Ashlee Holmes Goes Into Labor


It’s official! Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashlee Holmes has gone into labor. Laurita took to Twitter to announce the news on Monday.

“Oh my! @ashleeholmes water broke!! 😍 We are so excited!” the proud grandma-to-be wrote.

Ashlee’s father Matt also shared his excitement about the news. “My baby is having a baby……going into labor. Thoughts and prayers y’all!” he tweeted.

Holmes took to Instagram to announce the news herself, writing, “You are pregnant and you are powerful. You are bold and you are beautiful. Go forward in your boldness, in your beauty and in your contentedness. Trust your body to birth and know that the collective power of women worldwide will be with you.”

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19 Replies to “Ashlee Holmes Goes Into Labor”

  1. Well, it looks like Ashlee & Peter didn’t plan this baby very well. I know I am very “old-fashioned”, but I still think that people should be married before bringing a child into this world. Maybe I am out of touch with reality, but I know what my children went through when their father passed away. Other children were calling them “bastards”. I realize it was out of ignorance, but it had a profound effect on my kids, particularly my son. He was constantly getting into fights with kids who called him that. He had to explain that he DID have a father, but he died. I just kinda wish these people having children out of wedlock would stop for just a minute and think about how this might affect their child(ren). We generally don’t explain to kids the difference between being a bastard and having a parent pass away. I know, I know, this is the 21st century and my puritanical opinions are not popular, but I just guess it hits too close to home. I am not and was not a perfect person, but I didn’t get pregnant before I was married. Aaaah, progressive thinking, I just have to “get with the program”, I guess. Am I totally waaay off on my thinking here???

    1. Good morning Karen, maybe just a little old fashioned? Most of us have a moral compass we live by mine is different to yours but who is to say which is right and which is wrong? In UK I would say there are as many unmarried parents as married. Is it right, who is to say, it certainly doesn’t bother me. My daughter will have a baby without being married, so she says and I don’t have a problem with it as long as she can afford to look after the baby.
      As far as your children it is so sad that other kids would say that knowing their father had died! I do wonder where they here it from initially! I guess it was a good few years ago. It was very cruel!

      As far as Ashlee is concerned all I can say is poor child having her for a mother and Jacolush for a grandmother!

    2. No Karen you don’t have to get with the program. I am with you 100%. I was brought up in a strict Catholic household where my parents were devout and believe me I feel the same as you do. I am so sorry your children were bullied by others who were unaware of the circumstances.
      So glad to know I am not alone in my thoughts on this subject.

    3. Karen, I am in total agreement with you. It’s not about being “Old Fashioned”, it’s about morals and values. In today’s world, anything is okay & I cant see the right in that.
      I am sorry your kids had to endure such pain from other kids & for all the wrong reasons too. It is sad.

    4. Karen, like Suze, I think it’s just a matter of the social norm in your region or society as to whether it’s bothersome about a women choosing to have a baby without being married. It also depends on your own beliefs, especially religious. What I did want to take a stand on is to say that I’m appalled to hear that your children went through this bullying and ugly name calling. When I was growing up, we called each other bitches and bastards because that’s what we heard grown ups say. We didn’t even know what the heck that even meant. I think it was real Sandy below that mentioned that these kids probably didn’t even know what they were saying, and could have only learned it from ignorant parents or adults around them. I’m very sorry that you had to deal with the loss of your husband AND deal with watching your kids get picked on because of it. I promise if those kids even remember saying that to your kids, they probably feel bad about it now. I least I would hope so.

    5. I’m with you, Karen. Much of our crime and poverty can be traced to fatherless kids. It seems to me it’s a selfish choice and irresponsible, considering how difficult it is to put food on the table and still give children the time and guidance they deserve.

  2. It is never a child’s fault if he was born without a father in the picture, for the loss a parent, or if his or her parents did not marry, or he or she was the product of an affair, adoption, etc. The child is innocent. People and children can be cruel as we all know. Most of these prejudices and ignorant name calling are learned at home. Does a child really even know what bastard means?
    Who here at Archie Bunker at home? Some did, I know. Yes, really, especially years ago.
    When I was young we had a nasty neighbor whose son hit me with a brick just over my eye and I nearly lost my eye. There was religious name calling by both parties, even the son..really. We moved away eventually, and I have physical scars from it as well as other scars…emotional. It is sad really.
    Now if we all would get our DNA results at a place like Ancestry or elsewhere, we would find out we are not 100 percent anything. All countries had others visit over the centuries, people migrated, and yes, even that other religion, when delving further into the family tree, might show up!
    We are more alike than we are different. Sure, some people make mistakes, some people should not be parents either, but circumstances may be beyond our control. We just make the best and try to accept our differences.
    I taught my sons acceptance. If I ever saw behavior that was in any way intolerant of others, I had talks with them and tried to explain there was no basis for it and how better to understand others. As a nurse, I always saw people as people. We all have feelings. We all bleed.
    No, I am not perfect. My parents forbade me to play with certain children when I was young, and I told them it was wrong even a little girl. They taught prejudice. I did not accept it.

    I am no fan of Jac. I do not know even of she was married when she conceived or whatever the first time, but that means nothing. I just put ot out there, only because if mom was okay with it, then her daughter has no issues either. I do wish her daughter the best. I have a feeling the child will be very spoiled. Babies are easy to spoil. 😉

  3. How cruel to call a child bastard, any child . My parents never married so am I a bastard ? Oh and by the way I was raised by my dad not my mom. So if that’s the name for kid’s without a dad what do you call those without a mom. Just curious

    1. These prejudices are learned at home. That term has been around for centuries. It is sad, but true. Many have been even brainwashed to think their way is the only way, and that makes it right in their minds. Religion does teach certain conduct too and affects people’s mindsets.

      Thankfully, today, people have become more openminded and accepting than in the past. There are many who choose not to marry and raise a family. Even Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were not married and decided many years later to do so, when their children wanted it, but it did not matter to them. Do you wonder why the children asked them to marry?
      The innocent children have been called names throughout history. That does not make it right. That is the hard part, but all we can do is teach our children tolerance and acceptance and try to do the same.

    2. My kids are technically as we didn’t marry until the youngest was just turned one. It just wasn’t possible but we didn’t see anything wrong with it and that was thirty years ago and I still don’t. You had an awesome Dad Misty, enough said!

    1. I could write a book…and it is kind of a joke that I was born on Father’s Day really. I had two married parents.

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