Aviva Drescher Says RHONY Needs New Production Company! Plus- Her Feud With Ramona Singer & Sonja Morgan!

Aviva Drescher

Real Housewife of New York Aviva Drescher was a guest on a new podcast, Talking Real Housewives Live! During her chat with hosts Art & Sammi, Aviva talks about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and how that is her favorite show of the Franchise! She goes on to say, “I think that New York could be as good as Beverly Hills, we just need a better production company!” Aviva goes on to say how much she adores RHOBH, Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville!

Aviva dishes on her feud with Sonja first! Art asked Aviva if she has made up with Sonja, and Aviva responds, “Yes, Sonja and I hashed things out at the reunion, and right after the reunion we went for drinks together, and again, a week later we were out with some friends and we had a great time. We were hugging and I feel like Sonja and I have cleared the air completely!” Aviva also shares that her son thinks Sonja’s daughter is “the coolest girl in NYC!” Aviva goes on to call Sonja a “sweetheart” and say “how funny” she is, and what a “great mom” she is to her daughter!

When Art asks Aviva if she is returning for another season, Aviva goes on to dish that Season 6 of RHONY is “a big mystery,” and that “a lot of things in this business are done last minute.” Aviva says that if the current cast does return she doesn’t know how that will go, because there is “a lot that has to be settled between her and Ramona.” Aviva reveals that Ramona won’t even talk to her! She says she’s reached out to Ramona to try and patch things up, she’s invited her and Mario to dinner, but Ramona won’t talk to her! Aviva goes on to ask, “How many times should I apologize before I throw in the towel?”

To listen to Aviva’s FULL interview with Talking Real Housewives Live, click here to visit their website! Oh and yours truly has a segment in the last ten minutes!


Tell Us- Do you agree with Aviva?

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6 Replies to “Aviva Drescher Says RHONY Needs New Production Company! Plus- Her Feud With Ramona Singer & Sonja Morgan!”

  1. I can’t either. She never tried to make up with Ramona and Sonya until she realized that she came across as a snotty b%$ch. I don’t blame Ramona for being leery to accept her apology.

  2. OMG I cannot believe she’s back! I was really hoping they got rid of her. She IS a phony. It makes me laught that she like Lisa an BRANDI from BH!!! The all knowing, all PC Aviva likes Brandi – what a joke. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Brandi – but could you imagine the judgemental speeches we’d have to endure from Aviva based on Brandi’s antics??? It make my head want to explode!
    Yeah, no thanks Aviva!!

  3. Aviva and Ramona deserve each other. I can’t stand either one of them. Ramona was the original big mouth disrespectful know-it-all until she met her match, Aviva, and got a taste of her own medicine! I used to love RHONY but, between those two, I wont be watching anymore.

  4. She is the creepiest housewife of all the housewives. Something is seriously wrong with this woman and years of therapy would only scratch the surface. Get rid of her before she reaches her “satchels of gold” moment.

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