Phaedra Parks & Apollo Nida

Apollo Nida Says He And Phaedra Will NEVER Separate Despite Legal Issues, Talks RHOA Fight

Phaedra Parks & Apollo Nida

Apollo Nida is speaking out about whether or not his wife, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks will stick by his side as he faces prison time for bank fraud and identity theft. “Have @PhaedraParks and @ApolloNida03 separated?” a fan tweeted on Tuesday. Nida responded, “NEVER!!!!” However, Phaedra has yet to comment on whether she will stand by her man.

Apollo is also defending his actions during the fight that took place on RHOA last week. A fan tweeted, “@PhaedraParks You can do so much better than @apollonida03 his behavior on tonight’s episode was disgusting!!!” Apollo replied, “I want [sic] let any one put their hands on me period Point is it only takes 1 hit to hurt a person & I must go hm to my family.”

Apollo married Parks after he spent five years in prison in 2009. 

Do you think Phaedra should stand by Apollo?

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