Apollo Nida’s Fiance, Sherien Almufti, Shows Off Real Engagement Ring

Apollo Nida’s fiance, Sherien Almufti, is showing off her REAL engagement ring to people on social media.

Almufti posted an Instagram photo of her holding a bagel with her left hand. On her engagement ring finger was an oval-shaped diamond ring in a gold setting.

Viewers will see Almufti face Phaedra Parks in person on RHOA, as she will make her debut on the show later this season.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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In the meantime, while this poor woman is STRUGGLING to get shine on Bravo platform any way she can, the real juicy RHoA tea is that Matt Jordan is PISSED that he is no longer part of the show, especially because he didn’t get any fee for carrying Kenya’s storyline after being coached by the husbands, was banned from the reunion, and that Todd and Peter cut off ties with him and were fake friends (…but from a woman’s perspective, you like to bust windows out cars and garages…that might make people want to handle you with a pretty long… Read more »

Matt is a scary man

3 guesses about this: 1. Ring is fake; 2: Apollo hid assets; 3. chick bought her own ring–still looks cheap.

I’d show my ring off too if I paid for it myself.

Matt should be sharing a cell with Apollo, maybe he could get a woman to put up with him…This girl is not even relevant and bravo bringing her on is a low blow. Passes mustache pissed them off royally!

Passes mustache???? Phaedra must have…Omg spellcheck you crack me up

WHAT is going on with her awful eyebrows??!

Not a Housewife & Neither RU

SIGH, why is she smiling, it’s like she doesn’t even know she’s losing……you have a ring from a man who is NOT divorced and currently incarcerated. WOW! I feel bad for Apollo. This young lady is clearly trolling for a faux-lebrity…get em any way you can huh?..I give it three mons before that smile is upside down. It’s a real shame when women don’t know their value. Her self-worth is so low she doesn’t even think she deserves a free man….smh