Are Jacqueline Laurita & Melissa Gorga Friends?

Gorga Laurita

During Seasons 3 & 4 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice’s former BFF, Jacqueline Laurita kept her distance from Teresa’s sister-in-law and arch-enemy, Melissa Gorga. Now that Jacqueline and Teresa no longer have a friendship, Jac is wasting no time becoming friends with Melissa and Joe Gorga!

Filming for Season 5 of RHONJ has begun, and on December 8th, The Gorgas and Lauritas were spotted having dinner together. Melissa tweeted, “Great dinner. They just lit fireworks! @JacLaurita @chris_laurita @joegorga,” and included the picture above.

Jacqueline replied to Melissa’s tweet, adding, “That was fun! XO! Great seeing u!”

Tell Us- What do YOU think of Jacqueline and Melissa as friends?

Photo Credit: Twitter


3 Replies to “Are Jacqueline Laurita & Melissa Gorga Friends?”

  1. Love Jacqueline & Chris! Meet them once they’re great & humble ppl. Love the Gorgas, full of excitement & fun. Glad they can remain friends. Xo

  2. Can’t stand the Laurita/Manzo/Gorga crowd. Chris and Jax are involved in a lawsuit with a charity, I think the Komen thing where they are accused of defrauding the charity of millions of dollars. Then there’s their other lawsuit with the apparel company (misappropriation of funds), the BLK lawsuit for stealing the idea, and I’ve read they are in trouble on their house as well. Real gems. Melissa is a fake narcissist, Joe is a two-faced liar and Caroline is desperate for a storyline. As if she cares one little bit about Tre. She hates her and has shown it season after season. They are all jealous of Tre.

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