Are Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy Getting Divorced?

Bethenny Frankel

Rumors are swirling the internet again that Bethenny Frankel and her husband Jason Hoppy are headed for divorce. Reports surfaced that Bethenny and Jason are having problems again, just months after rumors of divorce surfaced. So are Bethenny and Jason headed for divorce? “Things have gotten even more strained in recent months,” an “insider” tells US Weekly about the couple, who married in March of 2010. “They’re fighting a lot.”

Another source tells the magazine that Bethenny’s focus on climbing the ladder to better her career have been the root of the problems at home. “She’s very focused,” the source says of the self-made multi-millionaire. “But he’s not driven.”

The insider goes on to reveal that while Bethenny is “unhappy” at this time, she still “really wants to make it work.”

Bethenny appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on December 11th, 2012, and was asked how she and Jason were doing. Her response? She said that she and Bryn had both been sick lately and Jason had been out of town on a “golf trip.”

UPDATE: December 13th, 2012, RadarOnline released a report saying that Bethenny’s marriage to Jason is “pretty much already over.” A source tells Radar, “It’s pretty much over between Bethenny and Jason. They are already living separate lives.” The insider also reveals that their marriage has gone from bad to worse in the last few months. “She purposely spent Thanksgiving without him, bringing Bryn to Miami. He wasn’t happy about it, to say the least,” the source reveals. “She [Bethenny] doesn’t seem to be too upset about the demise of their marriage. She is really focused on her career and her product line right now, so it sort of consumes her, which is probably why the marriage starting falling apart in the first place,” the source said.

UPDATE: December 19th, 2012, Bethenny & Jason are ready to file. Click here to read more.

Tell Us- Do YOU believe Bethenny & Jason will split?

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  • Cmorgan

    Yes, they will split. He is mean to her, telling her what to do all the time. He is not nice at all. She can do better.

  • elleN

    Naw, everytime I saw them on bettheny ever after. She was a major bitch to him. You could tell they were having major problems because there was no chemistry for the most part.
    She’s too money oriented and he is more of a family guy. These are major differences..