Ashley Darby Says Karen Huger is Delusional With an Appetite For Vengeance


Ashley Darby is talking about her feud with Karen Huger in a new interview with Bravo. Darby says the reason she gets along with everyone is because she laughs at ridiculousness. She says Karen is delusional and that she has an appetite for vengeance. Tell us about approaching Karen about Bethany at Gizelle’s event – What do you think of Karen’s suggestion your husbands tackle the drama and her comments on maturity?
Ashley Darby:
I’m slowly learning that Karen lives for drama. I, on the other hand, rise like cream above the fray. At the time of Gizelle’s makeup party I’d had enough with the pettiness surrounding my wonderful husband and the slap in the face to our hospitality. It was time to squash it and move on. In her outdated and antiquated fashion, Karen decided to bring shame to our foremothers and run to men to solve our problems. What’s funny is I don’t think Ray gave two sh**s that Michael was in the house – it was actually painful to watch Karen trying to convince Ray that he was so mad! He’s well aware that he is the only person who cares to see his wife’s dried goods. Questions surrounding Michael’s maturity fall on deaf ears after he has created a powerful reputation for his business acumen and assertiveness. His accolades and accomplishments speak for themselves. How do you think the talk between the men went? What do you think of Karen’s comments to the other ladies about the men’s discussion at the party?
The reason my husband and I get along so well is because we laugh at ridiculousness. When Ray says that he’s upset because his wife could be walking around her in underwear and he didn’t want Michael to see, I’m wondering what the thinks when her breasts are constantly out for public consumption. It baffles me that she is still stuck in 1920 and men and women should not dare be under the same roof (better stay away from hotels then!). The Grand Dame is rather delusional and she wanted to hold court, so she exaggerated the situation to the other ladies – no surprise to me. Whatever helps her sleep at night. Tell us about that Rayvin moment with Karen at her gala, and her pointing to you specifically that she doesn’t want around her daughter.
It wasn’t until Robyn pointed out that Rayvin wasn’t there, at an event in their home that was meant to honor her grandmother, that I remembered Karen made a comment about keeping her daughter from other women. I couldn’t remember every detail of our conversation but I knew it was a backhanded insult. According to my research, most of the other ladies haven’t met Rayvin either – what does that say about them?

My issue is Karen doesn’t see how this is offensive and could hurt my feelings. Wanting to get to know someone’s family is not about the family members themselves – it’s about further solidifying a bond between two women. Family is such an integral part of our beings! After I thought she and I were forging a friendship while driving to a girls’ trip, Karen’s actions reminded me that her friendship is as fake as Trump’s toupee. What do you think about her comment that you have an agenda?
Karen flicked me off because she felt backed into a corner – she never expected her harsh comments to leave the Porsche. If being my genuine self is an agenda, then that’s what I’m about. Although she is a grown woman who is all about “using our words,” she wanted to flex her muscle and kick us out of her home. Karen certainly has an appetite for vengeance.

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4 Replies to “Ashley Darby Says Karen Huger is Delusional With an Appetite For Vengeance”

  1. To me, Karen is a straight up laughing stock. All that pretentiousness is nauseating. There are times when she says things to goods/service people that I can imagine that when she leaves they must fall on the floor laughing. Case in point – wanting a twin engine plane vs a single one since in her mind the twin engine is safer. The lady politely corrected her telling her that the single engine was in fact safer. Another time, wanting cherry blossoms out of season and thinking that they can be flown in from somewhere else when they were not on season anywhere. She has to be delusional not to be embarassed by her behavior.
    Someone also needs to tell Gizelle that she is not as pretty as she thinks.

  2. Karen does trot out Victorian morality when it suits her and forgets all about it when it doesn’t suit her.

    However, Ashley Darcy is quite disingenuous and annoying. She just doesn’t understand what’s wrong with her husband creeping around then staying at the girls’ weekend when all the other housewives left their husbands at home because guess what GIRLS weekend means, Ashley? What BS.

    Then she ignorantly showed up late to Karen’s event and repeatedly rang the doorbell while the speech about the recently deceased mother-in-law was going on. Once inside, Ashley wasted no time instigating, telling the ladies that Karen had snubbed all of them by not wanting her daughter aroudn them when in fact Karen only didn’t want her daughter around Ashley.

    If I remember right, earlier on I believe Ashley tried to insert herself into the Huber family and become pals with Karen’s teenage daughter without asking Karen. Obviously, no one would want their teenage daughter learning to sit on Grandpa’s lap for money so they’d put a stop to that as Karen did. As usual, Ashley doesn’t get any thought of other people’s boundaries or rights and begins to namecall.

    Also, getting tired of little gold digger Ashley putting on airs that she’s an entrepreneur. No honey, your creepy Grandpa is an entrepreneur. You’re just a gold digger.

    Ashley needs to learn to pay her own way in life, go play with kids her own age and stop annoying the grown-ups.

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