Aviva Drescher’s Father George Reveals Why She Didn’t Attend His Wedding


As we previously reported, Aviva Drescher’s father George Tiechner married 25 year-old Dana Cody last weekend in a beach ceremony. And what’s even more shocking is that Drescher, who has been completely supportive of her father’s relationship, did not attend his wedding!

Now, Tiechner is speaking to RadarOnline about the snub and dishes details about his wedding day.

“Our wedding was purely born from love! We do not live our lives for showbiz, rather for each other,” George revealed while he was on his honeymoon at Hawaii’s Turtle Bay Resort. “I proposed marriage to Cody and she accepted, becoming engaged on RHONY, to share this special time in my life with my daughter Aviva, and to let people know that true love really exists.”

George says the couple’s love for each other is all the matters.

“Notwithstanding ageism, racism, and cultural chasm. Unlike the latest fad, marrying for showbiz and its accompanying notoriety, narcissism, fortune and fawners, Cody and I married for eternal love… which is priceless,” he continued. “We quasi eloped to get married on the beach in Malibu, whilst standing in the Pacific Ocean. It was a beautiful, meaningful wedding, a special moment in time for Cody and me!”

So why wasn’t Aviva there?

“Our formal marriage ceremony and festivity with family and good friends in attendance, lavish de facto Jewish ceremony (Cody’s choice), will be either in Manhattan or South Beach or both!” he said.

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  1. As long as they’re both legal age, age shouldn’t matter. I support their relationship. George may be a pervert but he always sounds intelligent in these interviews so he may just well love her.

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