Ashlee Holmes Slams Teresa Giudice; Says Prison Should Make You a Better Person


Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashlee Holmes is known for not holding back her opinions when it comes to the drama that happens on the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

In a not so cryptic tweet, Holmes slammed her mom’s former best friend, writing, “I mean you would think spending time in prison would make you reevaluate some things and actually become a better person…. but..”

After posting the tweet, Ashlee said, “I just think it’s funny that someone like Teresa likes to talk so much smack about other people when she was a whole closet full of skeletons.”

“I’m very impulsive,” she told RadarOnline of her tweets. “There have been times I’ve tweeted things and then I’ll delete it right after because it’s not necessary. I don’t deny it. If someone’s like ‘oh I screenshotted that’ I’ll be like ‘that’s because I f**ing posted it.’”

“I’ll do or say something first and then think about the repercussions after,” she confessed. “But I don’t not mean what I’m saying. I just don’t think it should be said sometimes.”

But Holmes is sticking by her comments about Teresa Giudice.

“I didn’t see it!” Jacqueline Laurita told the site. “And you know what, she’s 25 years old — she probably heard something she said maybe. I have no idea!”

“At the end of the day she’s very defensive of her mother,” her stepfather Chris Laurita added. “She’s always protective of her mother no matter what and whenever she sees her mother hurt she’s one of the first people to jump up and protect her, so it sounds like she was protecting her.”

Photo Credit: Bravo