Behind-the-Scenes RHOBH Season 7 with Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards


Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump are currently filming season seven of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and in this special video, Kyle is giving us a sneak peek of the Bravo camera crew setting up in her kitchen.

“My house gets transformed as you can see,” Kyle says. “Making a little snack, calling the girls inviting them over for a dinner party.”

Lisa Vanderpump is also back for the new season and she has a personal video message for fans.

“Oh my God I can’t believe it…Season 7,” Lisa says. “You have watched me age over seven years. That’s a scary experience watching yourself seven years later. So that would be almost 150 bloody episodes. I never believe that’s what I signed up for, but here we go!”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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    1. They sure do and line free! How do they do that? I’m just jealous! Lol are you back at work this week? I hope you are feeling a bit better! Xxoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Suzeeeee!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m jealous too but i couldn’t handle being as flawless as these ladies lol. How was your weekend? Yes I’m back to work today part time and ramp up as I go along. Using my new accessory , a walking cane ! Took me a few days to get used to the idea but I decided to go all Stevie Nicks and wrap a big scarf around it and glamorize it. Ahh, the power of delusion 🙂 xoxo

        1. My daughter wanted to glitz up my walker but as I’m more stable on my feet at the moment I thought I would wait! It could be fun to do, some go faster pink glittery stickers maybe?

  1. Looking so forward to season 7. Hope it’s as serene, peaceful & beautiful as they both look in the picture. Wishful thinking? hope not.

  2. Let the snark begin, how soon before splits/vyle is whining about some imagined slight against Lisa V.? And promoting her husband’s real estate business, or exploiting her (aging badly/alcoholic) sister? It’s the same every season….
    At least they got rid of lymes, now maybe the stripper of BH’s?

  3. Self promoting wannabe star (vyle), businesswoman/ gay supporter (Lisa V.), stripper (c u next Tuesday)/ erika, fading soap star/ whileen, uber big lips/ anorexic butt waxer on dirty carpet/ lisa R. ? Wow, should be thrilling ms. andy/bravo..

  4. C’mon Lisa, 7 seasons of watching you age, are you kidding me??? People in BH and the OC don’t age, they all go see Terry Dubrow or the plastic surgeon of their choice. We have seen Lisa in her plastic surgeon’s office last season and making Ken get botox. As for Kyle showing the cameramen setting up in her kitchen, she acts like this is something new. She has been in front of a camera long enough to know there is a lot of stuff to set up and if you didn’t want it there, it wouldn’t be. Can’t wait to see what transpires this season on RHOBC and to see who is coming back and who is not. Should be interesting…………… say the least, of I should say, I hope so!!!

  5. I have to say though that both dress age appropriate. I hate seeing women in their 50s dressing like they are teenagers. Being in my 50s myself I can’t stand seeing women doing this. These two dress with class.

  6. Ugh whatever. These two pink lip gloss harpies. LVP once again made her ridiculous statement that the others were mean to her & she may not return… Right. As if she could walk away from her reality star “fame.” And I’m certainly not ready for more Rinna. I got bored just reading the story.

      1. Haha! I wish Suze bc I miss enjoying the show. I liked her the first 2 seasons I think ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I can’t wait for Below Deck to return and Below Deck Med got picked up for season two. By the way, is anyone watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix? I finally convinced my sister to sign up for Netflix and she is laughing till she pees in her pants over the first five episodes, which I told her she would since I did. Now THAT is a show I LOVE. And THAT got picked up for season 3…

    1. Yay..I hadn’t heard that Below Deck Med was picked up for another season, but I’m still butt hurt that they did not do a reunion. There were so many things that could have been fantastic to rehash and they threw it away…sniff sniff..Maybe after season two.

    2. GIGICAT…..I really enjoy Grace and Frankie. Very funny.
      I’m looking forward to Below Deck starting. Though I’llbe away when it does but TiVo to the rescue.

      Does anyone watch the HWofMelbourne? Are they no boards that discuss that Show? I have so much to say about those people.

  8. Already this vile talk begins? I will earn to SKIP nasty childish name calling. She is only vile to jealous B****es.
    I love seeing Lisa and Kyle, my 2 favorite housewives of all, them and Bethenny, together. Bunches of negative things were said last year, and it turned out to not be negative about KYLE AT ALL. It was someone else, I forget her name, some lady who wants to be forgotten by the public. That’s why she hasn’t had a bunch of interviews, so far anyway, about the show. If anyone who leaves the shows really wants to leave it behind as a part of their life that is over, more power to them I say. It means they have more than a memory of being a housewife to give them an identity. Yolanda, be well and be happy. From 3D’s.

    1. 3Ds I’m Erikas number one fan as you know ❤️❤️❤️Did you see the post I left you about Erika and Kyle being in Mykonos together ( no other HWs) for an Erika show!?? I’ve always said those 2 are close according to social media but the show never portrayed that. They seem to have a lot of fun so hopefully that makes the show. The pics are in their Twitter and Instagram . So my favorite and your fav are sitting on a tree… U know the rest 🙂 miss you! Hope you’re well

      1. I posted in the first place in the week, or last week….where you said you left me a msg. on a certain page. There was not one reply button with your name on that page, so I went back to the original message. Then my washer and my cooler broke. The cooler runs, but horror of noises every few minutes, it is a bearing which is on order. The washer, I will not buy ANOTHER new one. I am going to try to get a small trade in for it as it is a simple leak, but we are unable to fix it because they make them almost impossible to take apart. They don’t want it fixed. They want a landfill as high as the sky, and new one’s in all homes. So, I am for the 1st time, buying a used one with NO ENERGY SAVNG PLAQUE THAT MEANS WE WILL BE WASTING ENERGY AND WATER SINCE THAT MEANS 8 GALLONS OF RINSE WATER FOR A FULL LOAD OF CLOTHES. Which means I will run t through twice, therefore not saving anything. I’ve been washing at the laundrymat and drying here in my 40 year old dryer. One appliance at a time please!!!
        Yes, to finally answer. I saw where they are friends, I am truly pleased, as they seemed to click right away. I am a believer in that being real and I also don’t care what anyone says about it. Lisa and Kyle are FRIENDS. They both have flaws, duh. As we all do.
        Hope all is good at your place, too. I hope your fancy cane helps you feel like the sophisticated, classy lady you are and the boys are great. oxoxoxox❤️I also refuse this season to read any post with childish name calling. All of the rhyming, infantile names and nastiness is beneath us.

  9. I’m not sure why my post didn’t show up but what I wrote was I admire that these two have always dressed classy and for their age. I see so many people in my town dressing like their daughters even though they are in their 50s! And they starve themselves so they can fit into junior clothes. Newsflash!! 50 year old women who weigh under 100 pounds are NOT sexy! Seriously.

  10. Feels like the season just finished, they’re teasing already? That was fast. Oh well, let the stunts, shows, and hop-scotching alliances for survival begin…!

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