Ashley Darby: Katie Is Not Quite the Friend I Thought She Was


The youngest cast member of the Real Housewives of Potomac Ashley Darby seems to be the center of controversy. While there were mixed feelings about Ashley’s first run in with the ladies she seemed to dig herself a deeper hole in this week’s episode. Google, a best friend and worst enemy to us all lead Ashley to some gossip about Robyn Dixon and ex-husband Juan’s financial state. With this piece of information she shared it with Katie Rost and it spread to the rest of the ladies, making them very unhappy. In an interview with Bravo’s Daily Dish Ashley shows remorse for what she did but reveals that she does not see Katie as a friend. Do you regret telling Katie that you Googled the ladies?

Ashley Darby: I whole-heartedly regret telling Katie what I read about Robyn. It was a sensitive topic that I should have respected, as I do not find any humor in hardship. Without knowing her situation, it’s not a topic that I should’ve broached. Having grown up in a low-income family and experienced devastation first-hand, the last thing I’d want to do is hurt anyone else in a tough spot.

As a millennial, the internet is as familiar to me as my own mother. Whenever I meet prominent people and want to learn more about them I take to the all-knowing Google. I knew that the ladies of Potomac were well-known in their community, but they were rather reserved when they first met me and I hadn’t learned anything about them. So while I would’ve loved to hit them on their cellphones to chat, that option wasn’t available.

Out of this ordeal I learned that Katie is not quite the friend I thought she was – in no way was I making a mockery of Robyn as she told the other ladies at Charrisse’s house. In actuality, I was asking Katie’s opinion about whether she thought this affected how Robyn interacted with newcomers. We’ve had a bumpy road, but I hope Robyn and I can forage a friendship in the future. What was going through your mind when Robyn confronted you about searching her?

AD: I was ready to protect my mug in case Robyn took a swing! On the real, I actually felt guilty from the beginning because I knew I’d overstepped a boundary. But even though I’d made a mistake, I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about Robyn and wanted to break through her tough exterior. During the conversation I may have pushed farther than I should’ve, but hearing Robyn talk about her trust issues from the past gave me a great deal of insight as to who she is. I learned that if I want to have a friendship with Robyn, I have to prove my loyalty. And I have a lot of work to do! What do you think about the other ladies’ reactions to the bar situation – and your amazing Porsche?

AD: Nightlife Lesson 101: We had table service just like at any other nightclub. That means that any drink orders placed at our designated table would’ve been taken care of. If you venture to the bar, you have to pay for yourself. I think it’s a little presumptuous to assume that I rented out a whole nightclub – I turned 27, not the big 3-0. Anyway, I would not have batted an eyelash if I had to pay my tab in a club during someone’s party. In fact, I’d buy my drink and a round of shots for the guest of honor!

I’m glad that the ladies appreciated Michael’s beautiful gesture of surprising me with a bangin’ car – he is the most thoughtful and loving person I know, and everyone got to see that side of him. Katie should’ve kept her booty out of my seat, but hopefully she savored that little taste of the foreign ;).

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4 Replies to “Ashley Darby: Katie Is Not Quite the Friend I Thought She Was”

  1. It’s always so annoying when they include a Housewife who is much younger than the others. It’s like if the ladies of a certain age were all hanging out and someone insisted on bringing their bratty daughter along everywhere. Also, sorry but I just get creeped out with these girls marrying rich old men. Even if he wasn’t rich (but aren’t they always, lol) to me it’s just kind of perverted to go inter-generational. I mean, isn’t it weird when they go see her parents and he’s older than them?

  2. Or, isn’t it creepy when he has or could have kids older than she is? To me, if someone could have played in the sandbox with your kids, just, ugh, no. Not to mention they’re in totally different stages of life.

    1. So true Judge. But it seems so far to work for them. He probably treats her as “‘daddy’s little princess” & she probably laps it up. Wish she could do something about her golliwog wig, it’s way wild & wooly.

      1. So she’s not a golliwog, her hair is in it’s natural state and is SUPPOSED to look like that. I would love to see what your hair looks like!

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