Behind-the-Scenes at the RHONY Reunion


This season of the Real Housewives of New York City has been intense. We’ve met new Housewife Jules Wainstein, watched LuAnn de Lesseps fall in love, and we saw Bethenny Frankel deal with a major health scare. The ladies filmed the reunion on Wednesday and we have a look at the seating chart!


Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan, who usually are seated next to each other, were seated across from each other. Does this mean their friendship is over officially?

Andy Cohen’s assistant Daryn Carp stopped by the ladies dressing rooms to check out how they were feeling! Watch that video below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


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  1. Poor Jules, I wonder if she will get put into the Lion’s Den during this reunion. She seems like she can stand up for herself but if she gets scattered and stutters, they’ll eat her alive.

    1. Hopefully since the famous calzone incident, and the announcement she made about the meds she takes, her doctor has looked again at the side effects of Adderall. Or maybe a caring friend, family member, SOMEONE she trusts and listens to has cautioned her and changed her mind about taking it. She mentioned another of that type med too, but I am not in the mood to look back and see what it was. If she can stay calm, she will be fine. She is very reactionary. I believe Bethenny when she said she didn’t tell anyone what Jules had confided to her about their marriage. Jules is paranoid, another side effect of Adderall. It is a subject I have not only educational knowledge of, but personal knowledge. It matters not whether it is given to you by a doctor or a pusher, it is still SPEED. It’s just GOOD SPEED, not cut with anything else. Nice and pure and strong. So, hopefully for her health and the health of her children, she has gotten a second, third or 50th opinion on taking that medication. If Jules didn’t want them to speak of her eating disorder, as Carole said, she shouldn’t have said it. Not to be redundant, but that is yet ANOTHER side effect of speed, talking too much and saying too much about personal things, things that you would NOT say if you were sober. The fact that she had purged just 3 days before the dinner says she is not truly in “recovery” and it has not been 13 years since she began. It is a horrible disease, she must be tortured by it. If ANYTHING in the world is going to inflate the symptoms of needing to purge, again it is SPEED. FGSakes, what idiot doctor is she seeing? I feel so bad for her, more so that any housewife to date.

  2. Andy, if you want a show with 2 bully’s and how they bulldoze through life, launch the Bethenny and Carole show and see what the ratings are. Otherwise, we’re all tired of Bethenny Bully and her posse of Carole, Ramona and Dorinda. I actually think Dorinda has the strength and respect to put Bethenny in her place but she won’t do it, even for her own events! Why? Bethenny ruins every one of her events and is horrible to her boyfriend. What does Bethenny have on her?

  3. I always loved NY and BH the best. Now, I am not so sure. If it is upsetting to watch, then it is not fun any more.
    Carole, I have always loved, and then… liked. She is intelligent and usually quite laid back, but the mean girl Carole persona is not attractive. I agree with some of what she says, of course, but lately, she is more and more critical in a not so nice way, and that is just more of a Bethenny than the Carole I always liked.
    Bethenny is witty, bright and knows how to make money, but at what cost. She can make the show or break it. I don’t want an overdose of Bethenny, but she is fine in small doses only. She is the ultimate in nasty at times, and she believes she is always right. Sure she can be entertaining, but she is not the entire show. She had her own talk show and that tanked, since she has always been a me first kind of person and then takes over, talking over everyone.
    Ramona is a bit of an oddball and has her moments, but she really is not so funny unless maybe she is around Sonja. I like Sonja and she is nutty, but she is entertaining. I think she honestly lets too many others influence her businesswise too. Either way, she is okay, but no genius. I think she is senstive, but a fun person who just wants to keep it light.
    Luann…is Luann’s best friend. She, and herself are the closest and so very much in love. If Luann can love anyone besides herself, then perhaps she should just run away with (Insert Tom) into the sunset. I would not miss her in the least.
    Jules, Jules Jules…. It is hard to critique her without guilt. She has her share of trouble in her marriage, difficulty raising children and the ongoing eating disorder, that she even said affected her…the lack of nutrition. She has a hard time forming the words to talk a lot, and I don’t think it is just nerves. She is not as funny as she thinks she is, but she is pretty, tries her best, even if it seems she is very priveleged and pampered, and honestly, I do wish her the best. I just don’t think reality TV is a good fit for her. She seems too fragile to handle all of this.
    Oh…one more…and this is too long already! Dorinda is fun and smart, but with too many martinis and a bf like John…I like to tune her off more than a little. I like her a lot, but only when she is sober and Johnless.
    Okay, I think I made up for my absence now? 🙂

    1. Darling, this has to be the most most perfect assessment I’ve seen anywhere online about RHoNY for this entire season.

  4. I am sick of and over Bethenny and her know it nothing personality. And I am sick of and over Carole and her moronic comments. Carole is Igor to Bethenny’s Frankenstein. So those are my new names for these two. Frankenstein and Igor. Meanwhile, Jules needs to get off the show. It’s not helping her. B goes after the weakest person, like a jackal. B’s comments aren’t even funny anymore and Carole is just a pathetic hanger-on.

  5. Great job with the videos, N, I would say your name, but it would go into moderation if I did. A lot of times all the videos play at once, and then none can be watched! I have never cared for Carole, I only watch when she is with others, & never when she is with Adam, that kid needs to shave. I would never want to know a chef that was cooking my food had a bunch of facial hair. Some men look good with a beard or mustache. Not him, his makes him look like he never bathes or grooms himself, like Jaxx, or dare I say it, Lice Slimey.
    Sandy, I agree with you about Jules in a lot of ways. I have been absent too, so didn’t see that you were also, so welcome back! 🙂 I don’t think Jules realizes how difficult it is, when you are around seasoned pros, for them to try to understand what it is you are saying. I understand when Bethenny said she needs a “verb.” It is only a 40 minute show, and I personally don’t enjoy waiting for her to align her thoughts so she is capable of speaking them. I know, 1st season and all, but I agree also with your opinion that she is too fragile for this. I believe she thinks this is something completely different than it is. Of course it is reality, what is really happening, but we need to hear it, we can’t glean what point she is trying so desperately to get across when she literally can’t form a sentence, it might be a little easier if we were right there, but still annoying. It is a job too.
    Bethenny has no say how much of her they air. It is a misconception that she sees the edit first. Andy has said it multiple times, and no other executive has come out and contradicted him. I believe it to be in the contracts of every HW that these are the facts. So, any over stimulation we get on this end is not her doing. She is central cast member, no doubt, always has been. It’s really too bad Jill wouldn’t let go of that argument and forgive Bethenny. The show would be a different animal.
    I love Dorinda. She is so different, and unique. I also, like the majority of viewers and cast mates, do not care for John. It must be difficult to have a boyfriend you love that behaves like a teen ager, says vulgar things like the comment about the phone call, at the dinner where Luann invited Dorinda, kind of a thank you meal, to show her and Tom were, in fact, “together.” In one of the 1st episodes of the season, he acted stupid by doing that obtuse joke with pretending she has a stain and hitting her on the nose, how childish.
    I have never been a fan of Luann’s. It is true what the other women say that she feels and acts as though she is above others. But they call themselves her friend. So, with that in mind, get your shit together ladies, and be happy for her. Don’t tear her down, and Sonja, really?? You had to spill that news about the 10 year “Upper East Side get togethers” to the entire viewing audience, that was mean, if anyone has been mean to Luann about it all lately, it’s her. Sonja has an insatiable need to make herself look important, with the “interns.” She MUST pay them or something. No one, even wishing to be caught on camera, would take the crap she hands out for room and board, right? Jeeze, the way she has the 3 bathing suits, the best one to wear “On the yacht you have been invited to because your hair is done” “One to actually swim in,” and the old one “to save for the parts?” She must barely squeak by on her income from the show the way she talks. I loved the date she had last night. What a handsome guy, the correct age for once, and apparently rich and well travelled. Maybe she will find love again after all, I hope so, I really do.
    Ramona seems to be growing up, finally. She is still and always will be, IMO, low rent, but she has changed. I love the way she took care of Bethenny when she was ill. I think someone described that as “being up B’s ass” but I heartily disagree. Ramona does have money that she earned all by herself. She hosts a lot of events, which is what is what the show is supposed to be about, again, IMO.
    I don’t believe, in closing, that all the ladies would have rallied around Bethenny if she was primarily “mean.” I believe Carole and her to be genuine friends, as is kind of proven by the vacations they take when the show is not filming. I believe Bethenny is honest about her upbringing, & her marriage, & I am so happy for her that the Mama’s Boy finally moved out of HER apartment. And that her ridiculous divorce is almost final. Her talk show would have been more successful, for sure, if she hadn’t taken it on when she did. There are still a few episodes to see before reunion, so we will see!

    1. Nice to see you too! 🙂
      So, did you have to outwrite me again⁉️
      Just kidding! I enjoyed reading it! 😉
      Have a nice weekend! XO

  6. In other news, I’m worried about LuAnn’s potential dress choice for the reunion: that woman’s style sense keeps my intestines tied in knots on a regular basis.

  7. am i missing something……i have always liked luanne wish her a long and happy marriage///as for miss ramona she has no story line and has jumped into the bash luanne wagon she gets uglier and uglier and runs HER MOUTH into the ground with her jealous remarks….note men of the world beware of ramona she will get meaner and more hateful. you can already see her face changing with her nasty ways JEALOUSY IS EVIL AND CANNOT BE CURED.

    1. I love Ramona. She’s been through a lot but never badmouths Mario. Yes, yes, she can be annoying but I think she has changed for the better & adds a lot to the show. My group of friends find her amusing just like Sonja & Dorinda.

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