Apollo Nida Closer To Reaching Plea Deal?


Theres new information in Apollo Nida’s bank fraud and identity theft case. RadarOnline is reporting that Nida waived the indictment in court on April 21st, essentially agreeing that the prosecutor in his bank fraud and identity theft case have enough evidence for the case to proceed without any delay.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, Nida’s attorneys waived the indictment on April 21st. Prosecutors charged in documents that Nida “did willfully, unlawfully, combine, conspire, confederate, agree … to commit certain offenses against the United States,” including “to devise and intend to devise a scheme and artifice to defraud financial institutions, other companies and individuals, and to obtain money and property by means of materially false and fraudulent pretenses,” “to knowingly execute, and attempt to execute, a scheme and artifice to defraud financial institutions.”

The next step for Nida will be a trial, but the site reports no date has been set yet, which could be a sign that a plea deal is being reached. When reached for comment, Nida wouldn’t discuss the case, but did tell Radar, “I feel good about the support I’m getting. All the support’s been needed. It’s an uphill battle, but we’re still staying positive.”

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7 Replies to “Apollo Nida Closer To Reaching Plea Deal?”

  1. Sometimes I wonder if Phaedra pressures Apollo to maintain a certain lifestyle. I dunno I’ve just always liked him and think he’s really good looking and hate to hear when people do things like this. I wonder if Phaedra is behind any of it?

    1. I believe shady Phaedra is behind this somehow or has some ties to this but shrewd enough to have someone else do her dirty work….like Afraudo.

    2. Apollo, you must be gazing at the sky and bird must have shit in your eyes, what the hell have you seen in that crazy bitch/Kenya moore,, to even look at her, that bitch is just not clean, that is how she earn her living by going after married men, yes she have a”rotten vagina”. and if you go there you will get a big rotten penis that hurt. Take a good look at your beautiful wife and the mother of your two handsome boys, do you thing that they should be near a woman like kenya moore,.She is wanting a child but no man will do her that favor, and she is looking toward breaking up your marriage just to have a child. Your wife is the only woman who will be there for you in thick or thin. Apollo love your wife and show her the respect she deserve, which should be a lot more than you are showing her on BRAVO TV. One day your wife will get tired of you shit and walk. There are good in men in the legal field who is looking for a good woman like Phaedra., and no judge would give you custody of those two boys. Behave yourself, and focus on being a good father and a good husband to your wife . Kenya, aka kenyatte moore . Kenyatte is her real first name and she have nothing to offer you
      Ps. I wonder what checkmate have on her?

      1. IMO he is very attracted to Kenya you can tell by the way the look at each other.

        I don’t bland phaedra for hating Kenya she’s trying to steal her man & flirts him at any given after tunity

        But IMO phaedra is no saint she’s shady & i don’t believe a word she says

  2. TBH I’ve always liked Apollo not to mention he’s HOT !!!, I believe phaedra is involved in some way or at least knew bout it.

    She’s the type of women that like to show she has cash is well off & smart so maybe Apollo felt the need to keep up with the Jones .

    But i do remember an esp last season when they all were on vacation & peter asked Apollo what’s it like in jail he said he’d never go back it was hard 23hrs locked in a cell with nothing to do but that was before if was married.

    IMO he’s a career criminal he prob has no skills & only knows how to rip off people & institutions again like i said i feel if felt pressure from phaedra to make money to live the life she wants.

    Also they learn new ways or tricks in jail but they always get caught in time

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