Apollo Nida Reveals Kandi and Todd Put Money in His Commissary


Despite being in prison, Apollo Nida is finding out who is friends are and he is letting everyone know that RHOA star Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker remain loyal to him.

Apollo called TMZ to let them know that most people won’t answer his phone calls anymore, so he was really surprised when Kandi and Todd took the time to speak with him. Nida even revealed that the couple constantly check up on him and put money in his commissary account.

He says he never expected the support since Kandi and Apollo’s wife, Phaedra Parks, had a falling out on the show.

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23 Replies to “Apollo Nida Reveals Kandi and Todd Put Money in His Commissary”

  1. One thing that really struck me about this episode was Apollo saying “remember the LAST TIME we talked”. So now the story is that he DOES talk to the kids.
    Anyway, they’re probably putting money that they stashed for him on his books. Kandi and Todd seeming really shady this year.

      1. I’m really beginning to dislike kandi and Todd a lot!! I’m learning that Kandi really isn’t a friend to anyone but herself.

        1. I agree, Kandi’s true colors are vibrant. She’s is all about herself & Todd is greasy. If they have any decency, I hope Phaedra was told of this. But, after getting that money out of her when she is a single working mom, all respect down the chutes. As for mama Joyce pulling Phaedra in to help with the baby shower based on Phaedra & Kandi’s past close friendship, was an underhanded snake like way of getting Phaedra to pay Todd somehow. That’s my feel. I do not trust them at all.

          1. So far, everything feels underhanded with them this season. It’s a bit disturbing that now when Todd has taken an interest in actively participating in the show he decides to make a 3 year old issue he could have handled ages ago his storyline. Then elected to tell everyone but the person who supposedly owed the money.

    1. They sure do geminigirl…they’re giving Apollo money and behaving as if Phaedra alone and not Apollo owed Todd money. Kandi’s last fiance was a thug who got shot in the parking lot of a strip club so she seems to have a soft spot for them. I think Todd has no taste in friends.

  2. So what? Todd and Apollo parted as friends. The couple put money on his books so he can purchase candy or mouthwash from time to time. Where’s the issue?

    1. I agree. And the way Phaedra has been dogging Todd abt needing an allowance & a job doesn’t strengthen her case of deserving loyalty.

      1. Apollo is the one who screwed up and left his family hanging. Phaedra and Todd have nothing to do with that. Phaedra and Todd need to work it out regardless of Kandi or Apollo.

      2. Is that a typo, DeeDee? Phaedra dogging Todd? I am a little lost there, could you explain? I think I watched but I did fall asleep once, tried to watch what I missed and I do zip Kenyya, so I might have missed something.
        Oh, and Everyone have a memorable Martin Luther King Day!

        1. Thanks for noting MLK day 3Ds. My friend’s son made a beautiful wreath with MLK’s face on it & said it meant peace. It made my eyes well up. Well Phaedra has been making fun of Todd the last few eps for wanting his final check for the video they made. She keeps saying his other jobs dried up & he must be looking for change in the couch & all kinds of weird stuff. She even said kandi gives him an allowance. She also made sure to point out that she has “jobs” unlike him. If it were me watching that back & she said all that about my husband we would pretty much be done.

    2. Bon V. I’m talking about Kandi and Todd in general, my opinion isn’t based on giving money to Apollo,, what I am baffled by was why when Todd was with Apollo at the strip clubs throwing away thousands of dollars, why not ask him for the money he is owed. If I was Phadrea I would tell Todd to go visit the strippers that Apollo gave the money to for the Video

    3. I agree, what’s the big deal. They may have even sold a few of his items for him. It is ironic that Phaedra made fun of Todd’s coins but it’s Todd and Kandi helping her husband out in jail.

      1. Them selling some of his items for him are liquidating assets that are supposed to go to the government and victims of his fraud and scheming. I’m sorry, but that’s flat out wrong. He did the crime he must do his time without people trying to preserve the money he stole.

  3. Why is all the housewife sticking up for him? He’s a freaking criminal period!!! If my husband done what he did I’d be divorceing his butt!

  4. By Kandi and Todd putting money into his Commissary they obviously support his criminal behavior. I suppose you can take the people out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the people. I have never and will never give support to anyone in prison no matter if it was my spouse, child, friend or relative. You have to have a bottom line on what you will support and that is mine.

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