Bad Business Deals Started Fight Between Adrienne Maloof And Lisa Vanderpump?


Adrienne Maloof left The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after a rocky season 3 and RadarOnline is reporting the real reason Maloof was feuding with co-star Lisa Vanderpump was a business deal gone bad. Many think the friendship was shattered at the season 2 reunion when Adrienne accused Lisa of selling stories, but a source tells Radar, “Lisa and Adrienne were investing in business deals together and they didn’t go well.”

“There was a lot of money involved and everyone ended up losing money and Adrienne and Paul were furious. They felt like they hadn’t been told the truth by Lisa and that is when the tension started,” the source reveals.

Brandi and Lisa had fights about Adrienne’s children, her separation then divorce both on and off camera, but the insider says all the tension stemmed from bad business dealings. “The fights about Adrienne’s kids was a serious problem for her but the real issues were over money. Money is always a problem and when the business deals all started falling apart so did the friendship,” the source says.

“There is almost nothing that would happen to make Adrienne and Lisa be friends again,” the insider concludes.

Photo Credit: Bravo