Ariana Madix’s Mom Confirms She Wasn’t Concerned About Her Daughter


Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix is opening up about the text messages Schema sent her mom during this week’s episode in a new interview with Bravo. Madix says she was really confused and disappointed by what Scheana did to her. Aside from finding out that Scheana was texting your mom, did you anticipate any other drama developing in Hawaii?
Ariana Madix:
I was fully focused on having a great time that I didn’t know about any other sources of potential drama. I wanted to talk to Scheana as soon as possible for the sole reason of not having to deal with anything else that could bring us down for the rest of the trip. I’m a pretty non-confrontational person, so I was already tempted to just ignore the whole thing and focus on having fun. I didn’t know there was ever anything going on with Jax and Lala, so I was pretty oblivious to all of that. What was your first reaction when you found out Scheana was texting your mom and trashing Tom?
I was just really disappointed and confused. Tom truly has always gone above and beyond for his friends, especially Scheana and Shay, so I couldn’t understand why she would be so rude about him. She said some seriously awful things. Tom is very close with my family now but at the time she said those things, my mom could have been manipulated into thinking negatively about him. My mom lives across the country and while we do talk almost every day, she doesn’t always get to see for herself what a great guy and boyfriend Tom is. She had texted Scheana about Christmas plans and had NOT reached out to her with concern for me, as Scheana had stated. Right before my mom asked if I was in a good place she told Scheana that she had sent me some money to help alleviate my holiday travel stress. Scheana took that opportunity to unload any unsavory thing she could say about Tom and ran away with it. I didn’t think it was even on topic. Where do you think all these accusations that Scheana made came from?
It took me a little while to figure that out because I couldn’t think of any positive reason for doing so. I tried to give Scheana the benefit of the doubt but I just couldn’t. She described Tom to my mom as a selfish and manipulative person. She referred to him as a “good liar” who is “good at convincing her to do what he wants”. It really just went on and on and on with minimal response from my mom. She then told other people that Tom was offended at being called “cocky”. It was such a deflection. Things have been great for me personally and professionally so I can’t see why she would act otherwise. I also don’t see how being disinterested in bulls*** makes me negative. There are things in this world that I personally find important and I’m not sorry if gossip, shopping, and day drinking just don’t interest me. That doesn’t make me better than anyone, it just means we are different and that’s ok. I’ve never said I am nor have I ever felt “better” than someone I’m friends with. That doesn’t make sense to me and it’s really sad that someone who I thought knew me pretty well would even insinuate such a thing. Seeing Scheana like this really makes me worry for her. This isn’t the person I know and love. Scheana says you’ve changed over the year since dating Tom, do you think your attitude has changed over the years?
She calls me all sorts of horrible things when meanwhile, I’m staying focused on the good things in my life and dropping the negative, all while trying to have a positive outlook on a friendship with her. It seems so backwards to me. In the years since becoming close with Scheana I’ve lost a parent, gotten out of an abusive relationship, dealt with a person who dedicated a year of their life to ruining mine, become financially stable, made progress professionally, fallen in love with someone who respects and supports me, and traveled the world with him. I would HOPE that I wouldn’t be the same person after all of that. I’ve grown and I’ve evolved and I love the person I am now. I’m in love with a man who encourages me to tell people how I feel and that is a great feeling. Scheana also revealed that she doesn’t think you’re her best friend anymore and thinks that Katie is. Are you surprised at how close they’ve gotten?
I’m not surprised, nor am I offended. Friendship isn’t a competition and they are both people that I care deeply about. Were you bothered by Faith and Lala taking their tops off during your hike?
No. They were under the water and not very close to us. They went off on their own and most of us didn’t even notice. Guys walk around with their shirts off all of the time, so what is the big deal with shirtless women? If you think they are doing it for attention, then why bring attention to it? I can recall a lot of nudity in this group over the last few years so I don’t know why this would be different. Anyone else is entitled to feel differently, but that’s just me. To each their own.

Actually, I take it back. I was offended that day. Those neon banana hammocks were offensive to my eyes and my soul!

Ariana’s mom also took to Twitter to reveal that she is the one who did not have any concerns about her daughter. Take a look below.

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37 Replies to “Ariana Madix’s Mom Confirms She Wasn’t Concerned About Her Daughter”

  1. The text from Scheana sounded eerily like Kristen…hmmm… I think Scheana really needs to focus on her husband and the issues he has that could be detrimental to his life! He should not be drinking on vacation if he has confirmed that he has a substance problem. For her to sneak drinks on the beach is enabling. That should be her focus, not a relationship between consenting adults. Every other day she announces a new best friend, usually someone on the outs who was originally not nice to her. She’s no Einstein that’s for sure.

    1. That’s I said in an earlier blog about her. Her husband is an addict and she encouraged him to drink?? That’s crazy. No matter what kind of addict you should never be putting a compromising substance into your body. She sounded like a f@@@@@@@ ignorant fool when she said maybe he can just hast have one shot instead of 3!!! How terrible was that. It’s like saying here’s a joint but only take 2 hits instead of smoking the entire thing. Ignorant

  2. I hate to keep saying this but I believe Sheana is on speed. She has that odd energizer bunny thing going on all the time. When I watch her on reunion, she has this look on her face as though she is looking in a mirror checking her expression. Problem is she has no expression because at 30 she has already ruined any unique beauty she might have had. It is a horrible trend to equate any little wrinkle with such negativity. Laugh lines are from LAUGHING! I used to be able to tell what an older person’s life was just by their wrinkles. Happy ones or bitter ones. Also she might want to consider that no matter how much botox and fillers you use, speed rots your teeth, makes your hair fall out and destroys your brain cells. Notice how alcohol never makes her even tipsy, another sign of some form of speed.

    1. Hey I had fun in my day but these guys drink from the minute they wake up LOL. That scene with shots on the beach was unreal , and her saying shay should just have every other shot !! LOLOLOLOL! What kind of rehab is this ?

  3. Hahaha omg 3D, you’re our resident undercover detective as well as our black jack dealer. Woman is there no limit to your talent?? 😉 xo

  4. Love Ariana & Tom. They are my favorite, next to LVP. I also like the other Tom. I started liking Katie until she let Schena take over. It is pure and simple: Shene is completely jealous of Tom & Ariana.

    1. I agree 100%. Scheana is jealous of Tom and Ariana and tried to sabotage their relationship. Tom and Ariana should both be careful of her because she will always try to cast them in the worst possible light.

    2. And Katie is a follower. Never a leader. Then when others start seeing it, she blames the leader. I so very much dislike that in women. That has happened on here, NJ, Miami and OC. I really liked Katie before this last year. And Sheana-Ariana lost her Dad! Maybe you could take that and that people are SUPPOSED to change into account. No matter how much you freeze your face, you can not expect others to freeze their hearts.

  5. scheana is a friend to no one but her mirror—this self absorbed twit reached new lows between trying to make her BF look back on T.V. with the Mom comments/ conversation, and hiding liquor in her tampon containers (is she like 12 years old?) She doesn’t even care about her husband’s addiction problems and only focuses on how that might impede her own drinking / partying.
    How old are these loser’s anyway, who gets married and then tries to hang out with (only single friends and party like they were in high school?) And who goes on T.V., and says to another “you are my best friend”, so juvenile…
    Loved the look on scheana’s face when Ariana told her she had a (snap shot) of the conversation—the little twat knew she was outed and couldn’t handle the truth, so she got up and walked away after stating to Tom “get over it”. This little brain fart cries when she breaks a nail and it’s like time to call CNN. What a douche she is………

  6. scheana is cozying up to katie in hopes of being in her wedding and getting more camera time, scheana is a faux fame whore….And scheana IS uber jealous of Tom & Ariana…
    scheana showed she is not a friend to Ariana by continually putting kristin in their lives— looking back to scheana’s $100,000 tooth wedding, even then she put Ariana thru the ringer and could care less, after all, it’s all about scheana…
    Wonder if scheana (I sleep with married men and do porn films) will ever cop to the truth about what a sleaze/ douche she is…..

    1. There is NO WAY that Katie or Schwartz (he would NEVER spend 100,000. on a wedding) can put together a wedding like lady scheena….. . I can’t find fault in the wedding because what was shown was beautiful. Scheena also doesn’t care who she has to use for wedding stuff. She said it the best “I want what I want”. Selfish, horrible person. By the time Katie gets married hopefully Scheana will be hugely pregnant and can’t fit in the bridesmaid dress.
      Here is my thought about Tom and Katie…. he has love for her I don’t doubt that BUT he wants something like a spontaneous “Hey let’s drive to Vegas and get married.” It seems like the whole big fan fair wedding is not his thing.
      I hope he does because that will put both Kristen and Scheana right in their place.

  7. Scheana has some serious delusions about her marriage her friends and her life. We all could tell that Shay was drinking himself into oblivion and then we find out he has been washing vicodin down with the booze. He hated his relationship because Scheana is a controlling little baby who has the same maturity level as my 14 year old niece. She needs a HUGE!!!!!!! wake up call. She is making calls about her husbands addiction issues and has this delusion that Shay can just ease up on the shots and be fine. SCHEANA YOU MORON your husband is an addict!!!!! You are not experienced in this type of crisis and you can’t fix it by telling him to just take 1 shot for every three of hers. The alcohol and the pills are the SYMPTOMS of a serious underlying issue, and I for one think he has these issues because she is a controlling ignorant bitch. If Shay had any balls at all he would tell her to shut her f…ing mouth. He is a little milk toast (no back bone no ability to stand up for himself) I hope and pray one day he can look her in the face and tell her to STFU.
    As for the texting issues with Ariana’s mom Scheana is just making all this up because she knows her relationship with Shay is on shaky ground and watching tom and ariana be happy and actually progressing towards their futures is killing her. Scheana’s life is stagnant, her relationship is in peril and her career is non existent.
    Once Scheana crossed the line by becoming friends with Kristen again she lost all respect from those people who she thought were her REAL and TRUE friends,,,, ie Ariana. She is my best friend, Ariana is like my sister..yeah sure. I know that is someone like Kristen had hurt my best friend she would be history in my life.
    Lastly Im wondering if anyone else has the same feelings as I about James and lala…. those two are a mess and they bring this show down into the toilet. She is so gross and has no morals or values. James is an alcoholic and acts like a drunken 12 year old with sex problems. I wish LVP and Bravo had made better choices when Vail left. I liked her she balanced a lot of the craziness from the other children on the show.

    1. No truer words were ever spoken. One thing, I think Shay had pill addiction way before Sheana. But in reference to that, I believe it is what he is all about. Allow the spotlight to be on my GF-Wife and no one will see what a bum I am. I will never forget when she slipped and said “I can’t DATE a totally sober man.” She thinks marriage is like a long date. She’s just a brat. She isn’t mature enough to be a bitch.

    2. I agree about Sheana. She is in love with her mirror/self only and no one else.
      James and Lala are nauseating to the nth degree. I would be appalled if I was Lisa and my son was hanging out with James. Sure she can’t stop them from hanging out, but she doesn’t have to foot the bill for the Hawaii trip for her son either. The entire trip had to be bankrolled by Lisa who probably had the final say in who was going or not too. Maybe she wants her son to get a job…on reality TV? Please no more James or Lala. Max shoild have stayed home too…How did he fall/hurt his teeth anyway?

          1. Just saw this. For some reason I am not receiving new posts and it is checked off. I agree James = Gag too. Whenever he makes out with Lala, I get a sour taste in my mouth and become nauseated…yuck. I did not hear the whole story about Max either. Thanks.

  8. Fan of sheana….she just tells it like it is. Tom and Ariana were seeing each other when it was Tom and Kristen. If he cheats on Kristin, he will cheat on Arianna.

    1. She may be outspoken, but she certainly does NOT tell it like it is! She tells it like she see’s it and that’s certainly a horse (speaking of Scheana) of a different color! Just not the brightest bulb on the tree…….the sharpest knife in the drawer, etc.

    2. And really, if Tom does cheat on Ariana (which it appears he already has), I would not feel to sorry for her, either; she just seems angry and sad and negative most of the time! I actually felt sorry for Kristen when she tried to apologize and I was never a big fan of her, either. She handled herself better than I would have expected though! Maybe the counseling is actually helping Kristen! That would make me happy (for her and everyone that has to deal with her). It is very possible! Maybe Ariana should give counseling a shot, if she hasn’t already. What do these women see in Tom, anyway, by the way???

  9. Uggg, (james-gumby & lala-nasty girl)—need to go, they bring the show down to new lows, both are so gross & dirty, not even entertaining, and the constant forced kissing makes me want to hurl….
    scheana is awful and IS jealous of Tom & Ariana. scheana is all about the 15 minutes of faux fame, she has NOTHING going on, she can’t sing, act and is a married woman working at the same job (waitressing) and will be until she’s at least 45, she dated a married man, did 2 porn movies and then—she had her (dream crop top wedding) because she fell and broke a tooth (which to her was like MAJOR surgery), and then sued and got $$$ to pay for the crop top crap wedding and the numerous photos she displays on all her walls like a teenager does with justin bieber posters—-and this twat is like 30 years old….. Married couple at the beach in hawaii drinking alcohol on the beach from tampon container’s (can you say class), LMAO, and then there is the other loser katie drinking her alcohol from a suntan bottle—are these people stuck in high school, middle school or what? What adult does that? And the saddest part is that they think they are soooo cool, so hip——they make me afraid for the future if they are it…..

    1. I just have to clarify something and I am NO Scheana lover she is disgusting. The surgery she had was very serious. I have worked in dentistry for 30 years and her situation was very painful and with the infection she got made it so much worse. Just because it was performed in a dental office does not make it a serious surgery. I just have to clarify that. Yes she talked waaay more about it then anyone needed to hear that to me was the most irritating thing about it. I would have been focusing on my recovery and NOT whether my co workers were texting me. Again just made up stories for drama purposes.

  10. shyena is the perfect example / poster child for the dumbing down of America, that is our future, losers going to the beach in Hawaii drinking alcohol out of tampon containers because they are like so cool at age 30 plus…..Sheeezzzz…
    Maybe shyena is trying to compete with the other loser from BH’s (tampon string brandi herself)… Sad day in America for women across the nation…….

    1. How odd. I thought you already proved you could talk the most vulgar grown up trash. The tampon string comment is old and worn out. Maybe if you want to impress your little friends, come up with something new and learn how to write.
      This reminds me of little boys yelling “You big poopyhead.”

  11. I actually feel sorry for Shay. Scheana I had thought was nice, but her true colors are showing & the lying deceit to her friend Ariana & Tom clearly shows her jealously. She’s not happy in her young marriage & is too much of a controller & too selfish & self absorbed to get it to work for much longer. Ariana is better off without her in her life & like I said, I feel sorry for Shay.

  12. Love Ariana & Tom, & the other Tom. I use to like Katie, but not so sure now that she is letting Schena control her. Ariana & Tom were good friends to Tom & Katie, and Shay & Schena. Schena doesn’t know how to be a good friend. All she thinks about is herself.

  13. ANyone know why Katie looks like she has gained 30 lbs? From the end of season 3 when she was in the photo shoot at the pink motel she looked really great and she was so skinny. Now she looks like she is sucked into the sur dresses and the clothing that she is wearing. She was drinking in Hawaii or I should say she ordered a regular drink but it could have been a way to get people to think she was drinking I don’t know. I just see a lot of weight gain. Just fyi I could care less that she has gained weight, if she is pregnant or she frequents the local Krispy Kreme Donut shop it doesn’t matter. Maybe she got stung by a bee? ANyone know anything?

  14. Sheana is one of the most ignorant, self centered little brats i have ever seen. She is clueless about addiction and he needs to get away from her in order to continue to fight for his life. She does not help and I couldn’t believe the way she berated her husband about not being able to “handle”” a beer or two, which is all for HER as she already admitted.

    Any person who watches this show and is an addict should be aware that she has no idea what it means to be an addict, or now to handle one.]
    Sheana has no talent. She cannot sing or dance, and for me it’s hard to look at her; evenn hard to listen to that voice. She is smug and delusional.

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