Ashley Darby Dishes On Her Husband Michael


We met the newest Housewife of Potomac this week, Ashley Darby. Ashley is dishing on her cast mates in a new interview with Bravo. She says that Gizelle should act her age, like a middle-aged woman with children and talks about her relationship with her husband. What was your first impression of the other ladies at your event?
Ashley Darby:
Since Gizelle Bryant was the first person I saw, my initial reaction was, Are the Jacksons missing a sister? Hee-hee! Go on girl! I love to see attractive people at any time and place, especially when Sip With Socialites is raising money for a good cause (on the real, eye candy helps loosen up the purse strings).

SWS is a beauty, lifestyle, and philanthropy blog that celebrates womanhood, and we love meeting potential new members. Katie Rost’s model looks would make her a great fashion contributor, our readers could get a few make-up pointers from Gizelle, and Robyn Dixon could be my hype man! What were you thinking when Gizelle was asking about you and your husband?
My relationship with Michael is anything but traditional, so I’m not surprised that weaves shift when I talk about it. There’s a 29 year age difference, we hail from different continents, we’re different races, AND we have polar political views. Patti Stanger would certainly never match us, but our common views on love and life create a strong underlying foundation in our marriage.

The icing on our heart-shaped cake is a shared passion for adventure. For our honeymoon, we trekked Mt. Kilimanjaro which tested our relationship in a whole new way. Don’t fret – the romance never died, we joined the (15) mile high club ;). With those endorphins, who needs Viagra?! What do you think of her claim that you are “THOT-ish”?
Gizelle needs to stop using (the few) words she understands in rap songs, and act like a middle age woman with daughters. I despise the word “hoe.” If anything it creates a division between women by implying that our value is determined by our sexuality. #ByeFelicia

I’m a happily married woman who loves to have fun, so when I see someone with a sour face I’m going to do something goofy to lighten the mood. In this case, it was dancing
with Robyn Dixon. Keep on hatin’ because even with the shade, I’ll still find the sun. How did you meet your husband?
I met Michael when I was 22 and bartending at L2 in Georgetown. At the time, I was working at night, going to school during the day, and enjoying my youth 24/7. I was talking to my manager in the main office when I watched Michael walk in on the security camera. Sweet baby Cleatus! Even with a blurry, black and white picture, I was hooked. Love at first sight is real, y’all!

There was never any confusion about his age – I knew Michael wasn’t a young stallion, but he has this je ne sais quoi quality about him. When I (nervously) approached him I couldn’t say, “You should wife me up,” so I asked about a marketing internship at his company. After a few months, I gathered up the courage to ask him out for a real drink and that’s all she wrote! Moral of the story: trust your gut and go for what you want!

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9 Replies to “Ashley Darby Dishes On Her Husband Michael”

  1. Oh dear. Is a gold digger bartender who humps other women’s legs at her own charity event really telling us how “middle aged women” should act?

    1. So judgemental for someone who doesn’t know this person… she doesn’t strike me as a
      gold digger but someone who loves and respects her husband. Watch the whole season
      before you make rash comments!!!

  2. This one is in her 20’s, she has so much to learn, I can’t take her seriously she’s a young party girl, I thought she came off immature but then again I’ve only seen her for 5 minutes.

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