Apollo Nida Says Kenya Moore Has Been Trying To Get With Him Since Anguilla!


Next Sunday, Part 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion airs, and Phaedra’s husband Apollo Nida will finally confront Kenya Moore about the texting accusations. To start the conversation Andy asks Apollo how he feels about Kenya now. “I dislike Kenya from the business factor, I don’t really know her, I don’t really care that much for her,” Apollo admits.

“Maybe you should stop texting me then,” Kenya fires back. Apollo alleges that “since they left Anguilla Kenya has been trying to get with him.” He continues to tell Andy, “I was in LA at the Beverly Wilshire, she was trying to get with me! I had to check out of the Beverly Wilshire and check into another hotel because she was trying to get with me! Telling me I will do to you what you’re wife don’t do!”

“Oh you are SO crazy,” Kenya replies. We know Kenya pulls up the text messages between her and Apollo at one point during the reunion, according to the previews, and we certainly hope Bravo airs what Kenya has!

Watch the heated exchange between Apollo and Kenya below!

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14 Replies to “Apollo Nida Says Kenya Moore Has Been Trying To Get With Him Since Anguilla!”

  1. If Bravo does not show the texts between Kenya and Apollo there will be a lot of up set fans and I am not sure how many of us will keep on watching RHOA…..
    So Bravo you better not disappont us..

  2. How did she know that he was at that hotel? Couldn’t see just keep sending him messages on his cellphone? Of course he’s saying that he doesn’t care for he. He really likes, lusts afet her. So does Peter. That is why he acts so angry torawds her.

    1. Peter is married to Cynthia…why would he want Kenya. Supermodel vs Miss America from 20 years ago….trick please

  3. I totally believe she made up those texts, sent herself texts and put Apollo’s name in the name slot. She craves attention and drama. Plus, she’s not cute by any means. Her personality sucks so have fun trying to find a husband with a stank attitude and wack face.

  4. I think they are both the type where married vows don’t mean a whole lot. It will be interesting to see what airs. I really really hope not for Phedra sake or should I say Apollo I think Phedra will be just fine he will blur into oblivion….

  5. I really believe she has been texting someone else and put Apollo’s name as the contact. I wish she could say the number out loud to see if thats even his number. Kenya is very desperate and that not attractive at all. She begs for attention and she’s to old for that.

  6. I happen too think Kenya is pretty hot and all the other bitches must just get over the fact that she has a very flirtatious personality without even realizing it. And apollo should know of better than to text her back since he is married…I love kenya without her Real housewives of ATL would be boring.

    1. I agree, with you a 100%! YES, Kenya is selfish and is not the type of personality that most women want in a friend. However, she’s a very attractive woman (I wish I can look that way when I’m her age), and I also believe there’s sarcasm in her comments. In which most people think she’s seriously praising herself. Apollo is not into Phaedra, it’s been clear from the beginning. Men are pigs and I know Phaedra tries to keep a picture perfect image and divorce will ruin that. Let’s not be haters and be realistic, Apollo is well capable of what he’s being accused for, this is a man who loves strippers and has said he has lost a sense of who he was in the RHOA episode.

  7. Kenya is a very attractive lady let’s be real, xe got da boobs, da booty n da height 4 any man 2 b lusting aftr her, which put Poor old Phaedra 2 shame, I think Apollo wants her, he jus savin his ass coz its on TV n nobody wanna b portrait as a douchebag by millions of ppl around da world

    1. Apollo is a hot attractive mess. He uses Phaedra as a paycheck. Any man that drops that much cash in the strip club needs checked.
      If I had been Phaedra during the pool party episode i would have set them both straight. You do not cross the line.
      Kenya is a beautiful person until she opens her mouth. If you look the word old and desperate up in the dictionary you will find an old photo with baby daddy donors welcome sign.

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