Apollo Nida Speaks Out About Fraud Charges And Marriage To Phaedra Parks


Real Housewives of Atlanta househusband Apollo Nida is speaking out about his fraud charges and his marriage to Phaedra Parks when he recently appeared on Atlanta’s V-103 Radio Show, RealityTea reports.

“It doesn’t take away from my character and who I am as a person, I mean people make mistakes,” Apollo says of his bank fraud and identity theft charges.

“I make my own way. At the end of the day, reality TV can really be pressure points,” Apollo says. “I have no answers because every answer that I come up with someone is always going to say that’s not a good enough answer.”

“I did it. I said I did it. Now I will pay the price,” Apollo continues. “I hurt tremendously. At the end of the day, I’m so remorseful. What hurts me the most that I could potentially be leaving my sons.”

As far as his marriage, Apollo admits he worries Phaedra would choose to leave him if he goes to jail. “Hypothetically… Hypothetically people, let’s just say my wife wants to go somewhere else and another man would be in my household. And I don’t want that for my child,” he says. “Apollo’s never had a handout from day one. So whatever she [Phaedra] has, she has. Apparently the prenup says she can keep what she has. If I feel like the checks are not being distributed equally, you gotta do what you gotta do. You could say, ‘Go get a regular job’, but at the end of the day, is that paycheck gonna be equivalent to what’s coming in the household?”

“I can’t sit here and downplay my wife. She has the most impeccable business model. But the dynamics of marriage are different than the dynamics of a friend,” Nida continues. “The dynamics of a business partner is different than husband and wife. What goes on in my household, people don’t see.”

“It’s been four years on that show and I feel like it’s been a milk session. I have been [Kenya’s] storyline. If it’s not Walter, it’s me. And Walter left and it’s back to me. Everybody’s been riding for free, but what about when Apollo needs something?” Nida asks.

“In the courtroom, when I took my plea, it was announced that Phaedra was completely exonerated from any involvement,” Apollo says. “At the end of the day, don’t do as I do.”

Watch Apollo’s interview below.

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2 Replies to “Apollo Nida Speaks Out About Fraud Charges And Marriage To Phaedra Parks”

  1. I think Apollo should take a page from the Giudice’s and refrain from doing interviews. Especially when what you’re going to be saying in the interviews is this stupid.

  2. Apollo, you are a crook! You did time before, you are most likely going to do time again. Going to jail again does say something negative about you as a person and about your charactor. How can it not say something about you, as you say ? In my opinion, you thought you would get with this because you are a reality ‘star’. If she does stay with you thru all this, your wife is about the dumbest female on any Real Housewives show. She should stop making excuses for you and get a divorce ASAP!

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