Is Gretchen Rossi Pregnant? Are She & Slade Engaged Yet?

Gretchen Rossi Slade Smiley

Real Housewives of Orange County’s Gretchen Rossi has been with her boyfriend, Slade Smiley, for three years now, and it looks like the couple is taking the next big step in their relationship! An engagement? No, but Slade is having his vasectomy reversed and the couple is officially trying to have their first baby together! As for marriage plans, Gretchen just might be the one asking Slade to marry HER! Read below!

“We’re working really hard right now to have a baby. He actually has a vasectomy so he has to get a reversal and we have to kind of figure that all out,” Gretchen tells OK! Magazine. ”The scoop is we are taking the steps to try to have a baby. If that is the path we are taking there should be some sort of commitment and I don’t know when that is going to happen and who is going to ask who.”

Things have changed for the couple, as we remember when Tamra Barney got engaged, Slade was planning to propose to Gretchen, and she just was not ready yet. Now Gretchen has even considered proposing to Slade herself! “I might not [ask him to marry me], but I’m just saying you never know,” she explains. “I kind of have a wild hair up my ass. I’m just saying a guy doesn’t always have to do it. He can still do it, but maybe I might too. I don’t know, but if [he] doesn’t something soon, I might have to!” You GO Gretch!

UPDATE: Gretchen and Slade are engaged! Gretchen proposes! Click here to read more.

Tell Us- Do YOU want to see Gretchen & Slade move forward in their relationship?

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  • minerva

    This fake, plastic drag queen looking Gretchen is beyond desperate and pathetic. Slade is SUCH A LOSER….ROFL. These two idiots deserve each other. Has he paid his child support yet? Lowlife deadbeat.