Ariana Madix’s Heartbreaking Childhood Revealed

This season on Vanderpump Rules we’ve been introduced to Ariana Madix’s brother Jeremy, who has been living with Ariana and Tom Sandoval. While Ariana can be a tough nut to crack, new court documents reveal that she and her brother Jeremy had a heartbreaking childhood.

Their parents first married in August 1983, and Tanya gave birth to Ariana two years later. However, Tanya filed for divorce in December 1990 when Ariana was just 7 years old.

RadarOnline reports that the judge ordered for Tanya and James to split legal custody of the now-bartender, and Tanya was granted primary physical custody. Ariana was allowed to see her father every other weekend, and he was ordered to pay $150 per week in child support.

James and Tanya got back together and welcomed Jeremy in May 1992. They remarried in September 1993, but their relationship was unstable.

The cops were called to their home in November 1995 after a fight broke out at their home. Tanya told the responding officers that they “got into a verbal argument because James stated she was a slob and she never cleaned the house.”

She claimed the fight quickly turned physical, as “she pushed or slapped him away from her because James was yelling at her. Tanya further stated that James then pushed her down to the kitchen floor. Tanya hit her head on a counter top and then bit her tongue.”

The officer reported that she was bleeding when he arrived.

James denied that the fight was physical, and insisted that Tanya lost her balance and fell. The responding officer reported that he was under the influence at the time, and had asked him repeatedly to sit still while they interviewed Tanya.

“James stated he was checking on his children,” the officer reported, adding that he was asked twice to stay put for his safety (he had claimed Tanya hit him in the stomach). “James stated, ‘look you’re in my house, you can’t tell me what to do… James got angry.”

But, Tanya refused to sign a battery affidavit and was given a domestic violence form. James was arrested regardless, and no charges were filed.

James then filed for divorce again in September 2008 when Ariana was 23 years old and Jeremy was 16 years old.

Their second split was finalized in January 2009 after they entered into a Marital Settlement Agreement in December 2008. The judge ordered for James and Tanya to split legal custody of Jeremy, but he was to live primarily with Tanya.

James was also ordered to pay $1,583 per month in child support, which was a huge increase from his payments for Ariana.

Jeremy soon took after his father, as his ex filed a restraining order against him in 2011 after the cops had repeatedly been called to their home. She reported that he abused and threatened to kill her, and pleaded with the judge to sentence him to “anger management and/or alcohol counseling” classes.

Ariana and Jeremy’s father died in 2013 around the time of Ariana’s birthday. As fans of the show know, she was distraught when Tom Sandoval left her alone to grieve on her thirtieth birthday to go to Las Vegas on a boys’ trip.

Jeremy, now 26, was arrested just months later for marijuana possession, but the case was dismissed.

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10 Replies to “Ariana Madix’s Heartbreaking Childhood Revealed”

  1. So Arianna was born in 85 and somehow managed to be 7 years old in 90. Hmmmm. Makes you wonder about the accuracy of the rest of the story.

  2. Good Lord, the guy is dead & Ariana seemed to adore him, so did the rest of the world need to know all of this information? I do agree that it does explain her adversity to marriage.

  3. Not being mean but this really isn’t “heartbreaking”. Everyone deserves a happy childhood but talk to some of the kids in 3rd world countries before using the term “heartbreaking” to describe Her childhood.

  4. Everyone perceives their childhood from their own perspective. Ariana believes hers was terrible maybe. Others have had it far, far worse and see hers as not as bad as she sees it, maybe. Her parents divorced. Her parents had some nasty fights that escalated. Her own brother did the same in his relationship.
    As someone else has already stated, maybe that is why Ariana is not talking about marriage with Tom. She never mentioned being physically abused by her father or mother, and I hope she was not, and she seemed very upset when her father died.
    Maybe this is just brought up to shine a different light on her brother who is on the show, since he has a not so nice past and may be blaming his upbringing for it.

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