Aviva Drescher Confirms Father’s Potential Spin-Off Show, Reflects On This Season Of RHONY


Aviva Drescher is dishing on this season of The Real Housewives of New York City, including that her father George Tiechner does have a potential spin-off show in the works and dishes on her cast mates.

Aviva is asked what she thinks about Kristen calling her an outsider of the show.

“I don’t really think much of what Kristen, Heather and Carole say,” Aviva admits to OK Magazine. “I consider the source, and Kristen is a bit of a birdbrain. What is she talking about, I’m an outsider? I didn’t go on a trip because I was sick so I’m an outsider? I don’t know, I would think that the normal response would be, ‘I hope Aviva’s feeling better.’ Why would I expect decent behavior from Kristen, Heather or Carole? I mean, isn’t that the normal thing that you say when someone can’t go on a trip because they aren’t feeling well? The normal, decent, dignified response is, ‘I hope that so-and-so is feeling better,’ not ‘Oh she’s a liar and an outsider.’ In real life when someone’s not feeling better it’s, ‘I hope you feel better.’ In Housewife land it’s, ‘Oh My God, you’re a liar, you have emotional disabilities,’ it’s insane. So I think that Kristen saying I’m an outsider is a reflection on who she is. I don’t take much of it.”

But Drescher felt the most misrepresented during Bookgate.

“First of all, the bookgate stuff, it was really very simple,” Aviva begins. “I heard that Carole had a ghostwriter from several very reliable sources and I asked her. The typical answer is ‘no’ and to move on. Unfortunately she basically had a nervous breakdown on-air and she was beating her chest and screaming and hollering and only really making the viewers think that she did have a ghostwriter. So where I feel misrepresented across the board is that I’m a liar and that is really what propelled me to throw my leg on the table in disgust. Because you can call me whatever you want, but I’m on a reality show where I’m very open and very honest about weaknesses in my life that many people would not have been. I wrote a memoir where I also discussed many of my weaknesses and problems and mishaps in life. I’m on a reality show, I get the game, I get the culture but do not call me a liar. And after the 10th time of being called a liar, I had the knee jerk reaction to throw my already loosened leg under the table, on the table. And the reason that my leg was already loosened is that when I sit down at the table to get the blood flow going, I unlock it to have a little bit of wiggle room. So it really was no different for me to take off my leg and throw it on the table than it would be for someone to take off their glasses and throw it on the table. Except it’s a little heavier.”

Aviva also opens up about her surprising close friendships with Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer this year.

“I think that often people who go through differences end up closer together and I’ve had my differences with these Housewives and other friends and we were able to make up and move on. I’ve been able to do that because I don’t think that they are bad or evil,” she says. “Ramona may be subject to fits of temper or temperament but who isn’t? From those arguments, you can only move on. But unfortunately my argument with Carole runs deeper and Carole specifically off the show trashes me all over town, she had a nervous breakdown on-air, she trashes me at parties and I think it speaks to the serious, mean, vengeful, incurable defect in her personality. And unfortunately I don’t think that what happened with me Sonja and Ramona, which is that we got closer from our differences, I don’t think that that’s ever going to happen with Carole.”

When asked what her most cringe-worthy moment of the season was, Aviva reveals it was her fight with Carole in the stairwell.

“I thought it was very cringe-worthy when Carole grabbed my face on the stairwell,” Aviva shares. “That seemed to have gotten somewhat overlooked but I thought that was really awful. There I am standing on the stairs and she grabbed my face. That was very cringe-worthy. Also Ramona throwing the glass at Kristen, that was pretty cringe-worthy as well.”

Lastly, Aviva talks about the rumors her father George Tiechner is getting his own show.

“There is a potential spin-off in progress,” Aviva reveals. “Considering that I’m his daughter, I’d probably be on it.”

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  1. If this nut job is brought back next season, I will not be watching. This NY show will join NJ in my DO NOT WATCH LIST and will be deleted from my DVR.

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