Apollo Nida Pleads Guilty To $2.3 Million Fraud Scheme, Speaks Out


Real Housewives of Atlanta husband Apollo Nida plead guilty to a $2.3 million fraud scheme on Tuesday, and while Nida is facing 30 years in prison, RadarOnline reports the Bravo star is staying positive.

“I just left the courthouse, and I’m alive,” Nida told RadarOnline. “I’m cool.” Nida continued, “I feel good about the support I’m getting. All the support’s been needed. It’s an uphill battle, but we’re still staying positive.”

Nida was charged in January and allegedly created fake companies, enabling him to access databases to find individuals to rip off. He allegedly opened fake bank accounts under those real names and funneled stolen U.S. Treasury checks and auto loan proceeds into those accounts.

“Don’t do as I do, but take my experiences and hope that it will give you a better platform,” he said, adding, “I have very educating things to say, so that people can embark on something new.”

And despite his legal issues, Apollo insists things have never been better. “We have a lot of good stuff to talk about!” he says. “Everything doesn’t have to be negative. Right now, I’m working on a three-part project on a new fitness series to compete with P90x and Insanity. I’m about to launch the pre-natal video for pregnant women. I’m working on a distribution deal. Working on Phine Dining. It’s a lot. We’re doing monthly subscriptions to the site. I have a lot of positive things out there to talk about.”

Apollo’s sentencing is schedule for July 8th, ironically the same day as the Giudices.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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