Are Kisten and Josh Takeman Ending Their Marriage?


There have been various reports made about Real Housewives of New York City star Josh Taekman and his involvement with Ashley Madison-a site that encourages married individuals to engage in having an affair. And while fans and friends may have their opinion on whether Kristen should end her marriage with her husband, a source is claiming to Radar Online that this has been hard for Kristen.

The source claims, “Kristen is having a really hard time accepting what is happening,” an insider close to the couple says. “Josh has broken her heart and she is reacting like anyone would.”

“Josh has torn Kristen’s world apart,” the insider says. “While he publicly apologized for his actions, he still is guilty. He has been lying for this long and then tried to lie about it again at first. All of this is completely embarrassing for Kristen.”

So does this mean that the couple will end their marriage? “Kristen will never quit her marriage because she has children with Josh. “But everyone knows about Kristen and Josh’s marital problems… and at this point, Kristen is devastated.”

Josh made a statement about the scandal after it broke out to the public, “I signed up for the site foolishly and ignorantly with a group of friends and I deeply apologize for any embarrassment or pain I have brought to my wife and family,” he said. “We both look forward to moving past this and getting on with our lives.”

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17 Replies to “Are Kisten and Josh Takeman Ending Their Marriage?”

  1. Is he still sticking to that idiotic story that “he and his friends” joined as a prank, when he had 70 charges to his account?

    I think this was no one-time slip up and he is just a POS who can’t be trusted. I don’t see anything else good about him, either. Dump the creep and try again, Kristin!

    1. I agree. This is complete BS on his part. I would love to see his friends explaining their charges…if any of this is true, but we all know that if anyone he knew was married and looking, they wouldn’t be going to affair sites as a group…if they cared at all about their spouses and families. Josh Taekman is a joke…Title has his name spelled wrong too! Kristin, even if she does still care for him (I gag at the thought), really has to weigh the pros and the cons and all I see are the cons. He doesn’t deserve her or any woman for that matter.

      1. Even Kristen is spelled wrong in the title…Kistin? Takeman not Taekman? Who partied too much on Labor Day weekend? Hmm…

    2. is there a way for her to find out what the charges were for? he does strike me as someone who would do that 🙁 he just seems so sneaky for some reason. but i hope they try counseling and try to work their marriage out before just giving up. i know men who have cheated and got back with their wives or girlfriends and never did it again and treated them better the whole time after

    3. He’s so creepy how he got her in the first place I don’t get. If he’s doing that who else knows what he’s doing. If he didn’t actually cheat it’s probably because nobody wanted him!!!

  2. This is a tough one because there are small children involved but there is no way in hell someone spends money on something that is just a joke. A joke is signing up for a free dating site so you can laugh at what is out there these days. When you give your credit card and have multiple charges, bulls##€t on it being “just for a joke”:)

  3. Kristen can go give bj’s to someone else…and Josh can get his bj’s from someone else…no need to stay in a fake marriage

  4. He seems like such a cold fish and distant father. And since those kids are still so young, I wonder how much they’d miss him if he wasn’t in their daily lives. He doesn’t seem to be ever home now, anyway.

  5. I have never witnessed so many women willing to tolerate shi* behavior (e.g., Ramona) from loser men like Josh. But then maybe Kristen doesn’t mind as long as Josh’s infidelity is kept quiet. Oops!

  6. If she sticks with him, she deserves what she gets.. Once a cheater/70 times charged on the cc, always a cheater.. He is not appealing at all and his personality sucks..

    1. No, she doesn’t deserve what she gets. Let’s keep in mind who is at fault here and not blame the victim. She has two small children to think of. She doesn’t “deserve” any of this, whatever way she decides is the best way for her family.

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