Was Aviva Fired? Drescher Suddenly Cut From RHONY Intro


Viewers noticed that Aviva Drescher was cut out of the opening scene on The Real Housewives of New York City Tuesday night, and some even reached out to us to let us known that Aviva was not included in the intro of re-run episodes that aired over the weekend. The infamous opening tag lines and shot of the ladies holding apples at the beginning of each episode is iconic, and Bravo has cut Drescher out without giving any explanation!

While Aviva’s name is still listed on the show’s Wikipedia site and on BravoTV.com, it appears she has been cut out of the show? During Tuesday’s episode, Drescher was mentioned, but not shown in the episode or in the preview for the following episode as the women journeyed to the Berkshires.

Naughty But Nice Rob reports that Drescher was “fired” for three episodes because she refused to go on the cast trip with the other women because it involved the outdoors and she has a prosthetic leg and terrible asthma.

“Bravo faked a firing for the sake of the show, removing her from the opening and banning her form the next three episodes, but it’s all a ploy to get ratings up. Aviva returns full-time,” NBNR reports, later adding, “Bravo insiders say she returns to the show after the ladies visit the Berkshires and Montana without her.”

We checked out Aviva’s Twitter, along with Andy Cohen’s and BravoTV’s and found no answers regarding Aviva’s sudden absence. We have also reached out to the network and Aviva for a comment.

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UPDATE – May 7th, 2014: We spoke to Aviva’s publiscit who tells us, “Unfortunately we aren’t able to comment on the story – wish we could say more. Keep watching.”

Photo Credit: Bravo