Ashley Darby Gets Confronted For Gossiping


The drama was high during this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. First, Charrisse Jackson Jordan opened up to her friend about her 18-year marriage. Jackson, broke down as she described feeling like the neglected mistress in her own marriage. While her lavish lifestyle may look like she have it all, is her marriage too broken to fix?

New girl Ashley Darby continues to rub the women the wrong way when she googles Robyn Dixon because she thinks she’s standoffish and that she might find something out about her personal life. After Darby’s findings she asked some of the other women about what she saw on the internet… that Robyn’s ex-husband previously filed for bankruptcy.

But Ashley gets confronted at her birthday party when Robyn finds out she’s been digging up things about her past. Gizelle also jumps in to let Ashley know that’s not the way things are done in Potomac.

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5 Replies to “Ashley Darby Gets Confronted For Gossiping”

  1. I wish they’d do away with that thing where they have one Housewife who is much younger than the others, for one thing. They don’t fit in and it’s just annoying. And I wish they’d do away with the low class gold diggers who marry rich men their father’s or grandfather’s ages. The Housewife shows are fun because of the glamour. We can see trashy hoes anywhere.

  2. Looks like Andy has another Miami on his hands where he is in denial about its potential. Andy you shouldn’t have cast women who are bitter from the start. No one cares what their problems are- we aren’t invested yet. And it’s hard on the eyes.

    I thought I’d check in and see if the show improved but I’ll just stick to my first instinct.

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