Aviva Drescher Opens Up About Health Scare


Real Housewives of New York City star Aviva Drescher revealed she was facing a health scare this week. The Bravo star was diagnosed with flat polyps, which have the potential to develop into precancerous polyps. So she met with her doctor to undergo a procedure and have them removed. Aviva is speaking with Bravo’s The Dish, and she tells the site that the surgery was “easy peasy.”

“I had severe asthma this summer,” Aviva writes and tells The Dish. “My pulmonologist believed the cause was reflux/gastritis. Something like 80-percent of sudden adult onset of asthma is caused by reflux. After multiple diagnoseses—and anemia—it was suggested to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy even though I am only 43-years-old. Mrs Fraidy pants did it with GI Dr. Albert Knapp. All was clear except one polyp which was called a flat polyp and was precancer. Flat polyps are very hard to find and quite dangerous if not found early. Even in a colonoscopy, flat polyps are hard to see. They very likely become full blown cancer within approximately 5 years. To prevent all risk I was sent to Dr. Greg Haber, an expert in removing precancerous polyps. That was my second procedure today. I am 43-years-old and had I not caught this flat polyp and waited until 50, chances are I would have been diagnosed with cancer.”

Aviva showed her sense of humor when she took to Twitter to reveal she was recovering from surgery. “For all those wanting to know what’s up my ass? After 2 colonscpy’ [sic] in 7 days I can officially say nothing,” she wrote.

“I am very very lucky,” Aviva tells Bravo. “Given my experience why wait until your 50? No downside doing a colonoscopy earlier. The procedure is easy peasy—even for a professional worrier like myself.”

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  1. Aviva…many have polyps. Let’s not talk about it please. We all know how they find and remove the polyps (horrid word…or hilarious, depending on state of mind).
    I hate informational reading.
    Another word I have trouble with is hemorrhoids.I have a couple of stories that are hilarious…about family members. Imagery is everything.
    Glad you had your flat polyps removed. Now put your big girl panties on and accept that you are an amateur at best…and a hack at worst. Apologize to Carole…from your itty bitty heart.

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