Are Kim Zolciak & Kroy Biermann Having Marital Problems?


Kim Zolciak and her husband Kroy Biermann are laughing off rumors of infidelity after Kroy’s ex-girlfriend came forward claiming Kroy betrayed her. “Another day another stupid story!” Kim tweeted after the story broke. And despite rumors, an insider tells RadarOnline that Kim and Kroy’s marriage is just fine.

“They are solid, very happy with each other,” the source reveals. “Kroy was seeing other women when he met Kim, but once he got serious with her it was over with the other girls.”

However, another source reveals Kim could be worried about the reports, despite how she is reacting publicly. “She loves this drama because it gets her attention,” the source explained. “I’m sure Kim is worried but she is always going to put on airs and pretend she’s not.”

Photo Credit: Twitter



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  • Pinky

    We all know when the $$$ stops the marriage stops but I don’t think they’re at that place yet – Kim wants one more child support/I mean baby.

    • Buck Henry

      Exactly so true, that is why she wants another baby to push out. And I think the shine is coming off of this marriage and he’s not liking what he sees.

    • Anonymous

      lol That is so true she is so fake and when this husband figures it out I will feel bad

    • Anonymous

      Kim is going to spend that man BROKE

  • dee gerald

    So funny!!!!!!!!!!!……but soooooooooooooooo TRUE!!!!!!!!

  • Debs

    I love Kim and Kroy! I think people love to hate on a couple who is happy!!

    • Anonymous

      She is only happy cause she found a man with money she is fake from her tits to her hair. Kroy is way to good for I love how she acts lie she does so much and on her show always forgets to mention the STAFF she has MONEY GRUBBING HOE her own parents cant stand her…..

  • We all know Kim is known for taking other folks man but this time she married him lol.

  • Wow popping out kid after kid locks him down with marriage has him adopt her kids and get a vasectomy – getting fired with no life she found some poor young guy with his life ahead of him and strapped him down to secure her own financial situation so sad….

    • Anonymous

      so true!!!! and his NFL career wont last forever … that money will run out quickly
      she can’t live without tons of money