Fictitious Disorder and Fictitious Disorder by Proxy, but they mean the same thing.
            I think Yolanda has serious problems and they are noall physical. She is inapproproate and attention seeking.
            I live in one of the areas with the most cases Lyme Disease in the country. It is not unheard of here in the least and has been around for many years. It started being diagnosed in Lyme Connecticut. There is treatment, and we do have qualified medical practitioners. I have no idea what is being pumped into the veins of Bella, but long term (years?!) antibiotic use is not a treatment for Lyme Disease.

            • Aunt Bee

              I don’t understand how after 4 years, Yolanda suddenly gets better after having breast implants removed. Why she suddenly gets better after the divorce announcement. I will never believe she was as bad off as she publicized it.

              • Real Sandy⛱

                I really detest (not you) some of the comments that think it is some hatred of Yolanda that makes me write what is obvious (to me) about the inappropriate behavior I have seen. I know you have seen it as well. I have always said she needs help. She seems to find people who claim to be specialists, when in reality, it appears to me, that she finds someone to say what she wants them to say, as they take her (and David’s?) money in large numbers. She loves all of the treatments a bit too much. She does exhibit signs of Fictitious Disorder. I am a nurse. I am not ignorant. Now she loves attention via her daughter…posing under the covers with her with God knows what in the IV, though, honestly, it looks like empty tubing in the picture I am looking at…to me, but it is not a close up and most likely not.
                I feel sorry for Bella and Anwar. Gigi is doing fine…thankfully.

                • Real Sandy⛱

                  In the bottom photo, it appears that blood is siphoning out of her vein or she is receiving a blood transfusion…why?

          • Janelle

            I think a lot of people have heard the term before. It’s been in the news when highly publicized cases involving moms and a nurse or doctor have been suspects in the deaths of their kids/patients. Rinna may not have heard about it or Kyle, but that’s not saying a whole lot.

        • Suze☕️

          I read an interesting article this morning. Bella has been voted UK GQ model of the year, I always thought she was the most attractive of the two girls. What she did say was it was her mums first time out of bed in four years due to Lyme. Do they think we are stupid, Yo has filmed each year on BH been filmed in several exotic locations, been filmed driving etc etc etc!

          • Yes Suze she looks gorgeous on that cover. She and much darker features than Gigi but they’re both beautiful of course. While I think it’s good that she’s using her status to shed light on her illness, I say enough already. And I say that and I am one of the very few who is a Yo fan lol. But yes, enough pics of veins and needles and all that .

      • One Rotten Egg


    • Bon Vivant

      Fact: Bella Hadid needs no extra publicity, she has already achieved becoming one of the most in-demand high fashion models in the WORLD.

  • DeeDee

    I would love to meet Yo & decide for myself about her. I love her from the show & always defend her. That being said I don’t know she continues with the “bed” photos when they invite so much anger & at the very least, skepticism. I love that she called everyone Hollywood friends bc I know what she means. I have had many myself living in LA. I do wish she’d lay low for awhile. Let the dust settle & focus on her health outside the spotlight.

    • Bon Vivant

      I’ve seen her girls at the shows ( during fashion weeks). They’re gorgeous. Have yet to work a show where I’ve seen her in attendance, but who knows, maybe this time around (during the shows over the next 3 weeks)? I also love that quote about Hollywood friends. It’s a definite occupational/social hazzard in locales that cater to glamour professions. I have Hollywood friends and I don#t ven live in LA, lol. That said, I never understood why people get so up in arms over Yolanda’s photos, it’s not like they HAVE to see them. She posts them on HER personal social media pages for HER supporters and other Lyme Disease sufferers and advocates. Other entities go to her page and lift her pics to use as bait click in the tabloids. Many times the pics are also older ones that have been repeated for publication ad nauseum when there are no new ones to lift and keep the gossip flowing.

      Interestingly enough, I think that for people who claim that they don’t like her, I always wonder why on EARTH do they continue to click on any articles regarding the person or the “Journey” that they despise so much, or don’t believe altogether? It makes no sense. No one is cramming anything down anyone’s throats: if you don’t like someone or the narrative that follows them, then you don’t follow them and click on every single thing that pertains to them. I made up my mind years ago that I didn’t care for anything Kardashian related, and cannot tell you to this day anything about them other than their empire started from a sex tape- I don’t frequent or follow any information pertaining to them. If someone is that distasteful to another, then they should simply be avoided, and subsequently headaches go out the window.

      • DeeDee

        Yes I agree Bon Vivant. It’s probably best to just ignore the articles that upset us. I’m trying to do more of that myself. I also avoid all things kardashian or Kanye & I love that I know nothing about them. Xoxo

  • Real Sandy⛱

    In NJ every doctor who diagnoses a patient with Lyme Disease has to report each to the state and then they make sure that each and every patient is treated appropriately. They are followed up.
    An Infectious Disease Specialist has no less than 6 years of education after he graduates medical school.

  • Queenie

    If this girl is SOOOOOOOO sick, why was she smoking cigs and boozing it up, last month at Kylie Jenner’s WEEK LONG birthday celebration in Turks & Caicos?!? She looked mighty healthy then. (When I had mono, 30yrs ago, I was so exhausted all the time. I slept 12hrs a nite and had to take 2hr naps every day. NO way would I have gone on trips, smoked or drank alcohol). I think this Lime Disease is all a bunch of b.s., so Yolanda can get out of that pre-nup w/David and she brought a couple of kids along, on the bandwagon, for good measure.
    As far as Yolanda and David go, I read, in an interview with Linda Thompson (David’s ex-wife, former girlfriend of Elvis) that David was VERRY jealous during their marriage and she was never to mention Elvis. She also said he expected to be treated like a *king*. Hmmm, where did we hear that word, before?!?

  • I agree 100 percent with everything you’ve pointed out in your posts Bon Vivant. Someone close to me has suffered with chronic Lyme for many years. She has periods of time where she’s feeling better only to be hit with a flare up. Last year when I wanted to comment with words of encouragement concerning Yolanda’s illness many on this site were less than kind to those who did so. Therefore I kept my feelings to myself. I’m glad you so eloquently said what I was thinking.