Aviva Drescher’s Father George Speaks About About Her Firing, Slams Andy Cohen


Even though Aviva Drescher has been fired from RHONY, her 76 year-old father George Tiechner is still speaking out about the show. He claims that the network should have never let his daughter go.

“They should have never let Aviva go,” Tiechner told RadarOnline. “The ratings were at 2 million, then down to 1.3 million. And the only reason the ratings went up recently is because Aviva threw her leg.”

Aviva’s father believes the reason she was fired is because Carole Radziwill is having an affair with producer Andy Cohen…

“The reason Aviva is gone is because of Carole Radziwill’s love affair with Andy Cohen,” he said. “I mean, not really. He would throw up if he saw p***y,” Tiechner says of Cohen, who is openly gay.

“He’s doing nothing but making big mistakes,” Teichner continued. “Obviously, Andy Cohen doesn’t know what he’s doing or he’s just played out. He just doesn’t have any balls.”

Tiechner continued to rant about how the network is bringing back Bethenny Frankel and how viewers don’t want to see the past rehashed. To read the full interview click  here.

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21 Replies to “Aviva Drescher’s Father George Speaks About About Her Firing, Slams Andy Cohen”

  1. No George, the reason she was kicked off the show was because nobody liked her! She made herself more disliked because she bought you onto the show and we couldn’t stand the disgusting behaviour of a grown man with his disgusting comments. You are what made your daughter get sacked and for that we are grateful, because now we don’t get to see the 2 most boring people on reality TV.

  2. There is something really sick about this man. His behavior and his perspective are what made his loony daughter the way she is. You got to feel very sorry for Aviva.

    1. I read somewhere people tend to behave very similar to George if they never treated their sexually transmitted disease when they were younger, like syphallis (can’t spell it and ain’t got it), and it is now turning their brain into mush.

  3. George, you are a disgusting, creepy old man. You should NEVER have been on the show.
    Aviva was just boring that’s why she had to go.
    Plus, who are you to judge ANYONE?? Bye Jerkoff.

  4. Why in the world would anyone want to interview him in the first place? The man is playing with 1/2 a deck.
    And his daughter has lost her marbles.
    He in truth is the vilest man that I have ever seen or heard. I do hope that the both of them are ignored by the
    press. The less seen the more forgotten. Is it any wonder that the mother drank !

  5. I was upset when Bravo had Mr. George on the show. He is a pig. Disgusting, vugar, disrepectful, gross, to name a few……..!

  6. Well Golly Gee! You sure as Heck can see where Aviva got her nastiness! Pure unadulterated bile is where both George and Aviva go right away, the absolute LOWEST COMMON denominator, because THAT is where their minds live. Everyone who comes in contact with those two must disinfect themselves thoroughly…yuck.

  7. The behavior of George makes me wonder 2 things. (1) why did that new woman marry him and the only think I can think of is money (2) what kind of a father to Aviva when she was small – he is a pervert now but what was he back then? Also was the creepy man the reason the mother drank??? Just wondering!

    1. That’s what I said Aunt Bee. The old saying that someone would drive you to drink. He may have driven her to
      to drink and Aviva to get a leg up on everyone.

  8. This dude is ridiculous. He’s 76 years old, he should act like it. Grow up and have some class.

    I understand a father being angry and bitter about his daughter being fired… but to throw insults like that is just tacky. Have some pride and dignity, and keep it moving. Something I’ve learned recently.

    I think Aviva was good for the show, however. I think every Housewives needs a “crazy Housewife”… in Orange County, it’s Shannon. In New York City, it was Kelly Bensimon. In Atlanta, it’s Kenya. In New Jersey, it was Danielle Staub. In Beverly Hills, it was Taylor. In Miami, it’s Adriana. and I think in New York City, although the crazy one WAS Kelly… once she exited the Housewives, Aviva took her place. They need Aviva’s crazy.

    I understand firing a Housewife because nobody likes her because then nobody wants to film with her, however after Season 4 when EVERYONE hated Teresa Giudice, nobody fired her to make the cast happy… I think Andy Cohen just chose Carole Radziwill over Aviva Drescher because Carole is his real life long time friend, and let’s face it… Carole has no storyline and she’s extremely boring.

    I don’t know what can save RHONY… Maybe bringing Jill Zarin back would be good for the show. They need something because the show is just not working.

  9. Well, if Aviva has not bee fired I would never have watched RHONYC ever again. Between her endless list of neuroses (too many to list) and her utterly repugnant skanky father, George Tiechner…that show was doomed for another season. George Tiechner is, by far, THE MOST DISGUSTING MAN EVER TO BE ON T.V. During season 6, whenever he came on the show, I’d change the channel. That would seriously piss me off, as the only “Housewives” show I ever watch is RHONYC (I live in Western NY…we don’t have socialite wackos like them anywhere around, so they’re fun…usually…to watch). RHONYC is my dirty little secret indulgence. Every year I say I won’t watch next year but I always do anyway. But this time I meant it. Until reading that Aviva and skanko George will not be on. Thank You Baby Jesus. So now I’m going to watch for sure. I’m looking forward to it. Andy Cohen is a smart guy to dump those two bozos.

    I’m very glad to see that Bethanny Frankel is going to be on Season 7. If that isn’t a triumphant return then what is? Her bucks against their totaled bucks is unfathomable. Her accomplishments against theirs is also unfathomable.

    I am very sorry about Bethanny’s marriage failing. That’s sad. They should have gone to marriage counseling.


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