Ashley Darby Reveals If She’s Ready For Kids

RHOP star Ashley Darby separated from her husband last year, but the two have been working on their relationship and seem to be doing a lot better this season.

Darby dished that she’s ready to have children with Michael and that her biological clock is definitely ticking.

“Unfortunately, I’m only 50 percent of the process, so if I can convince Michael to want to have a baby, then maybe we can revisit this discussion,” she told Bravo. “Who knows? Next time you see me, maybe I’ll have a little bun in the oven. But today, I do not. Bummer. Hopefully, one day soon.”

As the couple continues to run their restaurant Oz, Michael expressed that before having children he would like to break even in their business.

“One thing at a time,” Ashley said. “I’m looking to the future. I see a little ‘Michshley’ baby right there. Not quite in reach yet.”

Preakness realness with my babe! #preakness #rhop

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