Saturday, January 5th, 2013

Are Vicki Gunvalson & Brooks Ayers Back Together?

Vicki Gunvalson & Brooks Ayers

Real Housewives of Orange County Star Vicki Gunvalson told me in our interview in December that she and Brooks were no longer in a relationship. After being photographed with him on NYE, fans started speculating if Vicki and Brooks were back together? No comments from Vicki or Brooks were made, but I noticed something else when I went to wish Vicki’s cast mate, Heather Dubrow, a Happy Birthday!

On Heather’s timeline I saw her tweet this, “Thx @vgunvalson and @brooksayers for the birthday wishes XX.” I didn’t see where either Vicki or Brooks had wished Heather Happy Birthday on Twitter, so did they send something more personal together?


When I asked Vicki what she thought the biggest misperception people had of her was, she replied, “Wow, I think there was a lot of them. Most important that they felt I put my daughter’s feeling aside regarding her feelings about Brooks.”

We know the women are still filming Season 8 of RHOC, so does this mean we will be seeing more of Brooks? Something tells me yes…

Do YOU think Vicki and Brooks are back together?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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2 Comments on “Are Vicki Gunvalson & Brooks Ayers Back Together?

  1. Tricia

    I think as long as they’re are cameras in the near vicinity, Brooks will not be far away from them.

  2. alisha

    I hope not, Brooks is toxic and is taking advantage of Vicki.


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