Aviva’s Dad George Teichner and Dana Cody Land Bravo Spin-Off Show?


The Real Housewives of New York City may be suffering in ratings, but RadarOnline is reporting that Aviva Drescher’s father, 76-year-old father, George Teichner and his 25-year-old fiancée, Dana Lavette Cody have gotten their own spin-off show on Bravo.

The May-December couple’s impending nuptials “will be the focus of the show,” an insider tells the site.

“Even though the current season of RHONY is a ratings flop, the breakout stars are Aviva’s dad, and Lavette,” the source said. “Fans have very strong reactions to both of them as individuals, and of course as a couple. Dana’s show doesn’t have a working title yet, but will begin filming at the end of August.”


Andy Cohen responded to our story on Twitter and said George and Dana are NOT getting their own show on Bravo. “This is a fake story,” Cohen tweeted in response to our story.

Photo Credit: Bravo


20 Replies to “Aviva’s Dad George Teichner and Dana Cody Land Bravo Spin-Off Show?”

  1. lmao. personally, i dont mind aviva’s dad. But from what I’ve seen, the huge ratings dip seemed to happen due to him? maybe bravo don’t know their own audience too well.

  2. Andy has responded on Twitter and said this is NOT true!!! He also posted a couple of weeks ago that he has read the “zillion” Tweets about George and George will never appear on Bravo again.

  3. Dumb move Bravo. The demographic majority of viewers of Bravo shows is women and they are disgusted by this old perverted idiot. I can hear remotes clicking now…to another network.

  4. In order to understand George you have to be a native New Yorker. Sometimes he goes too far but I get the impression he’s a good guy who has to tone down his sexual advances. I think a lot of people who post on these boards are from the Midwest. Correct me if I’m wrong about that.

    1. Uh no…Wrong. I am not from, nor do live in, the midwest. George is an old perv whose dentures are too big for his trash mouth.

      1. correction typo disgusting creep but now that I think about it – he is a perverted creep who disguises himself as a father, so I guess both apply.

  5. A strong reaction to someone won’t necessarily produce ratings. Particularly when that reaction usually involves vomiting.

  6. i once told my husband we should put a camera over a pile of poop put it on tv and i bet people would watch it – point proven lol what a joke i think im about done with the whole shabang

  7. omg…….. George is disgusting…. why would Bravo throw him in our face…… I couldn’t bring myself to watch… I fast forward when he is one so why would I watch his reality show….. gross beyond gross.

  8. Uh I’m glad Andy responded. This would be a really stupid move on Bravo’s part..

    George is filthy and disgusting. I don’t care if he’s my elder or someone’s father he’s nasty and offensive.

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