Aviva Drescher: St Barth’s Trip “Invovled Sex, Drugs, & Rock ‘N Roll!”


After the disaster that was last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York, housewife Aviva Drescher is talking about the trip.

Aviva tells the Huffington Post, “I’m alive to talk about it,” and she admits that going on vacation with the ladies wasn’t a vacation at all. “We do more filming, and on vacation that microphone never comes off. There was a lot of drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll.”

After catching herself, Aviva was quick to say that nothing illegal was consumed…

“I think when the trip is coming, everyone gets very excited. Everyone loves drama. Since the beginning of time, conflict has been this amazing force of life,” Aviva says. “It’s actually very tough, and I’m not typically a very dramatic person, but once you get pushed 25,000 times, you might explode. I tend to pick and choose my battles and things that are really important to me tend to make me become unhinged.”

Aviva was visibly annoyed at a topless Ramonja when she arrived, and she realized she may have sided with the wrong ladies.

“I think they did that specifically to titillate my husband; unfortunately he wasn’t excited. It made him leave the pool area, but I think they did that on purpose unfortunately to make me and Reid feel very uncomfortable,” Aviva explains. “I think Ramona is full of baloney.” She continues, “I don’t think Ramona is scared of me at all, and in terms of teams, what I did was organically gravitated towards people I gravitated towards, and my judgment was clearly askew as it often is, and it changes. I don’t stick by teams unless I’m blood-related to them.”

It will be interesting to see how Aviva vs. Ramonja plays out in future episodes. I have a feeling that friend[ship] has sailed, haha! Keep watching RHONY Monday’s on Bravo.

Photo Credit: Facebook