Apollo Nida Gets Engaged From Prison


Just weeks after Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks announced that her divorce from Apollo Nida was finalized, Nida has announced from behind prison bars that he is engaged to another woman.

Apollo, who has been serving an eight-year sentence in a federal prison, has revealed that he found love and is now engaged to a New Jersey real estate lady.

So who is Apollo’s fiance? Sherien Almufti got engaged to Nida while he was locked up in the New Jersey Fort Dix Correctional Facility. He posted a picture on his Instagram page, captioned, “You see that smile? That’s how she makes me feel all over. #MyQueen #NidaFitness #TheNidaTeam #FreeApollo #Goodmorning.”

According to The Jasmine Brand, Almufti lives near the prison and visits twice a week.

Sherien Almufti

Nida and Almufti have already been reportedly filming scenes for RHOA with her in Atlanta and him over the phone. Apollo’s ex-wife Phaedra Parks is aware of the relationship, but according to the report, that was going to be part of her storyline this season on the show.

You see that smile? That’s how she makes me feel all over! #MyQueen #NidaFitness #TheNidaTeam #FreeApollo #Goodmorning

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Are you surprised by Apollo’s engagement?

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19 Replies to “Apollo Nida Gets Engaged From Prison”

    1. I was just typing that and read your reply Daisy ! I was gonna say I think Apollo just found his own Miss Twirl lol Wow it’s uncanny. I hope your spirits are lifting dear Daisy ♥️ All will be well…all will be well … rinse repeat….xox

      1. Lol great minds and all … right Miss M. Thank you and yes I’m feeling a bit better . I’m trying to stay busy , you know idle hands and all. You truly are a kind and loving soul

  1. Does she need some type of visa to stay in the country or something? Just wondering what is it about this beautiful woman, that she is hooking up with such a thug…

    1. A visa? Doubt it. Women who marry men in prison is not a new thing, though. Haven’t you ever heard about those bizarre “lonely hearts” stories with women who purposely seek out prison inmates to begin relationships with them? Even the parent murdering Menendez brothers now have wives. I suppose Shereen’s convinced herself that because his crimes are white collar and non-violent ,she’s essentially just landed herself a felon of the Giudice variety and not, you know, the rapist -killer kind, le sigh. There are cel phone pics, by the way, that already leaked of them from some nosy Nelly back in 2014, so she looks like she could be one of his secret side pieces who now feels emboldened enough to come forth and stake her claim. Triiiiiiifling.

      Oh, and shout out to the Jasmine Brand; she’s a reputable source for celeb gossip in the AA urban community. She has a very even -keeled personality, writes without bias , and she can stand by everything she prints with RECEIPTS.

  2. She wants a camera on her, simple as that. What possible ( normal ) reason could any lovely young lady have for hitching her wagon to someone like him? He has what, 6 1/2 more years in prison? So, her entire truly young life will be used waiting for him, how disgusting. Of course we can stay young for many years past 40, but our really young life is short and should be full of adventure and wonder.

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