Ashlee Holmes Slams Teresa Giudice; Says Prison Should Make You a Better Person


Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashlee Holmes is known for not holding back her opinions when it comes to the drama that happens on the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

In a not so cryptic tweet, Holmes slammed her mom’s former best friend, writing, “I mean you would think spending time in prison would make you reevaluate some things and actually become a better person…. but..”

After posting the tweet, Ashlee said, “I just think it’s funny that someone like Teresa likes to talk so much smack about other people when she was a whole closet full of skeletons.”

“I’m very impulsive,” she told RadarOnline of her tweets. “There have been times I’ve tweeted things and then I’ll delete it right after because it’s not necessary. I don’t deny it. If someone’s like ‘oh I screenshotted that’ I’ll be like ‘that’s because I f**ing posted it.’”

“I’ll do or say something first and then think about the repercussions after,” she confessed. “But I don’t not mean what I’m saying. I just don’t think it should be said sometimes.”

But Holmes is sticking by her comments about Teresa Giudice.

“I didn’t see it!” Jacqueline Laurita told the site. “And you know what, she’s 25 years old — she probably heard something she said maybe. I have no idea!”

“At the end of the day she’s very defensive of her mother,” her stepfather Chris Laurita added. “She’s always protective of her mother no matter what and whenever she sees her mother hurt she’s one of the first people to jump up and protect her, so it sounds like she was protecting her.”

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45 Replies to “Ashlee Holmes Slams Teresa Giudice; Says Prison Should Make You a Better Person”

  1. She needs to learn to keep her opinions to herself, she is too much like her mother. Just desperate for fame!

    1. Didn’t she learn her lesson when in a tweet war with Danielle? I agree that she’s following in her mother’s footsteps with social media. I don’t want to slam someone’s kid, but she is better off for her own sake staying out of grown folks drama. I am not of the generation of tweeting, but I can definitely not imagine myself getting into it with any of my MOM’S friends when growing up. That’s laughable, but on the same token, grown women shouldn’t be fighting with a young girl on social media either. Sad….

  2. ONly time will tell if Tre is a better person…that’s between her and God. (Actions will speak for itself, though).

  3. This train wreck needs a good ass beating quite frankly but Jac spoiled the hell out of her and now it’s too late. And this “thing” is pregnant now? Good parenting Jac. Ashley? Stop with the plastic surgery and those stupid tats and keep your pie hole SHUT. Nothing you say is of any interest to anyone except those with an IQ under 10.

  4. Oh, I forgot this part. Maybe if Danielle hadn’t dropped assault charges against this Ashley, she would have spent a few nights in jail. Dumb ass.

  5. Wow how nasty and tacky are you guys knocking down a 25 year old? And for someone to refer to her as a “thing” so disgusting. It is shameful to read these posts and to attack a persons parenting. No one on this show is attacking you or judging you so just sit back and watch the dam show. Stop taking it so dam personal for you all to think that you have the right to judge a person on a stupid reality show. Tre is no good, Jacky is no good, Melissa is no good, if they all cant put on their big girl panties and stop with the tit for tat then pop some popcorn and continue to enjoy the train wreck that they choose to put themselves in. But thats what they sign up for for us to see their trainwreck of lives so we can distract ourselves for ours. Do not lower yourselves by attacking someones child. Who cares…at least her intentions were in the right place…to protect her mom…even if it was not okay to do. But stop attacking her for it shame on those who do!

    1. Thank you!!! All these “women” are nasty to the bone. They’re so bored with their lives that they have to trash others and be negative. They could all benefit from plastic surgery I’m sure, but they’re nothing but internet trolls so its fine. If I had nothing going on in my life, I’d probably be just as pathetic as them and comment on the lives of reality stars, but alas, I’m spending time actually working and not spending my life on a gossip site. So it’s safe to say these losers talk about everyone, even their real friends….

      1. Alex this is a blog designed just for people to comment on housewife stories! Do you not understand the concept? If you dislike blogs so much why comment or read at all? There are many here who are sick or housebound. It is a way of finding friends even if cyber friends. So mr or miss Disaproval go suck eggs!

        1. Oh get a hobby Alex and save the trouble of reading your snotty comments! You look down at us, yet here you are !! Hmmmm !!!

        2. Spot on Suze, you go girl. They should know your world before making such comments. Both Momma & Alex should go suck lemons & join Yolanda.
          AS for Jacqueline & Ashley, they’re both sick people & quite disliked–at least by me.

          1. So you’re sick so to get out frustrations you’re just a bitch about other people?! You’re one of the worst kinds of people. I have no sympathy for those who are “sick and housebound” if they’re complete bitches. You’re all 55+ act like a fucking adult. Not a no life having troll

            1. Alex little boy, if you don’t like it here don’t post. No one said anything to you until you insulted others so please get Mommy to either put you on the naughty step for a month or two or send you to your room! Silly little boy! Just for your info Starr is one of the most amazing people on this blog and worth 100 times more than the silly boy you are!
              Also do some research on what blogs are about!

            2. What a horrible atrocious thing to say Alex! You’re just the worst . Stop being a turd and attacking people. There are other blogs where you can go do that . Please stop coming back here again

          1. Alex my last response to you. Are you Alex or is your name Ashlee as your words sound awfully like Ashlee? Similar mentality!

    2. You obviously haven’t watched the early episodes with Ashlee on or seen her Twitter rants, she is no innocent! Stop criticising commenters they aren’t criticising you! If you don’t like the comments don’t read!

    3. For someone who keeps saying ‘who cares’, you obviously do!!! 25 is not a child and since she opened her gash and expressed an opinion, she deserves what may come her way!

        1. I have to say…thanks to Momma and Alex for the laugh of the day…quite hilarious!
          “Do not lower yourselves by attacking someone’s child” – uh momma, preach you sow – “Tre is no good, Jacky is no good” – uh aren’t they someone’s child? And Alex, is so busy working..doesn’t have time to spend on a gosspi site, yet…here’ssss Alex!
          Baaaahhhaaaa! Y’all got jokes.

          Daisy, Rain and Suze…keep being you!!! (and Rain can you send some rain my way?)

          1. You can have as much Scottish rain you want not our lovely Rain kind but ours is wet! Blue sky today rain tomorrow! Great! Momma and Alex shouldn’t be on a blog if they don’t like HW or family to be criticised. I notice they didn’t comment when Milania who is ten was told she was Chubby and needed a bra! She is a child Ashlee is hot! Lve you ktxxxxxxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Oh Rain I love you!!!! No bikini here. I do ride on the back of a Harley…. Sometimes. I’m too clumsy to have my own

    1. Lol Daisy! I never even learned to ride a bicycle let alone a Harley! Yes the days of my bikini in public are long gone! But I do admit to putting one on sometimes when I’m home alone and sashay around my house ! It’s so ‘grey gardens’ it’s sad :). Love you too ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Rain, you are too cute!!! Sashay around the house – I have this mental picture!!!
        No Harley and bikini for me…I hate riding in my scrubs really…something between me and the road is always a good thing!!!

      2. Just enjoy whatever you do, I know you will anyway xoxoxoxoxoxoxox love love your comments and humour xoxox

        1. Yes, Suze – we have to live everyday with love and gusto!!!! I read an article that laughter is truly very healing, so laugh a lot, my friend!!!

          1. I do try every day to have a really good laugh most days it works! Today on the Joe Gorga thread especially today!

  7. Oh Rain your so funny. My hubby did say he is buying a pool this weekend. Funny our dogs have one but we don’t

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