Aviva Drescher To Be Cut Out Of More RHONY Episodes


As we previously reported, Aviva Drescher was cut out of several episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City because she refused to go on a trip with her cast mates to the Berkshires. Now, RadarOnline is reporting Drescher will be cut from more episodes in the future and possibly fired from the show!

“Aviva has had a really bad time this season,” a show insider tells the site. “Because she refused to go on two separate trips with the rest of the women the producers are fuming at her and they’re taking her out of the show as punishment.”

“Aviva also refused to go to Montana with the women, so she won’t be in those upcoming episodes either and they’re planning to do the same thing with the opening credits… take her out of them,” the source explains. “No one would want her to risk her health or anything if that’s the reason she claimed was why she didn’t go, but the producers are fed up with her now.”

“Aviva might get axed from the show at the end of the season,” the source shared. “Her storyline about Bookgate was dumb and then not being part of the rest of the show is making her more difficult so the producers are seriously considering firing her at the end of the season.”

Photo Credit: Bravo