Aviva Drescher Signs On For RHONY Season 6!


Despite rumors Aviva Drescher wasn’t returning to Season 6 of The Real Housewives of New York, she has officially signed her contract! Aviva just signed a six-figure deal with Bravo to return to the show which is set to start filming May 6th!

So why did Bravo wait so long did close Aviva’s deal? “Bravo deliberately staggered her contract until the last minute,” an insider reveals to Confidenti@l. “Last season, Aviva and Ramona were the stars, and Bravo was scared if they invited them back at the same time they could team up and ask for a lot more money.”

Ramona reportedly received a $450,000 contract to return for Season 6. Meanwhile, Aviva’s Season 6 contract is reportedly worth right around $100,000, which has caused friction with this already feuding pair. “The difference in what they earn makes them fight even more,” adds the insider.

Are YOU glad Aviva is back?

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5 Replies to “Aviva Drescher Signs On For RHONY Season 6!”

  1. That’s disappointing. 🙁 I hope she doesn’t bring her ignorant father around to fight her petty battles with checks.

  2. yayyyyyyyyyy glad shes back shes the only one who really gave it to ramona i was nice to see for a change. i think we will see a better side of her this season

  3. In this photo, hAgviva looks a lot like Adrienne Mahoof, and that is not a good thing at all. Her father should be banned from being within 50 feet of any woman or child.

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