Apollo Nida to be Released from Jail Early?


Apollo Nida was found guilty for federal fraud, and learned he owes a huge $1.9 million in restitution for his crimes to JP Morgan Chase as well as to the IRS.

In a letter written from Apollo Nida to Radaronline, Nida revealed that it “won’t be long” before he is released from jail.


Interesting that he just happens to leave it like that. It doesn’t say a date or give any more information. What do you think about this letter? Something or nothing?

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33 Replies to “Apollo Nida to be Released from Jail Early?”

        1. No! What is the point of releasing prisoners so early, in Apollos case he was given 8 years I believe, would expect to serve four and now coming out soon. He hasn’t even served a year yet and it’s not his first time. It’s the same in UK, they are given a sentence then serve half, why not give them half to start with, I appreciate they have to behave but the whole system is crazy to me. If they don’t behave add to their sentence or am I being completely stupid? Maybe you shouldn’t answer that! 😀

          1. Due to prison over crowding, they are only releasing prisoner with minor nIm violent drug offenses , like possession etc. I am quite certain Apollo won’t be one of those released

              1. I don’t know what to say to this it’s crazy but I hope he isn’t released. Sorry if I have made spelling mistakes it’s late and my vision gets blurred and I haven’t had a drink, honest!!

          2. I agree. I think they should follow the law. Early release on good behavior within reason and extended time for bad behavior too. Druggies are the ones robbing homes and I’m not keen on having them dumped into our cities but anything goes these days. (Please lets not turn this into a political discussion cause I am simply answering Sally’s question)

    1. ‘Apollo Checks in’ coming this spring to Bravo.
      The 1 episode special where Apollo calls home and Phaedra doesn’t answer the phone, pretending not be there.

      1. She swore she’s filing for divorce and she hasn’t yet !! Hmmmm! Did he take the fall for her knowledge and involvement too?? It’s funny how many crooks Bravo recruits lol

      2. She may indeed not be there! Maybe she’s visiting another parolee with an ankle bracelet ! 🙂 I never bought her holier than Though ‘southern belle’ routine

      1. They are cute kids, it’s not her fault their father didn’t value being their dad enough to be an actual father. I wouldn’t take my kids to see him either.

  1. Apollo is not being released. He’s just jonesing for some attention. He’s locked up and they won’t let him out. He’s a repeat offender there is no way he’s going anywhere.

    1. Good. I like it when you say that and with knowledge. I feel safer now. And that wasn’t sarcastic. Sometimes tone is lost in cyber translation. It ends the speculation for me anyway. So, thanks.

  2. As long as they are married he can not testify against her ? maybe he is waiting for divorce papers so he can throw Phaedra under the bus

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