Apollo Nida Speaks Out About Charity Scandal And Appearance Fee


Apollo Nida is speaking out about the recent charity event scandal he was involved in. Nida tells RadarOnline, “Not only am I facing legal troubles, but to have something like this [happen]? …I get attacked for doing good things.” Nida was approached by Chase DeCarlo of Dio Bambini to host a charity event in Chicago. DeCarlo told Radar he was “feeling really leery” about giving the star a deposit for the Chicago event, since it was scheduled to take place weeks after Nida’s impending court date and Nida was “pressuring me to book him.”

But Nida tells the site, “I’m not even the person in correspondence with this guy. I have a marketing and booking company that books me and markets me and brands me. All of my stuff is official.”

As far as the contract for this specific event, Nida explains, “There’s a clause that says if I don’t show it’s refunded. I’m not going to go to a charity event in Chicago for free.”

Now, Apollo reveals he feels like he was being used. “Don’t lure me in just because you’re trying to get publicity,” Nida says. “I do not call people and say, ‘Hey do you want to pay me to go to a function?’ You do not pull out some ploy like this … Yo duo not throw children out there like, ‘Come do this, do that.’ That’s really not cool.”

Photo Credit: Bravo