Ariana Madix Reveals Whether or Not Her Friendship With Scheana Will Ever Be The Same


Ariana Madix had a different relationship with her costars this season on Vanderpump Rules and she is dishing about her confrontation with her former BFF Scheana in a new interview with Bravo. Ariana reveals if she has forgiven Scheana and whether or not she thinks their friendship will go back to the same, and explains her comment about the group being toxic. You called this group the most toxic environment you’ve ever witnessed. What makes this group so toxic?
Ariana Madix:
The poisonous gossip that occurs regularly within this group of people will suck your soul dry if you let it. Gossip and feeding off of other people’s shortcomings is an addictive thing, but it makes me feel horrible about the life I’m living. I’ve been a witness to it, a participant in it, and a victim of it. It feels like an endless cycle of hurting and forgiving each other. It’s been so hard for me to see people I care about being mistreated and feeling as though I’m the only person who cares that those things happened to them. It’s every man for himself. I’m learning to only care about my own well-being because of that and I’m wondering if that’s a good thing. I don’t want to be that person. I love all of my friends and making a habit of talking about them when they aren’t around is not something I want in my life. You can easily get caught in the spiral and it feels like shit in there.

I think setting boundaries for yourself is a good thing and I’m sticking to those because I don’t want to lose myself, regardless of whether or not it makes other people happy. If I’m happy and Tom and my family are happy, then I’m good. Do you forgive Scheana for texting your mom about Tom?
Yes, I do. I had to make sure that everything was clear and out in the open. I didn’t plan on busting out my phone in that moment, but I had been reading through everything knowing it would be brought up soon (and I had been sitting on my phone the entire day to play on it during breaks). Impulsively, I whipped it out when I felt the truth wasn’t being told. Now that it has, it’s a dead issue. Do you think your friendship with Scheana can ever go back to the way it was?
Probably not, but that’s ok. The future is always better than the past. When Scheana and I were at our closest, I was at a personal low. I’d rather everything be on a higher level. How do you think Lala and Brittany handled their first reunion?
I think they were both wonderful. They are so different from each other, but both are very strong women who know how to speak their minds. Do you think Stassi’s motives this season were genuine or do you think she was using everyone to get back into the group?
I think she did miss having Katie in her life. Katie is an amazing friend and person and Stassi would be a robot not to miss her. However, I think everything else about it made it clear that she wanted to be on the show. If there wasn’t a show, it’s a hard maybe that she would have eventually reached out to Katie, but I don’t think she would have made any effort to speak to anyone else.

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37 Replies to “Ariana Madix Reveals Whether or Not Her Friendship With Scheana Will Ever Be The Same”

  1. Ariana and Sandoval really need to get off the show if they hate everyone on it so much. They seem very sour and bitchy and really no fun to watch at all.

    1. AGREED. Tom San is just… lets just say I think he’ll be the next Caitlyn Jenner given a decade or two! Which I’m cool with if he didn’t act like such an entitled prick. Clearly, either his entitlement has rubbed off on Ariana or she was that way and they’re bonded through that shared trait. I’m sick of the both of them. Jax allowed someone he detested to come on the trip because Tom wanted him there. Tom should have done the same and allowed Kristen to come. If he’s really done with her as a gf, why does he give a f*** if she’s in the circle or not. Seems like he’s afraid she can work her way back in.

  2. They do seem like they are on the outside of things. I’ve been trying to figure out what it is they want from the show because they seem so miserable.

    1. Exactly. They’re like Stassi two seasons ago but worse because it’s the “couple” version. Double trouble!

    1. Because she’s an entitled brat and kind of delusional… not as delusional as Kristen though! Here’s what I don’t understand… she moved in on Kristen’s man. They claim they didn’t have sex but they pretty much got as close as two people can get without it if they didn’t. So why is she acting like Kristen is the ONLY one who did anything wrong. Ariana is no angel so she really needs to come off of it. Kristen cheated but Ariana is not much better.

      1. ITA! She’s just as bad as all of them , but she thinks she holier than though jar becuause she doesn’t act like LaLa or Kristen or Scheana ! But for the record, I love Kristen and her delecious insanity πŸ™‚ I by no means think Kristen is an angel and no at I can defend her actions but I just have a soft spot for her πŸ™‚

  3. Absolutely love Ariana & Tom, & Tom (use to like Katie). I like that Lala tells it like it is, what you see is what you get. Love LVP, she will always be my favorite! Can’t stand Stassi or Kristen (both nut jobs). Neither 1 of them has changed, their just lying to everyone. I thought VPR was better without Stassi & Kristen.

    1. Nah, Stassi definitely makes the show better. Ariana is dull and now annoyingly bitter. LVP is the best but I like that Stassi came back even though LVP doesn’t want her back! That takes balls but she did it. And I believe Stassi is 80% genuine in wanting her friends back, the other 20% of her wanted her dam reality tv job back! I can’t blame her.

    2. Patricia, I so agree with you! I don’t think Tom and Ariana are sour or bitchy, I think they, or at least Ariana is outgrowing her friendship with Scheana whom I detest and is dumber than a box of rocks. Katie, who I used to think was nice, has gone back to bitchy ever since Kristen made her re-entry. And frankly, I think Schwartz can do better. Lala is what she is and that’s fine. James and Stassi and Kristen are just…gross.

      And duffs, Jax was the one that invited James to Hawaii not Tom. And I completely understand why Tom and Ariana wouldn’t want Kristen there – she stalked BOTH of them for an entire year and if you’ve watched the show all last season then you know all of the crap she pulled.

      I do think that Ariana at least, may have outgrown the show and the rest of the cast, so maybe she should move on, if only to move on to something better.

      1. And Stassi used to at least be pretty; now she’s overbleached and overmadeup. He choice of clothing is questionable at best, and she looks at least 5 years older than her real age.

      2. If she has outgrown the show then she should stop boring us and move along. I hated when Stassi was ‘over the show’ because she was not fun to watch . Now Stassi is fun to watch avian. Come back when you really want to be here Ariana (i.e. When you’re broke) lol

  4. After all the horrible things Kristen said to Ariana and Sandoval I would not want to be around her. Everybody else is trying to get them to accept her again. No way. I am for team Ariana and Sandoval. Kristen is a piece of work and was able to weasel her way back into the group. Think she showed Stassi how to be accepted too. I like Katie and Scheana but if they had been put through what Ariana and Sandoval had I’m sure they would feel differently.

    1. Umm Stassi, Kristen and Katie ARE the group as far as I’m concerned. I like Scheana with them too. It’s very Sex and the City. Ariana and Tom could not hold VPR… Ariana is dull and Tom is vapid. Plus, Ariana and her sanctimonious dislike of Kristen is working my last nerve. Ariana crossed the line with Tom while Kristen was in a relationship with him so she’s no angel. Whatever Kristen was doing, Tom was with her when he started hooking up with Ariana so they’re just as vile as Kristen.

  5. I think it’s ridiculous that Ariana can be friends with James but all of a sudden draws a line with Kristen, just laughable lol. Kristen made a LOT of mistakes and she’s not asking to be best buddies, only to be civil when they run into each other. Also Ariana’s issues are obviously not just Kristen, this year she managed to alienate all her friends including Scheana and Katie so girlfriend has some soul searching to do

    1. And James wasn’t the one who stalked her for an entire season, trying to make her life miserable. And as I’ve stated before, I think Ariana has outgrown her friendships with Scheana and Katie. It happens in life and on Reality TV. πŸ™‚
      I think she’s just bored with them and has other friends outside of VPR that she would rather be with. Her words.

        1. I already said that I think it may be time for her to move on as well… something better. She has that movie she’s in coming out in 2016 which does not sound particularly interesting but is supposed to come out in theaters and she is one of the primary cast members. May go straight to video though…

          1. I wish her the best. Look, it is a dumb show , let’s be honest lol. And if she is no longer having fun, then she should go πŸ™‚

            1. Oh I know. Beyond silly but give them their 15 minutes. They’re the most viewed reality show on Bravo now. The best thing about it is you can laugh at them no matter what they do. The Real Housewives sometimes really annoy me and then I know its time to stop watching it.

              1. Very true . I enjoy VP rules much more than HW now! Those grown silly women just annoy me most of the time . I would like to see James go though but he won’t because his mother is Lisa’s friend. So Kristen said In a podcast that the reason Katie didn’t like LaLa is that LaLa liked Schwarz and made a move for him. Trashy trashy Lala lol

                1. I think Katie is feeling a bit self conscious right now because she has put on weight and Lala is tiny. I’ve seen her more and more when I’m shopping online and she’s usually modeling jegs or skinny jeans and she Is tiny! ( they give the height and measurements of the model in the pic so you get an idea of what the clothes might look on you).

                  When Katie got so upset about lala taking her top off in Hawaii, she made a big deal about it. But Faith did the same thing and not one word was said. I think Lala may be a bit slutty but she doesn’t deny it. I don’t know if Lala ever really made a play for Schwartz as she made it clear she’s not into other girls men. I think Katie just dislikes her in general. And I think Lala may push Katie’s buttons on purpose because she’s been treated badly by Katie and now by pretty much everyone except Ariana and Faith.

                  1. Oh and when Schwartz told Katie that he didn’t really look at Lala when he took her top off – umm I don’t think so! If you rewatch that scene he looked like a overly hormonal teenager the way his eyes bugged out. it was hysterical!

                  2. But see, I dislike girls who push other girls buttons by flirting with their men! If you have an issue with a. Girl, that’s fine, just don’t go flirt with her boyfriend to get back at her. LaLa says she doesn’t go for men with gf but she kinda knew Jax had one ( he denied it but everybody was telling her he has one). To me, Lala is that pretty girl who thinks she can do anyhting in life with her beauty, including reek havoc, she thinks it’s fun to make girlfriends jealous etc… But the reason Katie wasn’t upset with faith was because faith didn’t make a play at Schwarz, that was my whole point. There is a smart girl deep, deep , REAL deep down in LaLa but she needs help to bring her out. The curse of being a pretty girl I guess πŸ˜‰ When you are flown to entertain older men on yachts , that kind of thing can have tragic effects on a girls self esteem. Yes you get the money and the travel but part of you feels like a commodity and that you’re disposable so sometimes you try to prove how hot you are by teasing any man , even your friends boyfriend.

                    1. I definitely don’t think Lala is being honest about hanging with the old dudes and she’s just “arm candy”. No way. But I don’t recall seeing her ever flirting with Schwartz.. When she first met Katie and Scheana she lied about where she was going and they treated her pretty badly. Really don’t think it was their biz what she was doing – she was just a hostess, and I doubt that either one of them would have to cover for her. Anywho, re Jax, he lied to Lala when Lala asked specifically about Brittany so she’s not at fault there IMO. Like I said, she is what she is, and other than Jax and James, I don’t recall her openly flirting with anyone else. Maybe I missed it.

                      I do agree, she could be so much more – she sells herself short and who knows what happened in her past that she comes off the way she does.

                    2. The point that Kristen made in that interview was that yes (you are correct) none of background of the LaLa , Katie, Schwarz thing was ever shown. So Kristen was saying it came off as if Katie just disliked LaLa for no reason. So she was just clarifying. And look, shwarz is kinda the cutest in that group so I don’t blame LaLa for liking him :). I kinda expected LaLa and Stassi would hit it off and become friends but I was wrong! Stassi is smarter than that. If she wants Katie back, she wouldn’t make friends with LaLa

                    3. For some reason there was no reply button on your most recent comment at 5:40 pm. I don’t believe a word that comes out of Kristen’s mouth. Katie was like the shiny new toy that everyone suddenly wanted to renew or start a friendship with – Kristen included. And Kristen hated Lala – because she was fooling around with James post break up. She has a serious track record of lying, and she would say/do anything to keep Lala away from Katie.

  6. Rain, I don’t think she’s friends with James. She tolerates him the way she tolerates Kristen…she limits contact with James and as she said in the reunion, she ignores Kristen when they are in a group setting, which is better than what Kristen usually does. And I don’t think Kristen has changed a bit – just acting like a good girl long enough to solidify her place with friends like Katie and Stassi and Scheana who are too stupid to see what she’s really all about.

    1. Ok Janelle so basically all the girls are stupid expect Ariana? πŸ™‚ I’m messing with you!! I liked Ariana up until this season when she suddenly became a sour puss and feeing better than the rest

  7. I do think she’s smarter than they are, yes. She can get through a sentence without using like or fuck four or five times. And again, I don’t think she’s sour, just bored. It happens when people around you stay the same and, maybe she has grown in ways we haven’t seen.

    1. I personally made the comment before about how annoying it is that they use the word ‘like’ so much so yes agreed! My point shown is of she’s bored then leave the show and do go be in-bored somewhere else. We got it , she’s smart, she’s bored , she’s over it. Then move it Ariana and God bless πŸ™‚

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