Aviva Drescher: Everything Changes In RHONY Season 6


With the premiere of the new season of The Real Housewives of New York City coming soon, Aviva Drescher is also promoting her new memoir ‘Leggy Blonde’ while throwing some major shade at Carole Radziwill’s novel. With the release of three Housewives’ books this month, Aviva shares with PopBytes why hers is the best.

“I think that Carole’s book is more of a beach read, whereas I think my book can really touch everybody,” Aviva says. “It’s not just for Housewives viewers. I think it can touch everybody because it shows by various examples how you can get through life’s trials and tribulations. Everyone’s touched by anxiety, health issues, addiction, divorce, and marriage – whether it’s your own relationships, your parents’, or whoever else’s – everyone gets touched by these things and I touch on all of them.”

Aviva also shares that she has a degree in English Literature from NYU. “I love to write. I’ve always loved writing and I’ve found it to be really cathartic emotionally,” she shares. “To go back and to think about all of those experiences that I had, that I lived, and bringing them back up, has been so rewarding.”

“I think that this is a good way to get to know me without an editing team involved,” she explains. “I think that when the camera’s around, I tend to get a little bit, you know, more uptight. But with the book, I have more control. I can be more myself to a certain extent.”

“I think that most of all, it shows that there was definitely a misunderstanding between the camera, the editors, the viewers and me. The show dwelled a lot on the bumps in the road that have happened to me. I think that the book really does show that in fact I don’t dwell on those things. And I think the viewers will see that. People will see it very clearly,” she says.

As for the new season of RHONY? “Last year, I was like this sort of virgin that could be prodded and pulled in different directions,” she says. “This year, I feel like I just would never get too vested in the positive or the negative. It’s just a job and I hope I did my job well.”

Aviva says that new Housewife Kristen Taekman is guarded and she didn’t get to know her very well. “You know, I haven’t … I think that she is a very beautiful addition, that’s for sure. And I can tell you that she throws a good punch,” Aviva reveals. “I don’t mean that literally. I mean that figuratively. But we’ll see!”

Everything changes,” she hints. “A lot of my cast mates are going to surprise you. You’re going to be very surprised by the changes in relationships and changes in characters. People change.” She adds, “The ones that seen normal become crazy. The ones that seem crazy become a little more normal. The villains stay the same. Mostly it’s a lot of changes.”

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  • Melodie

    Kudos to Aviva for overcoming her disability. It must have been a horrible experience for her. My only issue is those who come from a more normal or average lifestyle don’t have the money to pay for custom prosthetics and multiple one’s to boot (not a pun) Her family had the money to sustain her situation and pay for her physical therapy etc. She is lucky others don’t have all the options she did.
    Putting aside her leg….. Aviva is a primadonna she is such a shrew. Everyone else who does not bow down to her or her style she calls the names. (Sonja deserved the white trash name calling. Im not sure that RHNY or going to be on my DVR this season. I prefer a full time Louanne and send Aviva and Sonja and Ramoner down to the B league.