Apollo Nida Ordered To Deposition With The Feds


Real Housewives of Atlanta househusband Apollo Nida plead guilty to a $2.3 million fraud scheme earlier this month and now RadarOnline is reporting Nida will sit down with the federal government for some intense questioning.

According to documents obtained by the site, Apollo will take part in an oral examination at the Office of United States of Attorney in Atlanta on June 10th. Nida is ordered to bring “earning statements from…most recent paychecks,” “business records for the present year and past calendar year,” “current bank statements for the past 12 months,” “all deeds, leases, contracts, and other documents representing any ownership interest,” and “all stocks, bonds, or other securities of any class,” among other personal paperwork.

But Apollo tells Radar he is keeping a positive attitude. “I feel good about the support I’m getting,” he said. “It’s an uphill battle, but we’re still staying positive.”

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7 Replies to “Apollo Nida Ordered To Deposition With The Feds”

    1. nothing in papers yet about chris and wacko jacko, now they owe more than anyone,wonder why its hush hush

    2. I agree! Sends message to all…which is what prison is supposed to do. He hasn’t” repented…isn’t sorry…blames others etc. As for rhoa…no loss…Phaedra no loss (shame the devil, Phae Phae and cut a deal…or did you already?)
      Liars and thieves. Poor kids.

  1. And do you think that he will learn it in prison? I think that he has and his sons need him as
    does Phaedra.
    Hopefully, he has wised up. I would give him a third time at bat.

    1. The “lesson” is for others, thinking about a quick buck off of some other poor soul’s sweat. Enough.

      Didn’t Brandon give him a pass because of the kids? Enough. Wait until the kids turn out/grow up…no example but a bad one.
      It occurs to me that A. and his posse were trying to set Kenya up at the reunion. You all know that they stole her laptop and purse…Lawrence had stuff stolen,as well. Tamara tattles has it all!! Sometimes I think peeps have kids just to get them out of trouble!!

  2. Everyone deserve another chance. Give apollo another him will not do nothing stupid again. Phadrae deserve better. She has two boys to take care of. They needs their Dad, and she needs her husband to help raise the boys. GOOD LUCK APOLLO and PHADRAE.

  3. Man, y’all are some nice hearted folks! Ok. I too wish Apollo luck and he needs to appreciate what he has bcuz it CAN BE ALL TAKEN AWAY instantly.

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