Apollo Nida Caught Cheating On Phaedra Parks?


Not only is Apollo Nida in hot water with wife Phaedra Parks for allegedly concocting an elaborate fraud scheme behind her back, but now RadarOnline is reporting Nida chose to spend Valentine’s Day away from his wife and two sons. Late Valentine’s night, Apollo tweeted, “I’m here, Columbia SC Let’s Go!!! Palace 2,” referring to a popular nightclub.

“Thanks had a great night chilling with u and bro at palace and mobay [restaurant and bar],” a brunette, @audigirl33 wrote on his page the next day. Another brunette, @rachelraad wrote, “think I saw u at urban nirvana spa today while I was at Starbucks … Too bad you weren’t with Phaedra but that other woman :/”

Nida even posed for cozy photos with one Columbia native, Instagram user @luv_nicole. “Apollo was so nice …” she wrote as she posted the pic Saturday morning, that showed her leg wrapped around the RHOA star. “idk why he tried to pick me up tho.”

She also tweeted, “Apollo fine [as f**k] in person.”

This isn’t the only time Apollo has been accused of cheating. In 2012, one woman claimed that she and Nida had hooked up at an Atlanta Holiday Inn, and even produced a receipt that she claimed proved Nida had paid for their stay.

Photo Credit: Instagram



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  • Is it just me, or does he have a boner on pic No.2? 🙂

    • AllThingsRH


      I’m LOL at your comment. It looks like it!


    • Chrissy H

      Hella Funny…BUT who the hell cheats and takes pics? He’s just showing his face, that’s all. Looking for attention but don’t ya think he has enough already, I mean really?

    • My thoughts exactly

    • it sure looks like it to me now that you pointed it out lol

    • It sure looks like it

  • DivaDes39

    Ohh myyy… That sure looks like a party in the pants to me! 🙂

  • lulu

    He knows he is going away for a long time with no women. I think he’s partying while he still can.

  • Judy

    My mother, a 91yr old feminist, gave me some of her wisdom:”Judy,” she said, “men are pigs.They can’t help it.”