Are Kyle Richards & Lisa Vanderpump Still Friends?

Kyle Richards

We’ve seen that the relationships between the women on RHOBH Season 3 have been very divided after the fight between Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville. Their feud has even strained some friendships of women that used to be very close. For example, long-time friends Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump. Kyle appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Monday night, and one of the biggest viewer questions for Kyle was people wondering if Kyle and Lisa are still friends? After Lisa was seen in her interviews questioning her friendship with Kyle, and how she felt Kyle should have defended her, it had viewers wondering if the two were still friendly?

When a viewer called in to ask Kyle this question, Kyle answered, “We’re ok. She gets very sensitive. She thought I should have defended her that night, I thought she was defending herself just fine, but ya know, we’re good.” Kyle started to say what sounded like, ‘We aren’t where we used to be,’ but Andy cuts Kyle off and asks about Faye Resnick, and Lisa accusing Kyle of using Faye to do her dirty work regarding the lawsuit between Brandi and Adrienne. Kyle says she “swears on her life” that isn’t the case and Faye just felt strongly about the situation with Adrienne.

Watch the video below to see Kyle reveal the status of her friendship with Lisa.

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2 Replies to “Are Kyle Richards & Lisa Vanderpump Still Friends?”

  1. Kyle and Camille were the ones that caused the hurt this time, without a doubt. You don’t sit at a dinner party and out of the blue announce how you miss the woman that is suing your hostess. Kyle isn’t defending the defenseless, or she would have attempted to shut her friend up as she launched a several-minute-long attack on Brandi, who left in tears. Kyle has said not one word about Adrienne’s vicious comments about Brandi because she kissed up to her and her money.

  2. They can say whatever they want to say. It’s not like Brandy is paying for anything, Hell Bravo paid for that dinner. As women they can do and say whatever tgey want. Thats what’s wrong now with all these women can’t admit when you’re wrong and always throwing shade and hitting below the belt. Now she meaning Brandy gas to deal with it, she wouldn’t like if people did that to her. Smdh!

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