Are Teresa Giudice & Jacqueline Laurita Friends Again?


The Real Housewives of New Jersey are in the middle of filming Season 5, and fans are curious how some of the women’s friendships will play out in the new Season. Jacqueline Laurita was spotted talking to Teresa Giudice with her sister-in-law Caroline Manzo when filming began in November. So the burning question is, are Teresa and Jacqueline friends again?

From what our insiders tell us, Teresa has done most of her filming with Kim DePaola, Jennifer Dalton, and Priscilla DiStasio, but we’ve wondered if Teresa and Jacqueline’s friendship, or lack there of, would be a story line in Season 5. On Friday Jacqueline took to Twitter to vent about someone, and that someone appears to Teresa! Jacqueline tweeted, ” U can 4give a person & start over or 4give them but choose 2 keep that toxic person out of ur life while they look 4 their table flipping moment.” Jac added, “When u argue w/ a moron, u become a moron. U have 2 rise above & remember who & what is really important in life. Some things don’t matter. Let it go.”


Jacqueline has kept unusually quiet on Twitter while Season 5 filming has been going on, so we are wondering if an on-camera argument took place? It appears Jacqueline has “forgiven” Teresa, but after she wrote ‘argue with a moron’ it’s a good indication the two are no longer friends.

UPDATE: Jacqueline took to Twitter to clear up that she wasn’t calling Teresa a moron. She tweeted, “Funny when I used the word ‘moron,’ everyone assumed I was talking about Teresa. That told me everything. :0) Lol! Thanks for the giggle.”

Do YOU want to see Jacqueline and Teresa be friends again?

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  • Yes, but it will never happened. It was so much fun watching the show when they were friends. Now it’s just a hate fest! Not much fun in that.

  • Pinky

    Hell NO! JaCo is a lying, fake, ugly – inside/out criminal that exploits her children for fame. She is emotionally 12 and anyone who would take a charity’s money, not to mention all the other companies she and Chris ripped off, to be “rich” is not someone Teresa needs in her life – ever. JaCo is a mindless, ignorant drunk who has Chris and Caroline leading her around by her ugly nose and SHE is the sneaky bitch that helped set up Tre and leaks ALL her stories to Kim through RadarOnLine. I hope she rots in jail…..for MANY reasons – her Fed Crimes and babies questionable autism diagnosis are just a few. Evil.

  • Lee

    I wish Chris Laurita would throw Jac’s computer out the window. This lunatic needs to be medicated.

  • Geez Louise!

    Nope. Teresa doesn’t need “friends” like that. Oh, and Jax? Tweeting snide comments about someone constantly is not “letting it go”.

  • Gulfport Girl

    No I don’t waco jaco can not be trusted. But then why would we think she could be
    you would be a fool to trust a drunk. Never trust one. Along with her being a drunk she acts like a 12 year old. Pretty scary to me that she is a mom.


    Pinky ..Ha ha ..You nailed !!!

  • Carol

    So Hope Jac Does Stay Away From Tre And Her Toxic Life. I Used To Love This Show But With All Tre’s BS To Take Down Her Own Brothers Family It’s Just Gotten Out Of Hand. If Tre Would Do This To Family.. I Can’t Imagine What She Would Do To A Friend. UGH!

  • Carol

    Barbara s …I Totally Agree!