Behind-the-Scenes at the RHONY Reunion


This season of the Real Housewives of New York City has been intense. We’ve met new Housewife Jules Wainstein, watched LuAnn de Lesseps fall in love, and we saw Bethenny Frankel deal with a major health scare. The ladies filmed the reunion on Wednesday and we have a look at the seating chart!


Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan, who usually are seated next to each other, were seated across from each other. Does this mean their friendship is over officially?

Andy Cohen’s assistant Daryn Carp stopped by the ladies dressing rooms to check out how they were feeling! Watch that video below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Poor Jules, I wonder if she will get put into the Lion’s Den during this reunion. She seems like she can stand up for herself but if she gets scattered and stutters, they’ll eat her alive.

Hopefully since the famous calzone incident, and the announcement she made about the meds she takes, her doctor has looked again at the side effects of Adderall. Or maybe a caring friend, family member, SOMEONE she trusts and listens to has cautioned her and changed her mind about taking it. She mentioned another of that type med too, but I am not in the mood to look back and see what it was. If she can stay calm, she will be fine. She is very reactionary. I believe Bethenny when she said she didn’t tell anyone what Jules had confided… Read more »

She mentioned Percocet and Lidocaine.

Does anyone really care where these women sit? Really!

Andy, if you want a show with 2 bully’s and how they bulldoze through life, launch the Bethenny and Carole show and see what the ratings are. Otherwise, we’re all tired of Bethenny Bully and her posse of Carole, Ramona and Dorinda. I actually think Dorinda has the strength and respect to put Bethenny in her place but she won’t do it, even for her own events! Why? Bethenny ruins every one of her events and is horrible to her boyfriend. What does Bethenny have on her?

I always loved NY and BH the best. Now, I am not so sure. If it is upsetting to watch, then it is not fun any more. Carole, I have always loved, and then… liked. She is intelligent and usually quite laid back, but the mean girl Carole persona is not attractive. I agree with some of what she says, of course, but lately, she is more and more critical in a not so nice way, and that is just more of a Bethenny than the Carole I always liked. Bethenny is witty, bright and knows how to make money,… Read more »

Darling, this has to be the most most perfect assessment I’ve seen anywhere online about RHoNY for this entire season.

Thank you so much! It means a lot. 😉

(I forgot to sign in again, and I am anonymous above.)
Thank you so much, Bon. I appreciate it. 😉

I am sick of and over Bethenny and her know it nothing personality. And I am sick of and over Carole and her moronic comments. Carole is Igor to Bethenny’s Frankenstein. So those are my new names for these two. Frankenstein and Igor. Meanwhile, Jules needs to get off the show. It’s not helping her. B goes after the weakest person, like a jackal. B’s comments aren’t even funny anymore and Carole is just a pathetic hanger-on.

lol–good one gigicat

Great job with the videos, N, I would say your name, but it would go into moderation if I did. A lot of times all the videos play at once, and then none can be watched! I have never cared for Carole, I only watch when she is with others, & never when she is with Adam, that kid needs to shave. I would never want to know a chef that was cooking my food had a bunch of facial hair. Some men look good with a beard or mustache. Not him, his makes him look like he never bathes… Read more »

Nice to see you too! 🙂
So, did you have to outwrite me again⁉️
Just kidding! I enjoyed reading it! 😉
Have a nice weekend! XO


In other news, I’m worried about LuAnn’s potential dress choice for the reunion: that woman’s style sense keeps my intestines tied in knots on a regular basis.

am i missing something……i have always liked luanne wish her a long and happy marriage///as for miss ramona she has no story line and has jumped into the bash luanne wagon she gets uglier and uglier and runs HER MOUTH into the ground with her jealous remarks….note men of the world beware of ramona she will get meaner and more hateful. you can already see her face changing with her nasty ways JEALOUSY IS EVIL AND CANNOT BE CURED.

I love Ramona. She’s been through a lot but never badmouths Mario. Yes, yes, she can be annoying but I think she has changed for the better & adds a lot to the show. My group of friends find her amusing just like Sonja & Dorinda.