Which Atlanta Housewife Just Landed Her Own Podcast?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta have been dishing the dirt on each other like crazy this season! So it’s only right that one of them is getting their own podcast.

And it’s Porsha Williams. “Ya’ll I’m so excited to announce that I am launching a podcast this April called– Porsha4Real,” she recently announced on Instagram. The podcast will be available on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify starting the week of April 24, according to the post.

Porsha has a lot of experience behind the mic with her work on DISH Nation’s Rickey Smiley Morning Show, so you should expect her to slay even more on her own podcast.

Will you listen to Porsha?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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There has to be some really dumb people in Atlanta! All she did this season was tell one lie after another. All the fake hair and bobs can’t disguise that to her core she are a flake and a fake!

I think some people enjoy ‘mess’ and think the messier you are , the cuter you are or something

Maybe, but I think more are just plain DUMB! Hope you’re doing well Rain. 🙂

Being messy certainly seems to parlay into popularity currency in Atlanta: I remember it was only 2 seasons ago on Married to Medicine where some jilted loverboy who worked at a PR firm actually stormed a red carpet to out a cast member’s husband for a gay affair. Imagine! You work in the very industry whose very foundation rests on discretion & image crisis management, and you offer yourself up on national television as a gleeful, home wrecking side piece? I have no idea what he got out of it other than a few interviews with lower grade urban blogs… Read more »

So let me see: after 3 separate NPR casts, my foreign language course podcasts, What You Missed In History Class, School of Psych, New Yorker, Heather McDonald, The Read, Marc Maron, Happy Hour, Afterbuzz TV, and Heather Dubrow podcasts…. would I be interested in listening to Porsha Williams & her 265 day calendar regale us with ‘ Real Ho Tales Live and Direct from Thotlandia’ as a semi-captive listener for 40 mins. a week?

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I will absolutely NOT watch her. She is the worst “housewife” of all of them combined.