Aviva Drescher Did NOT Attend Father’s Wedding To Dana Cody


Aviva Drescher’s father George Teichner married 25 year-old Dana Lavette Cody on the beach in an intimate ceremony Sunday, but RadarOnline is reporting Aviva did not attend the ceremony even though she has always publicly supported the couple’s relationship.

“I believe that Cody and my father are truly in love, and while it may be unconventional, I support my father,” Drescher previously said.

Although Aviva wasn’t there to witness the union, the site reports the beach ceremony “went off without a hitch. Cody dressed in a traditional white gown with matching sandals while Teichner wore a dapper suit.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


5 Replies to “Aviva Drescher Did NOT Attend Father’s Wedding To Dana Cody”

  1. George is disgusting…. Aviva enables his awful behavior. I do wonder why she wasn’t there though? Maybe more press for them because they are so irrelevant?

  2. I don’t believe Aviva is really okay with the marriage. I think she thought by supporting it and not being shocked her Dad might get tired of the relationship and it would fade gently into the background.

  3. I think that Aviva is not at all happy with the marriage. I am surprised that it took place.
    I thought that he was just doing for the shock value.

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