Aviva Drescher: “My Relationship With Sonja Is Perfectly Fine, I Even Adore Ramona!”

Aviva Drescher apologized for her behavior on Part 1 of The Real Housewives of New York Reunion, but it didn’t look like she would be patching things up with Ramonja anytime soon. Now, in an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Aviva has shared that she and Sonja have made up, and wait ’til you hear what she says about Ramona!

When Wetpaint asked Aviva if she was surprised Ramonja didn’t accept her apology at the reunion, she replied, “I’m really only responsible for my own actions. I can only take responsibility for the mistakes I’ve made and correct them and learn from my mistakes, and I really went in without any expectations. It wasn’t a goal-oriented apology. It was just more of, communicating to them that I was really sorry for the things that I had said, and for hurting their feelings. And whatever their reaction is, I suppose that they’re entitled to, that’s the way that they feel. And that’s about it. I don’t really have a reaction to their reaction.”

When asked what made her decide to apologize, Aviva replied, “Again, I am responsible for my own actions, and I had watched myself on TV, and it’s really been a wonderful experience doing the show, and I loved every minute of it, and I really love all the girls. And watching my mistakes has really been a wonderful learning experience, I saw, “You know what? You really need to think before you speak.” So when I saw myself not thinking before I spoke, I really felt compelled to say I was sorry and to apologize. And it’s really been such a wonderful journey all in all, and I looked very serious in the reunion because I wanted to take responsibility for my actions in a serious way. But it’s really been a wonderful journey along the way, I mean who gets to watch themselves on television? And seeing myself, speaking out of turn really made me want to apologize.”

Ramona insinuated that Aviva was only apologizing for backlash she received from the fans. Wetpaint asked her to address that, and she says, “I was instructed by Bravo really to not read, to not read Twitter, and not to read the blogs, and I really don’t. And there are some fans on my Twitter feed and I know who they are, so I respond to some kind things when I look at my feed. I really don’t read any of it. I don’t know if you knew, but when they asked me [about the fans’ reactions during the reunion], I looked surprised because I was. I really don’t read much of it, I try to respond to fans, because one of the greatest experiences of doing this show has been meeting new and wonderful people. Really, where I’m weighing in, is responding to people who are physically disabled or who have artificial legs or who are new amputees. That’s where I put my efforts, and that’s what I pay attention to. So I really didn’t know what they were talking about. I would never get on national television and apologize for what other people think. I saw that I spoke out of turn. I had to wait until the end of the season to apologize. I was really not in contact with Ramona and Sonja until the reunion. It wouldn’t really do anybody a service to apologize to them behind the scenes. I was very surprised. I can assure you, I can swear to you on my other leg, that I did not apologize to them because of any kind of viewer response, positive or negative.”

Aviva reveals she has seen the ladies recently, saying, “Yes, I was actually out with Sonja the other night. My relationship with Sonja is perfectly fine. I actually love all the girls. I even adore Ramona, I think she’s got some great characteristics about her. Not everyone is one-dimensional. I absolutely have only love in my heart for all the girls. This has been a wonderful experience, a wonderful journey. I really am appreciative to my cast members. Working with them has been wonderful.”

Aviva also reveals what we can expect in Part 2 of the reunion, “There’s a lot of drama. There’s a lot of drama. Thankfully I’m not the center of it! I think that, at times, the New York gals kick each other when they’re down. And at times they don’t. and I think the one thing that separates us from the other franchises, is that the New York girls keep a certain boundary. There are certain boundaries. And I think that overall, we don’t kick each other when we’re down. I don’t think so. I think that sometimes, we’re probably hanging on the edge. But I would say that in general, we don’t kick each other when we’re down. LuAnn and the pirate is a huge subject. The toaster oven is a huge subject. There’s something that gets unveiled about my life which explains why I’m so sensitive to the girls’ heavy partying. One point, if you could drive it home, is, I would never apologize on national television for what a few people think. I’m very outspoken. I stand by what I believe in. And I would never ever apologize because of what people thought of me, or what people did or didn’t think either way. I don’t get too vested into the positive and I don’t get too vested into the negative.”

I found this interview to be quite refreshing. Maybe watching yourself on TV, can actually give you insight into things you need to work on.

Tell Us- Does this interview change your opinion of Aviva? What do you think about what she had to say?

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3 Replies to “Aviva Drescher: “My Relationship With Sonja Is Perfectly Fine, I Even Adore Ramona!””

  1. I thought her apologies done during tapeing were goal oriented. They were more a means to get you to own the behavior she had clobbered you about then promise change. When Aviva didn’t get that, she threw a more offending fit than what she just apologized for.

  2. It sounds like part 2 will be a memory lane of her travails with alcoholic mother and how that resulted in more phobias. The one to berate grown women having fun on vacay, not drinking and driving.

  3. I can´t seem to figure this woman out. In interviews she sounds intelligent and coherent, but I couldn´t stomach her throughout the season. One of the two is being fake I guess?

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