Apollo Nida To Phaedra Parks: I’m Still Your Husband


During Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks’ estranged husband Apollo Nida made a surprise appearance while Parks was with friends at a nightclub for Demetria McKinney’s music video release party.

“I’m sick of straddling the fence. If two people are unhappy it’s one solution,” Nida tells his wife. “If we’re going to work on our marriage then we’re going to work on the marriage. What do you think? There’s no solution?”

“So, I’m just talking to myself,” Nida continues when Phaedra remains quiet.

“No I’m just listening,” she replies.

“I want you to respond,” he says.

“I have nothing further to say to Apollo. I wish he would be this concerned with his children,” Parks says in her interview. “He always wants to make a scene, so this is just par for the course.”

“You don’t have to come to a nightclub to talk to me,” Phaedra tells Apollo after he insists he just wants to talk to her. “You can come home where you live.”

“Phaedra, I’ve come home plenty of times to try and talk to you and you don’t talk,” Nida insists.  “I leave my house because you don’t talk to me when I’m home.”

In his interview, Nida elaborates on the situation.

“I could be at home laying on the couch and she’s’ never going to come up to me and say, ‘Hey babe. I love you. Lay on me. Hold me,’ No… never. What do you want me home for? To do what, look at me?”

“I mean I’m sure you thought I was going to come in here and spazz out on you or something like that, but you know I think at some point we’re better than that,” Apollo tells Phaedra as he goes to give her an unwelcome hug. “You’re still my wife. Let me hold you.”

“Watching Phaedra squirm in her seat and try to put on this ‘everything is perfect’ act is the real entertainment,” Kenya Moore shades in her interview. “Who needs Demetria’s video when I can watch this episode of Lockdown?”

“It’s nice that Apollo wants to be affectionate,” Phaedra says. “But love is a verb and not a noun.”

Watch the show highlight below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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